Hooray! Father United With Daughter After Ex-Wife Secretly Put Her Up For Adoption

January 28, 2013  |  

Source: ABC News

Almost two months ago, we reported on a heart-wrenching story about a Texas man who found himself in the midst of a very bitter, rather emotional custody battle with complete strangers after his wife put his infant daughter up for adoption without informing him. Back in 2010, Terry Achane and his pregnant wife, Tira Bland were experiencing some pretty serious marital problems. Achane left town for a few months to take a temporary job out of state, but expected to return to Texas a new father. Ten days following his departure, Bland went into labor prematurely and gave birth to a baby girl. With the help of the Adoptive Center of Choice, the child was placed in the care of an adoptive family.

Terry returned to Texas devastated to learn what Bland had done. He’s been in the midst of a complicated custody battle with his daughter’s adoptive family ever since. Until now, that is. ABC News is reporting that after almost two years of fighting for custody of his baby girl Leah, Terry Achane has finally gotten his wish. This past weekend, Terry was united with Leah for the first time since her mother gave birth to her 22 months ago.

“I’m just happy right now. I’m with my daughter. It’s about time,” the drill sergeant told ABC.

Darold McDade, the Utah judge who ruled in favor of Achane in a prior hearing, ordered the child’s adoptive family to return her to her biological father immediately. He went on to express that he was “astonished and deeply troubled” by the underhanded actions of the agency that handled this adoption. The child’s adoptive family and the agency were aware that Achane had no knowledge of the adoption, yet they proceeded with it anyway.

“This is the first known case where the Utah State Supreme Court has removed a child from an [adoptive parent’s] home and returned the child to the … legal father,” expressed Achane’s lawyer.

Jarred and Kristi Frei, Leah’s adoptive family, who spent about $25,000 to adopt her, fought tooth and nail to keep Leah in their family, stating that she was sent to them by God.

Terry says now that the battle is over, potty training and learning to comb hair are next on his to-do list. The final hearing for this case will be in March. Despite the ugly custody battle, Terry is open to allowing the Freis’ to visit Leah. He expressed that they took good care of his daughter and that he completely understands that they love her also.

Watch Terry express how excited he is to be united with his daughter on the next page. 

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  • I would cut off all ties with the adoptive family, they knew full well he wanted his child. On purpose they kept his child away from him. I would not trust them for a second. What they did was very illegal!!!

  • Candacey Doris

    I’m glad that he got her back and i hope that everything goes well for him from now on. As for the mother…I hope she does the right thing from here on out.

  • Trisha_B

    I hope he goes after the mother for Child Support!!! Happy he got his baby

    • He need to go on and raise his baby girl. It seems as if his wife is not stable just pray for her!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    The baby is young enough to forget her adoptive family. He needs to leave that alone because they don’t sound like people who were trying to do the right thing, even if they do love her.

  • Kam

    When I first heard this story I was disturbed for so many reasons, especially being that this man was on TDY with the military and his ex-wife lied saying he abandoned her and she didn’t know where he was. She will have to account for her actions in this life or the next. God bless Sgt. Achane and his family.

  • Natasha T

    I’m glad he got to see his daughter, I hope he gets full custody of her. The “mother” who put her up for adoption without her husband’s knowledge don’t even deserve to see that baby’s face, not even on the web and in her mind.

  • And if she’d aborted, he’d never get to see her. No rights for him.

  • jade nicole

    This is sad for both parties. I hope that the father continues to let the adopted parents be in her life.

    • The Bishop

      Huh? They need to kick rocks.

      • Monica

        Lol. Exactly!

      • guest

        Kick rocks for what? It wasn’t their fault that the birth mother kept this from him. They loved and cared for the child since birth without any knowledge of him. I am sure this was very difficult for them.

        • Laura Asseauguste

          They need to kick rocks bc they knew along with the adoption agency that the father was not aware of the adoption.

    • SunshineBlossom

      I don’t think so. They actively tried to take his daughter away knowing that he was an innocent man who wanted to raise his child and blamed it on god. They definitely need to kick a boulder with no shoes on. Hard.

    • Wow

      I needs to chuck them the deuces as well b/c were it not for them dragging out the inevitable they kept this man on court thinking that the judge was going to give then HIS based on the amount of time they kept her in their custody. so glad the judge not only called out the trifling mama, the shady adoption agency, but also this couple who tried to legally steal this man’s child.

    • He don’t owe the adopted criminal nothing because they are underhanded and they don’t mean him any good!

  • Good. As it should be. Momma needs her azz kicked.

    • GeekMommaRants

      Why violence? The only thing is dumb selfish woman needs is not to give again. Can we walk away from the hood mentality?

      • Are you for real? Someone gives your child away and you want to sit down and discuss it with them? There is some sh*t that is so foul, so wrong that it deserves a straight up “hood” azz kicking, and I would say playing games with someone’s flesh and blood is one of those things.

        • GeekMommaRants

          Are you real? If I had to work hard to get my child back a felon conviction would not be on my mind. Why is it on yours?

          • You do know there is a such thing as “figuratively speaking”, right?

            • THANK YOU! Good gravy some people don’t know what hyperbole is.

          • *face palm* okay you have a good day . . . . .

    • IllyPhilly

      Plus one. She need a whole new a$$hole kicked into her.

    • Faith

      Great news. I agree Cheekee baby, the mother do need to have her but kicked several times over. That was stupid and foolish of her to something that low down.