Are You Ready For The Shade? The Judgments And Challenges You’ll Face As A “Kept Woman” Today

February 6, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


In a world full of self-help books, women touring the country giving seminars on “doing you” and umpteen thousand Facebook fag pages dedicated to motivating you to do more, more, more every day, where does a stay-at-home woman fit in? Fifty years ago it was the norm to be a “kept woman.” Now, just that term raises negative images of women spoiled out of their senses, drinking white wine all day and pretending to love their wealthy husbands. But that’s not all it is. Some women just so happen to fall in love with a man who is well off—a man who makes that woman’s minimum wage job at a café obsolete, because he can provide for the both of them. And that’s okay. But, if you’re such a woman, you may get some grief from society, not to mention your closest friends! Here are the judgments and misunderstandings to be prepared for.

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  • wizdom

    ha! this is sooo my life. all thanks to The Most High that my husband makes more than enough for me to be a stay at home wife and soon to be stay at home mother. one of my girlfriends actually told me girl, you’re living the life of a white woman. I cringed. even though I do have a small side business many of the women in my life my mother included have said very snide comments to me and tried to make me feel like a pre Madonna. but I was a teacher for 3 years so I definitely understand the 9-5 grind. My husband is so awesome he’s like don’t even tell them you re a business owner. tell them you’re a stay at home wife and be proud of it. I love it!

    • @Dee_Thinks

      that’s so cute. people with negative things to say are just jealous. what woman wouldn’t want a life like that?! I know I do.

    • wizdom

      typo! Thats prima donna! lol

  • A kept woman is usually the sidelined ho’ of a wealthy man who is married/involved with someone else. You are a glorified escort. Ain’t nothing wrong with that if that’s your cup of tea let’s just use the right definition.

  • Babydoll 70

    Julia, I’m guessing by this article you are young. A “kept” woman is not a stay at home wife, it is a woman on the side who a married man takes care of.

    • Drew Smith

      I thought that’s what it meant. SMH. Glad I hopped down to the comments prior to wasting my life.

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?’s really a stay-at-home wife.

  • Annette

    I need you to fix that typo on the first page to say “Facebook FAN pages.“