You Don’t Want It With O: Oprah Checks Troll On Twitter

January 30, 2013  |  

The way people act and communicate on the internet, specifically Twitter, never ceases to amaze me. The rudeness, as if there aren’t real people behind these Twitter handles, is appalling. We’ve seen it with Rihanna, Chris Brown, Wale, even Jennifer Hudson had to go off on a rude follower.

The latest celebrity on the receiving end of some foolishness was Oprah Winfrey. The day before her birthday, as her interview with Cissy Houston aired, a Next Chapter viewer commented on Oprah’s looks.


It’s one thing if you personally feel Oprah is looking too old for her age. While it wouldn’t be nice, I would even understand if she decided to tweet that thought as she watched “Next Chapter.” What is completely uncalled for though, is that fact that she mentioned or “at-ed” Oprah and hashtagged Next Chapter, making it very easy for her to stumble across it in her mentions.  I’m sure @kp1lady was just tweeting with reckless abandon, certain that Oprah would not see and certainly wouldn’t respond to her rudeness. But she did see and she did respond.

Source: Twitter

It’s not really a tough jab; but considering that Oprah holds herself to a higher standard, this sends a message. Something to the tune of, you were rude and don’t think I won’t call you on it just because I’m Oprah. Personally, if I were kp1lady, I’d be just a little scared right now. Not that she’d necessarily do anything, but everybody knows Oprah is a powerful woman all the world over. It wouldn’t necessarily be smart to insult her for all the internet to see.

Though I can understand why Oprah responded, it might have given this random tweeter a little more exposure than she deserved. Here we are talking about her, along with a ton of other blogs. And the interaction didn’t seem to embarrass her much. In fact, to commemorate the time Oprah communicated with her, she took a screenshot of the interaction and put it on Instagram. So classy.

What do you think about this interaction? Will Oprah’s response teach this tweeter a lesson or will it just encourage her to behave more trollishly on the internet?



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  • mac

    It made her look petty and butt hurt honestly. As the most powerful woman in the world, she should really be above entertaining such a trivial comment.

    And the number one rule of the interwebz is don’t feed the trolls!

  • Meyaka

    I think it’s their fight to fight. The twit was rude and if O wanted to lay into that poster she could have and I would have been on her side.

  • bluekissess

    The 21st century consists of disrespectful cowards. I’m in my mid-twenties and these are the people I have to work with, communicate with and on occasion date. I’m sure that person was shocked but she also thought she’s getting her “shine.” I’m actually lost for words. The people who should be paying attention probably won’t.

  • word

    we are so accustomed to the “must have some work done at 35″….how dear you look 50 and actually be fifty…someone aging ‘relatively’ natural appears old to us now..

  • ok is it just me, cause I believe that oprah should have not responed to this tweet.

    • hollyw

      Agreed. It wasted 4 secs of her life.

    • realadulttalk

      It wasn’t just you.

  • BarbieJ

    I doubt this will have an impact on the young lady nor will it have any serious impact on Oprah. I’m sure ppl have no regard whatsoever of her accomplishments and send her insults on a daily basis. For whatever reason – unknown to us all – she decide to respond to this ONE. No biggie – I’m sure she’s on something else today, but I guess if we see her with blonde and purple extensions and a face lift, we’ll assume it hit home.

  • pickneychile

    Lol go head Oprah. Some people really have no behaviour.

  • ItsMe

    This world is on its way to destruction anyway. Twitter and Instagram is just documenting its descent.

    • Lola

      True story.

    • Meyaka

      That part.

  • Africanpride

    I’m in my early 20’s but I am very concerned about this generation, and the way these idiots think they can hide behind technology to say anything, and insult people.

    • MorethanHair

      @2668b8d1edc0e3eb640c1abe58e1610a:disqus It’s funny you say that because I recently spoke to a group of high school juniors & seniors about college opportunities and how to find, accept and retain scholarships, grants, & loans if you have to. The students were very disinterested and rude in addition to tweeting etc through the complete presentation. I am in my mid 20’s as well and must say the generation now is not appeasing at all.

    • Almond E Brown


    • Guest360

      Couldn’t have said it better. I’m 21 and the way that some of my generation acts just disgusts me beyond belief. I shutter to think how we’re all going to turn out because thus far, way too many are rude, hateful, and plain ol’ mean. Times are crazy….

  • NeaJ

    This person just ruined the rest of their life! Clearly they didn’t know that Oprah rules the world & she is the all powerful & all knowing! When will these peasants ever learn? Sigh!!!

    • TRUTH IS

      She might wanna rule this world but she is no GOD!!! Man gave her that power!! What happened to freedom of speech. Not everyone is going to praise or bow in her presence. And I like Oprah!

      • just because you can say anything you want, it doesn’t necessarily need to be said

      • Lola

        Geeezzeeee Fall back and learn to recognize hyperbole.

        • THANK YOU! I’ve been schooling fools on hyperbole all week.

          • YeseniaR

            Hyperbole is supposed to be obvious. If you’ve had to “school folks all week” you’re most likely not using it poorly.

          • YeseniaR

            Hyperbole is supposed to be obvious. If you’ve had to “school folks all week” you’re most likely using it poorly.

            • LOL SMDH, or the people who didn’t get it are dumb. Either one.