Straight Hating! Diamond Expert Calls Himself Exposing Kandi’s Ring As A Cheap Imitation

January 30, 2013  |  


Today while Goggling Kandi Burruss’s name for accuracy, a rather interesting/hater-worthy article on The Huffington Post, popped up at the top of my search page: “Kandi Burruss’ Engagement Ring Is Not What It Appears to Be.”


What follows that headline is a 550-word article by diamond industry veteran Ira Weissman that, for what reason I don’t know, attempts to discredit Kandi, her fiance Todd, and even US Magazine all because her engagement ring isn’t as expensive as he and apparently the one other person who thinks like him — the editor who approved this piece — thought it was. Confused? Here’s what Weissman wrote:

According to the US Magazine report, Tucker proposed to Burruss with a “a gorgeous two-carat white diamond sparkler by ring designer Gregg Ruth.”…

At first glance, the ring looks like a stunning (and HUGE!) two-carat oval diamond. In a fine pave setting like this from a high-end designer like Gregg Ruth, one would expect the diamond quality to be rather high. In my professional estimation, a large oval in a setting like this would need to be at least a G color. A diamond like this would likely cost at least $25,000 for the diamond alone. A designer setting like hers could easily add another $4,000 to $5,000. At full retail from a high-end Las Vegas jewelry store, this ring would likely cost well over $40,000.

But at closer inspection, this is clearly not what we’re dealing with here. A quick look at Gregg Ruth’s website brings us to this ring’s specific page.

The MSRP listed there is about $11,000….

US Magazine is perhaps deliberately misleading us. The ring is not a “two-carat diamond sparkler” — it is a two-carat total weight diamond sparkler. The face of her ring, which is in the shape of an oval, is filled with much smaller round diamonds that when clustered together give the illusion of a much larger diamond.

Now I am the last one to disparage creative ways to save money when buying diamonds. Diamond clustering is a fantastic way to get a stunning ring at a fraction of the price of a single large diamond. Her ring, for example, costs $11,000 instead of approximately $40,000 for the same ring with one large oval-cut diamond.

What I am vehemently against, however, is that she has tried to hide this fact. She had a great opportunity to make a difference by explaining what her ring was really all about and telling the world she didn’t care — that this ring made her extremely happy because of how much her man loves her, not because of how much he spent on it. US Magazine’s reporting unfortunately just perpetuates the unreasonable expectations held by many women, and the sense of obligation their men feel in fulfilling them.

Nice job using a woman you have no real knowledge of to try to make a larger point about the financial burden placed on men at the time of engagement, but let me tell you where you failed, Weissman.

It’s clear this man has no knowledge of who Kandi Burruss because if there’s one thing we know about her, she is not afraid to talk about where she saved a few pennies. Kandi is the epitome of ballin’ on a budget and I didn’t gather that she was trying to pass off her ring as more than it was from her US mag exclusive at all.

And not to get all racial, but I’m not surprised this white jeweler HuffPo dug up isn’t familiar with this Black woman known for her time in Xscape and for being an Atlanta housewife. Had he actually done a little background and perhaps tried to speak to Kandi first, I’m sure she would have given him the rundown on her ring. Or, she would have slammed the phone on his ear because it’s tacky as hell to be all up in somebody’s bank account, pricing their ring like that. The only one concerned with how much Kandi’s ring cost is Weissman, so don’t be mad at her because you bought into the hype and were so surprised at this Black woman’s ring you had to investigate it. Go keep up with some other Joneses, please.

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  • Yvette

    Cluster rings are tacky, but at least not as tacky as fake diamonds!
    For $11K she could have gotten herself a nice diamond ring, rather than a hideous giant cluster ring.

  • DTJ

    $11,000 for anything that isn’t a car, down payment on a car, renovations in my home, something that benefits my living, savings for future kid’s college is too much damn money

  • Ira Weissman

    Thank you all for taking such a strong interest in my article on the Huffington Post. For the record, I agree with you all, as I made clear in my article – I don’t care how much money they spent on their ring. I think it’s amazing they saved money and went with a cluster setting. My only problem is that they went out of their way to publicize their engagement in US Magazine. I didn’t sneak into their house to look at her ring. They went public with it – and they didn’t tell the truth. And again – normally I couldn’t care less. This isn’t a case of a woman wearing a Cubic Zirconia embarrassed that she couldn’t afford a real diamond. She’s a strong proud woman. I just couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t take this opportunity to be proud of the ring she chose and inspire other women to not be concerned with the price tag of the ring her man chooses. It should be about what looks beautiful to you, and not about how many carats the stone is. It’s just a shame.

    • Mztisa

      Why should she take the opportunity to explain her ring? She doesn’t owe anybody anything! Your article pokes at her credibility and is condescending regardless of your intentions. Its clear from the picture that its not one stone but instead a cluster diamond. A better spin would have been “here, look at a great way to save money on engagement rings” as oppose to taking cheap shots at Kandi. I don’t believe she tried to hide the fact that its a cluster diamond that cost an insane amount of money. From what I know of her she comes off as incredibly thrifty with her money,which by the way is why she still has lots of it. I wouldn’t expect her to be one of the stars with a 6 or 7 figure ring…perhaps more research was necessary before writing the article.

  • Sista Child

    Come on now, we all know it’s a traffic game with these articles. The more controversial disrespectful, jarring, belittling they are the more “hits” you get. The man is making his bread, the same way you are by writing this article.

    I can hardly get through a Madame Noire article without hitting mute or closing pop-ups, it is ridiculous. Sometimes, I just close the window all together.

    Let’s not knock others for things that we are doing ourselves.

    Matter of fact, I commend him for finding something controversial to write about when his field of expertise is so specific. He did his job. He drew people in, then got his main point across. Kudos Ira, kudos!

    I for one do not subscribe to the diamond business. Why does a woman need a diamond when getting married? Why? What value does a diamond have outside of looking pretty? I mean seriously? Oh, oh, yes…the value is in the countless lives that have been tarnished because of the cruelty faced in mining towns.

    (I’m on my soapbox now) You (the writer of this article) could have taken this in a whole different direction. You could have actually shared something that would have empowered your “Noire” readers.

    You could have highlighted that it does not matter whether Kandi’s ring is clustered or not but that men and women should focus more on spending those dollars on a down payment for a house or land. You could have shared that they should start by building something together that someone in the street cannot easily rob from them.

    I mean really,


    What grade would you have received in college for a headline like that?

    I’m sure you (the writer) are an educated woman, who went to school and invested good money in your education. You worked hard and got this position, now please, do not let this position make you dumb down yourself. Elevate this blog/site with your mental prowess!

    No “hate” here, just calling you higher “sista”, just calling you higher.

  • TK

    Wait…Isn’t $11K still more than most women will ever have on one finger? Kandi-as she always says-balls on a budget and I love it. Even if I had the money I couldn’t justify spending $40K on a ring. Did Huff’ Post just want to start drama or gain website traffic from this dude?

  • aspen

    Thats Bullshit!!! the man bought what he could afford!!!

  • Kandi know diamounds

  • Real Talk

    So what if Kandi paid $11,000 for her ring. She and Todd are happy.

  • Gee Wizz

    Kandi made it clear in earlier interviews that she picked out the ring that she wanted and Todd bought it. If the writer of the HuffPo article had done his research he would clearly have known that. If they were trying to hide anything they would not have stated clearer the jeweler responsible for the ring.

  • This is just BS I love KANDI and TODD an what makes her very HAPPY is TODD as well is her beautiful daughter Riley so for anyone to say anything about KANDI is just Hating on her. Where in the hell did this joker comes up to say anything about KANDI’S ring anyways ? I think someone put this guy up to saying something about Kandi’s ring that’s on the show with her. That’s what I’m feeling about this whole thing. Do you????

  • KJ23

    The thing that I find disturbing is that he tries to hide his pettiness by saying that it: “perpetuates the unreasonable expectations held by many women, and the sense of obligation their men feel in fulfilling them.”
    No, that wasn’t the reason for your article. You saw an opportunity to hate and you took it. Grow up, dude.

  • Babydoll 70

    Soooooo what?

  • Nikkita Michelle

    This is tacky in so many ways. No one has to love his ring but Kandi and the man who gave it to her. I could care less about what some jeweler has to say. Did she ask him for an appraisal? No, so have a seat.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Its still beautiful and I bet his wife wish she had it

  • Diva

    US Weekly should have the shot the ring further away and then you wouldn’t be able to see the individual stones.
    Cluster rings are tacky, so take a small well cut stone in your setting, instead of several ugly stones in your ring.

    • Eggy

      Has any man put a ring on your finger?

  • realadulttalk

    Why in the world would she make a statement about her ring? And if he really bought it–why would she know anything about the cost? She knows that she loves that man and that he asked and she said yes–isn’t that enough???

  • jazzy

    What difference does it make how much the ring cost if the couple is genuinely in love, but then again Hollywood is all superficial I guess. My mom been married over 30 years and her husband never gave her a ring. That’s more years than most Hollywood couples. I see why i never take celebrity marriages serious.

    • realadulttalk

      Love is free–last time I checked anyway. And I’m sure your mother has never thought about that ring.

  • pretty1908

    LMFAO probably is we all know Kandi is cheap and can be tacky but jesus let them be happy