These Kardashians Won’t Hold Me Back: Family Of Kris Humphries Wants Him To Give Kim A Divorce So THEY Can Move On

January 28, 2013  |  



Seems that we’re not the only ones who think Kris Humphries needs to get on his Fantasia and go ahead and free himself, and Kim, by giving that girl a divorce. I mean seriously, it’s getting a little petty. She’s having a baby with another dude, people he plays ball with are making fun of his marital situation because they can, and no matter what he does or who he dates, talk of Kim follows him–he needs to do himself a favor and let it go already.

According to Radar Online, a source close to the family says they’re getting sick and tired of his “need to seek revenge” because being attached to the drama as a family is holding them back.

“Kris’ family finds the entire matter really annoying because they’re tired of the negative attention and don’t want to be tied to Kim at all anymore. They just want it to be over…It’s gone on too long and it’s upsetting for the family to know that Kris is out for revenge…The family doesn’t want to be connected to Kim or any of the Kardashians anymore, and they’re worried that Kris will get burned in the end.”

Humphries’ sister Kaela is particularly peeved as she’s thinking the negative attachment between her bro and Kim could be hampering her new modeling career with Ford Models. According to the source, Kaela, who is a plus-size model, seems to be getting turned down more than usual for jobs because the family thinks a lot of agencies that could help her book work are “pro Kim.”

Hmmm, I doubt all that, but it’s her story, not mine. But I will say, that even when I do see news online about Kaela getting work for different companies, a lot of sites like to claim that she’s cashing in on her brother’s sudden fame and popularity that came with dating and marrying Kim.

All in all, the family at this point doesn’t seem to have any ill will towards Kim, and it’s Kris who is still angry, but Kaela and the gang just want to move on. However, we’re not sure that’s going to happen anytime soon. Kris turned down Kim’s recent offer of $10 million for him to sign divorce papers, because, as the story continues to go, he feels that she tricked him and that the whole marriage was a fraud to begin with. He’s asking for her to go through with an annulment instead. According to Radar, their divorce trial isn’t set to happen until JUNE, so unless he cuts the bull and signs, or she just gives up and calls their time together a fraud, Kim will have to bring a child into the world with her boo Kanye, and her husband Kris on the sideline booing them along the way. Buuuuurn.

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  • Ann

    Wow……………………Mainstream media and Black media just won’t stop covering this Kardashian circus. It is a shame that people follow this foolishness. I guess black media has to get in line since that is what mainstream media is covering. SMH…………………………….

  • Nikki

    I’ve noticed two things:

    1) Kim has always said that she wanted to get married at 30. And that’s exactly what she did with Kris. I think she had good intentions when she got engaged, but she said, “I wish I would’ve listened to the signs”. Which to me means, she KNEW before she got married that it was a bad idea.

    2) Every time she had a problem with Kris she went to her mom, Kourtney, or Khloe instead of confronting Kris about whatever was bothering her.

    • FromUR2UB

      Maybe she married him because he has a ‘K’ name.

  • Candacey Doris

    I can see him wanting her to admit it was fraud. He has a right to that. She should own up to it and sign the papers.

  • lavendarbloom

    come on sisters, stop hating on Kim. Kris knew as much as Kim did going into this situation. She didn’t say” I do” alone. Who’s fooling who…..

    • yeppers

      Are we hating by telling the truth…Even if she says she “loved him” which the camera kinda caught that falsity. she still WENT thru with a marriage SHE HAS SAID….was a mistake. So even if unintentionally she frauded him by not stopping it, and getting paid. He might have been wanting to work out their issues and stay together, but she was intent on ending it apparently after they said I DO. How are we to know…..hey who cares i guess.

  • Kam

    I’m no Kim K fan but I really can’t feel too sorry for Kris. How do you deal with a Kardashian and NOT know its about the show? These people don’t do anything without a camera present, and a Nielsen rep nearby why would their “wedding” be any different. If he wants his cut, she needs to pay him his cut and move on. He looks like a lame, and he is becoming an embarrassment to his family. The only thing that I think is a fraud in this situation is the time that they were supposed to pretend they were married. I think it was supposed to be for a full year and she buckled at 72 days.

  • FromUR2UB

    An annulment sounds reasonable to me, but I’d take the divorce and run. He just might find himself having to pay child support for the kid if he keeps fartin’ around.
    I was with the family until the sister said it’s costing her modeling jobs. She must be dropping his name for anyone to know she’s related to him.

  • kandikane

    I co-sign with pretty1908; he needs to sue for fraud, she needs to ADMIT it was fraud and then they both need to move on. Kris is doing right; this trollop needs to learn that the sancity of marriage is SACRED and not to be taken lightly OR entered into fraudulently(?sp) She is a total waste of skin and space.

    • Nikki

      She has already said that she should’ve listened to the signs. Which means, to me, that she KNEW it was a bad idea!

  • Kris better stop playin, in California if your wife gets pregnant while y’all are married you are presumed to be the father. Why Kanye would allow that debacle (my word of the day :)) and ensuing foulness to surround the birth of his 1st child is beyond me.

    • Fresh45

      The husband is only presumed the father if he and the mother had been cohabiting doing the time of conception. Since Kim and Kris weren’t, he won’t be presumed as the father or have any legal right to the child.

      • Better look that ish up if you don’t believe me. BEFORE that divorce can be finalized cohabiting or not, he and SHE must sign an affidavit stating that child isn’t his. If not its presumed he’s the father.

        • In addition, I don’t think the divorce can be finalized until she has that baby anyways.

  • MeMyselfandI

    Kris is Catholic and in order for him to get married in a Catholic Church in the future he needs this marriage annuled . That is why he is still fighting for it. She knows his faith is sacred to him so for her who has no known religous affilation not to give him an annulment is petty and wrong.

    • Mia

      sacred, my foot lol. Which explains why he went and married a Jezebel to begin with.

    • Dee

      EXACTLY! and + the wedding was an actual fraud

  • KO

    I’m sorry but the only person who I see benefiting form that marriage is Kris. He went a nobody to somebody. I’m not a Kim K fan and she did lied to him by not calling off the wedding. But nobody deserves to have their lives but on hold like. He not only is putting her life on hold but also his. My advice to Kim since he wants to be an a-hole and play games, play with him. Give birth to your baby, let him show up on the birth certificate since he’s legally your husband. Then get some child support from his a**. See if that’ll make him sign them papers. 18 years is a looooong time.

    • mac

      How does one collect child support from a man who’s not the father of the child? I’m curious.

      • SunshineBlossom

        ^This. Lol

        • EMB

          In most states, If you’re legally married– the spouse is automatically deemed the father. So, if Kayne gets pissed and doesn’t place his name on the birth certificate…Kris is legally on the hook. Kim needs to do right for once in her pathetic existence and annul this marriage.

    • Calikush

      I’m sorry, but she’s putting her own life on hold! She wants a divorce to cover her a$$! All he want is an annulment! He hasn’t bashed her in the media but her and her sisters every chance they get throws shade at kris! Kim Kumtrashian is making her own life a living hell, didn’t nobody tell her to get knocked up while she’s still married! That’s her bad not Kris’s! So with all that being said……. My hat goes off to Kris! I say drag it out as long as possible until she has no choice but to give u what u deserve, and that’s an annulment! Lol, Kim thought Kris was a sucka, I think she’s the biggest sucka, because Kris is not backing down! Go Kris!!!!!!!!!

    • Mia

      He went from being a nobody to INFAMY. He’s not taken serious in his field by his peers and is mocked by fans in visiting arenas. According to two surveys, he is now the most hated NBA player in the country. I’d hardly call that “beneficial”.

  • Natasha T

    This guy is dumb to keep this divorce going and they got money, it’s been over a year, get this thing over with and move the he** on Kris!

  • yeppers

    I dont feel sorry for Kim AT ALL….She needs to learn her money doesnt pay her way out of all of her mistakes. Yes she claims she acknowledged she shouldnt have gotten married and was in a rush blah blah, But that doesnt negate the fact that she still DID IT…FOR WHAT SHE CALLS NOT LETTING PEOPLE DOWN..which I feel is a crock of sh… Because her wedding to that man should have been about HER AND HIM AND THEIR LIFE TOGETHER…and if she didnt want said life she should have called it off…To hell with the people who she was going to let down…The fact that she went through with it, to have it filmed and made money off of it, WHEN SHE HERSELF SAID SHE WAS NOT FEELING IT….IS FRAUDULENT. CALL A SPADE A SPADE.

  • mac

    They’re both being stubborn, but Kim will definitely blink first. He has the leverage, nothing to lose, and is a man scorned lol. Good luck

  • Na Na

    I agree she fraudulently married him and just like an innocent person I’m claiming guilty just because my family is tired of dealing with it. I say stick it out Kris.

    • Na Na

      I’m NOT claiming guilty….

  • blackrose

    She should admit her fraud sign the papers and have her baby.

  • pretty1908

    I think he needs to sue for fraud… that man actually thought he was entering a monogamous and factual marriage… sue her butt Kris for all you can. She and other celebrities need to know you can’t toy with people just because you want a wedding or something to do,

    • Sunny

      I know that’s right. I don’t know why people are acting like Kim is some kind of victim. She should just give him the annulment. People with sense already think the whole thing was a sham anyway, so I don’t know why she thinks she’s holding onto any sort of credibility by holding out for a divorce.

      • yeppers

        shes most definitely trying to save face… he has her by the balls because she herself said to the media she didnt want to do it BEFORE THE WEDDING…so the fact that she went through with it and received ALL THAT PRESS/MONEY for it is questionable im sure to any judge….She can say it was a mistake all she want but the fact she made money off of it probably sound fraudulent in court…if it didnt it probably wouldnt have gone on so long. SHES DEFINITELY PAYING THE PRICE OF LIVING THIS ALL OUT ON TV….we could see up to the minute she didnt want to marry that man for real.

        • SunshineBlossom

          And what’s even more crazy is that she wants to raise her child on reality television. Smh… I would wish her ill will but I ain’t got time for dat.