Is This How You Shine Bright Like A Diamond? 15 Regrets Rihanna Might Have One Day

February 1, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler
Rihanna never gets tired of reminding us that she’s not a role model. Her business with Chris, her blunt-an-hour habit, and her see-through clothing are supposedly none of our business. That may be so. But from all the sisters who have been through a wild or lovesick phase and come on back home, we think that there are a few things in the past few months that RiRi just might regret one day. Maybe
Rihanna as the Bride of Mary Jane

Image Source: Twitter/Rihanna

The Wedding Dress

We all have lapses in judgement, but Rihanna likes to capture hers on Instagram. For Halloween 2012, the Bajan beauty dressed up as the bride of Mary Jane. We all know Ri loves the sticky. But choosing to turn that into a wedding dress suggests that Ri may be thirstier for a ring than her bad girl image suggests– or going harder on the real green than we thought.

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  • mzM

    whatever anybody says, ri ri is a gansta. “these nuts” lol

  • Froggage

    This is almost as pointless as that stupid article about “Celebrities You Thought Were Black But Aren’t” where the list started with Channing Tatum (lolwut?) and went downhill from there. Y’all are just reaching. Riri has some problems, but she’s an amateur compared to a hot mess like Kim Kardashian. She’ll be okay.

  • JeriShermaine

    Im 23 and i know if i had all that money I wouldn’t be doing that ish. IN fact, I’ve never set a foot in a club. Not once. I think she is nuts. I think young america as a whole is nuts. Just nuts,

  • scandalous7

    ehh y even talk about her anymore, thats all she wants. Thats why she is doing all of this.

  • scandalous7

    Blu Ivy background……………..delete!

  • Candacey Doris

    I feel that you’re overthinking a lot of this. The wedding dress was cute, and sometimes you just want to wear one without having it mean anything. The torc is not a collar, it’s an old style of jewelry. I honestly stopped reading after that.

  • clove8canela

    Ain’t nothing wrong with getting your nips pierced.

  • Beejcee

    I wish they would move that Blue Ivy foolishness. It is making the site even harder to navigate. I guess it is something with the pop-ups!

  • E L

    One thing I don’t think I’ll understand is how a person can be a public celebrity, and then say they don’t want to be a role model, or that they don’t mean to be a role model. That’s what you get paid to do. To entertain, and to be seen by the masses, which so happen to include impressionable young minds. When you become a celebrity, being a role model comes with the territory, especially when you post yourself and your business here, there, and everywhere. So it bothers me when these celebrities make questionable choices and then say they aren’t a role model, acting like they don’t give a crap about who sees them and/or who is looking up to them. And yes the parents should be raising the children and not celebrities, but we all know by now that that is not the case for every household, and for some children, no matter what kind of parenting they have, they still look up to these people. Smh.

  • If anything (aside from Chris), she will regret all of those randomly placed tattoos when she is older…btw nothing wrong with nip piercings 🙂

    • Trisha_B

      They really had nip piercings on here?! It’s removable, how is that something to regret. I love mines! lol these lists smh

  • This article is full of reaching and judging. SMH!

  • York


    You mean to tell me there’s nothing else to write about?

    We may not agree with her choices but at the end of the day, I doubt she’ll regret a Halloween dress lol.

    And truth be told, it’s not like she’s a menace to society like some people (*cough* LINDSEY LOHAN*cough cough*). She ain’t hurting nobody but herself.

  • I never question anyone who says they don’t live with regrets. That is someone who knows what they want to do and does it.

  • Rosetta’s Stoned

    Where do you people get your facts from? “crashing karrueche’s party” no there were two different parties going on in the same venue. smh. if you’re gonna report something, get it right.

  • Rosetta’s stoned

    and Lena Dunham might wanna watch her words. She wants NO parts of rihanna. NO PARTS. Robyn has a lethal tongue.

  • Rosetta’s stoned

    Keep in mind…she’s 24 people. Young, beautiful and rich. Let her live please.

  • CB3

    Ditto to all these comments. This young women is living a public life style and she won’t always get it right just like I didn’t always get it right and most young people (men and women) don’t get it right during these years. Regrets? Of course if you’re going to through this stage of life you will have regrets, but thats what makes you learn. Let’s not act like we don’t know MN.

  • bluekissess

    No I didn’t click through the list. Why? Because based on the comments it was a dumb article. One article wants Chris to get his life together and this article is a smh for Rihanna? What’s the point? I just think Rihanna has created something that she can’t turn her back on. Even if she wanted to change for the good the bad has put money in her pocket. Articles like this frustrate me

  • Trisha_B

    I didn’t even have to click on the pages to know this list is dumb lol. The 1st page just shows it smh. It was halloween, the point of that day is to dress up. What was wrong w/ her dressing up? & to think that means she’s thirsty to get a ring? lmao I dressed up as a bride when i was younger, i guess i was thirsty back then -___- . Rihanna is living her life for her, the way she wants. I don’t think she’ll have any regrets b/c every choice she makes is a lesson learned. A lot of the stuff she do is no different than what regular woman her age do, only difference is that she is a celeb

    • shay lanay

      you saying this i hope you werent one of the ones mad at Chris Brown for dressing up as a terrorist for Halloween. Coz like u just said, it’s only Halloween. I’ll have to admit, saying she’s thirsty for a ring coz she dressed up as a bride is a bit much

  • So y’all just had an article screaming about wanting Chris brown to win but you throw all this shade at Rihanna I truly don’t get it

    • realadulttalk

      Good point. I swear no one on the staff talks to each other.

      • bluekissess

        That’s what I was thinking. Do they even have staff meetings?

  • This list was pointless. A lot of these points were reaching. I guess you guys didn’t have anything else to write about. If Rihanna is anything like most women her age, I’m sure she’s content with living her life to the fullest, learning things along the way. Not everyone is holier than thou, worried about what folks are thinking of them, because people will talk whether you’re doing bad or good.

    & when exactly was she at Playhouse?? Because one slide says January 25th, and another one says January 28th… so, umm…. yeah!

    • Suchalady

      Yeah aside from that Playhouse thing likely being a lie, this list is rubbish. Most of her “regrets” were repetitive. I’m not gonna say she makes the best decisions but she’s not as self destructive as they make it seem.

      • Guest

        I saw the Playhouse video. She was just being silly. Everyone was laughing.

    • sabecb2014

      Well said. My Bestfriend got her nipples pierced and some other piercings I’m pretty sure she not going to regret them. If you like piercing most likely that’s not going to go away with age. Tattoos are more likely to be regretted over a piercing. And why would she regret making a song with her ex. If he didn’t want to do t she wouldn’t. I could see if they said she would regret sleeping with her ex who beat we up that’s something regret but making as of with him, no because he’s a big celebrity whether she does songs with him or not. If e was just an average joe with a job as a security officer and she did his application then yes she may regret helping him get a job but not doing a song with an equally famous celebrity.