Facebook Live: CurlyNikki Answers Hair Questions About Bagging Ends, Dry Hair, Protective Styling and More!

January 29, 2013  |  

Today, Nikki Walton: a leading natural hair blogger and founder of CurlyNikki released her new book Better Than Good Hair.’ Today, as is the case every Tuesday, she answered our readers’ most pressing questions about hair and hair care including dry hair, bagging ends and protective styling. , growing edges and more. Make sure to check out her responses to our Facebook readers and to check out the giveaway attached to her new book at http://ow.ly/hdXtQ

Madame Noire: Ok, so MN will kick it off. Nikki, have you heard of “bagging” the ends of your hair? What is it exactly and does it help?

CurlyNikki: Madame Noire Yes! Some folks love it and some folks don’t. My hair gets incredibly gummy and more prone to breakage when it’s kept in a wet state. Others find it highly moisturizing and find that it helps retain length. Here’s a great summary of it here- http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/06/what-is-baggy-method.html

Renee: Hi Nikki, I’m a new natural (BC’d on Saturday, my profile pic is my twa) and my ends have a looser curl pattern than the rest of my hair. I haven’t used heat on my hair in about a year, so I’m guessing that that’s just how my hair is. Any suggestions?

CurlyNikki: Do you henna? box dye?

Renee : Nope, none of the above. I deep condition once a week, co wash 1-2x per week and clarify with Kinky curly come clean twice a month. I also make sure to moisturize and seal every other day.

CurlyNikki : Several different things could be going on here. I don’t know if you’ve ever had heat damage (how often were using heat before last year?), but if you were over using blow dryers or flat irons, even a year later, your hair would still show signs of damage. Many women have to transition out of their heat damage… it took me nearly 2 years (post college). I never had straight ends, but my ends had those ‘white dots’ that were very fragile and would break very easily. If it is indeed old heat damage, you’ll have to grow the looser hair out, trimming here and there until it’s all gone. If that’s not the case, it could be that your simply loosens with length. Many report that! Try some protein treatments to snap your hair back in place!

My fav balanced moisture/protein conditioner is Aubrey Organic’s GPB and it helps detangle as well ’cause it’s slippery! I use it at almost every wash!

Renee : I’ve been eyeing it every time I go to the vitamin shoppe, I’ll try it.

Janice: When I leave my hair open for any length of time the ends get really dry what can I do to get moisture back and not have them look so brittle ????

CurlyNikki :Make sure you’re properly sealing. Sealing is locking moisture in the hair, specifically the ends. To do, apply a leave-in conditioner with water as its first ingredient (try Qhemet Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee), and then seal with shea butter or oil. The molecules in most butters/oils are too large to pass into the hair, so they stick to the outside of the shaft, trapping in the moisturizer!

When sealing after your regular washing routine, apply your conditioner to damp hair in a downward motion. Then apply your butter or oil, concentrating on your ends, and style as usual.

Also, try protective styling! A “protective” style is one in which your hair isn’t loose. Whether your hair is twisted, braided, bunned or cornrowed beneath a weave, your strands are woven together and more resistant to breakage – plus, they hold on to moisture very well.

As with everything, less is more! So make sure your protective style of choice isn’t stressing your edges, and that you don’t leave it in too long, and that you continue to moisturize your hair even while it’s protected.

Finally, always protect your hair at night with a satin cap. Over time, sleeping with your hair out will result in loss of moisture. It’s not the sexiest look, but the payoff is worth it!
You may want to reassess your wash day products as well. Our hair tends to the dry side, but if you find the right product combo, your moisture should last for days, even with an out style! Finally if you notice your hair dries out fast it could be that your strands are highly porous. Most curly hair is highly porous, which means it has an open cuticle that allows moisture to easily escape and leaves you open to breakage . To tell if your hair is porous: Place a couple of hairs in a cup of water. If it sinks in less than a couple minutes, it’s porous.

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