From Reality TV To The Pulpit: Guess Which ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Is A Preacher

January 28, 2013  |  


So I have to admit, curiosity got the best of me last night while watching the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (If you missed it, check out our episode 13 recap). I was particularly intrigued by Porsha’s claim that when she sings, she sounds like a mixture of Mary J. Blige, Rihanna and Beyoncé. I was secretly hoping that she would sing at some point during the episode because you can’t compare your voice to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and King Bey and not back it up. You can imagine the glee that overtook me during that restaurant scene when the girls finally coaxed her into giving them a little sample. You can also probably imagine my disappointment when the restaurant’s entertainment came out and disrupted her one-woman show.

At this point, my curiosity was piqued. I began scouring the Internet for clips of Porsha getting her Mary J. on; however I didn’t find one. What I did find was quite interesting though. I stumbled across a YouTube clip from August of 2010 that read: Evangelist Porsha Williams Part 1. To my surprise, it was actually a clip of Porsha delivering a sermon.

According to the clip, she was preaching at High Praise Christian Center Ministries in Lithonia, Georgia. It was interesting to see that the video referred to her as an “evangelist”; however, I’m not quite sure if she’s a licensed evangelist or not. Considering the fact that Porsha’s grandfather, Civil Rights activist, Hosea Williams was a reverend, this isn’t completely shocking. Despite Porsha’s behavior during this season, her being raised in church doesn’t seem far fetched.

Check out footage of Porsha’s sermon “The Helmet of Salvation” on the next page. What do you think of this? Do you find it difficult to take her seriously after witnessing her behavior on RHOA? 

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  • I’m not surprised by this announcement. Some of your most ratchet, ghetto folk can be found IN THE CHURCH!! Front row center! Evangelist my azz!!

  • Devon

    Boy, that is a “congloberation” of purely delusional talent.

    • realadulttalk

      I died when she said that.

  • Meyaka


  • Sharon

    Wow. Another reason to turn the lost off making it a challenge to win people to Christ. She acts just as bad as the other women. I know Christians has their flaws and they are not perfect, but you do at the same time you have to represent Christ so you can win souls to christ. Sadly you have Christians that does everything under the sun like the world does.

  • sexcgenius

    She sounded pretty decent as an evangelist.

  • JaneDoe

    When she said a mix between, Mary J, Rihanna, and BEYONCE I gasped. I don’t know who was worst Kenya saying she looked like Bey or Porsha’s claim to sounding like Bey.. I just can’t with the foolery anymore

  • bluekissess

    She seems like an air head to me. But, God doesn’t judge so I shall not.

    • sexcgenius

      I think Portia is pretending. She comes across a little like Jessica Simpson to me. She says dumb stuff to get people to watch her just for the next stupid thing she says; meanwhile, she is playing a characther and laughing all the way to the bank.

      • anon

        they call it acting, but it’s really deceit. Oh, how Christian.

        • anon

          deceit = lies

        • bluekissess

          Thank You

      • bluekissess

        Sad that you think she’s acting. Looks like Kenya is getting sound bites not Portia.

        • sexcgenius

          True, Kenya has more sounds bites, but they are attached to
          erratic behavior so she is easily dimissed as crazy even when she makes a valid point. Portia comes accross as sweet, innocent, naive, and dingy. Viewers will tune in to watch her before they will Kenya unless the viewers are like Kenya and enjoy ratchet behavior.

          • bluekissess

            So, inevitable has an excuse and the other doesn’t? Lmao. You do know that Bravo has editors?

            • sexcgenius

              Who is inevitable lol? The producers work with the material they are given. If you give them crazy, they edit to make you look crazier. That is her fault.

              • bluekissess

                Auto correct is a beast