Too Much Testosterone, Not Enough Sense: Chris Brown And Frank Ocean Fist Fight Over Parking Space

January 28, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

I’d like to go on record as being curious to know whether men are aware that there are other ways to get out aggression besides hitting people in the face? Just when we thought Chris Brow had mellowed out enough to stop having tantrums as much as women have periods, news comes in that Breezy and his “crew” got into a fight with Frank Ocean and his people last night — and it was all over a parking space. The interesting news, though, may be that Frank and his people actually started the altercation, not Chris Brown, who at this point, this behavior is almost expected from.

According to early details from TMZ, the fight broke out at Westlake Studio in L.A. where Chris Brown was listening to one of the artists he represents. Supposedly, as he went to leave, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked him from leaving, with Frank telling Breezy, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

At this point, Chris reportedly went to shake Frank’s hand and that’s when one of Frank’s boys attacked Chris. Naturally, one of Chris’s people jumped in and hit Frank’s friend and that’s when the all out brawl ensued. According to Chris’s sources, Frank tried to come at him, but Breezy pushed him away, causing them to fight. When police came though, Frank, who was the only one who stuck around to speak with the cops, told officers Chris was the one who punched him.

Authorities are reportedly looking at Frank as the “victim” since he stuck around to speak with officers, but no arrests were made and supposedly no one is interested in pressing charges. I can’t help but wonder if that will change based on these tweets Frank sent out last night:


Bless these childish men’s hearts.

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  • Ambitious12

    Chris man smh. He’s always in the news for something negative. Somebody sounds like they need anger management. Honestly this is sad who fights over parking spaces. Although I like both of them as artists but they need to grow up its 2013 get past the pettiness.

  • scandalous7

    girl bye

  • Publicity stunt.

    • Nikki

      Well, Chris was seen in LA walking around with a cast on. I think it’s real.

      Chris never got help after he beat Rihanna. (Which was what Rihanna’s concern was – which she mentioned in her Oprah interview)

  • rzakia

    It’s really funny the way this whole ordeal is being talking about on other sites. When I go to a site distinctly for black people it seems that they are just reporting the story as the source has given it to them. On some of the other sites they are making Chris Brown look like the bad guy. They are making it like he attacked Frank Ocean and is on the run from the cops. Of course they are bringing up the incident from years ago. I’m surprised they aren’t calling it a hate crime since Ocean is bisexual.

  • Trisha_B

    Frank hangs out w/ Odd Future, Tyler the Creator. That boy is troubled & raps devil music, so i honestly don’t expect much from Frank. I like Frank music, but the crowd he keeps tells a lot about him. Since he came out the closet, he’s been doing somethings for attention. I believed Frank started it. & back in June, Frank was sitting outside of Chris studio waiting for him to start stuff. But Chris friends came & chased him away lol. Idk why people don’t leave Chris alone, he don’t bother no one

    • Trisha_B

      & now its being said that LAPD is investigating this as a hate crime?! Frank Ocean is so lame for this. You start the whole thing, got beat up & want to start crying saying you got beat up b/c you were gay smh. Frank is a b-h, i’m sorry. He knows what he was doing, he must see Chris as a threat (in the music biz, R&B guys) to be doing all this then cry wolf when you loose. Oh please, you came out the closet when your album was about to drop to get a bigger audience, knowing so much is going on for gay activism right now. Your gonna use your audience to take down Chris.

      • I swear I just said the same thing!! I think a lot of gay people cry foul when really, they’re the ones who are starting stuff, just because they know that gay rights activists will back them up and make the other person look “homophobic”. It reminds me a lot of the women who cry foul when they get hit by men, when they were the ones who started it and struck first!

    • Kenedy

      But this is all according TMZ…they are as credible as my grandfather’s texting skills….non existent. They both probably fought, but at this point its hard to tell who started it…which shouldn’t matter because they should both grab chairs and…….you know the rest

  • Meyaka

    Chris brown needs serious help. What is the excuse today? Because it seems his community just love to find new ways to explain his behavior…

    • pretty1908

      right how about he is drug addict and a fire starter lets move on to things we don’t know like how will the watermelon taste this summer or when does snow crab season pick up

  • honest

    i think the music industry wants Chris to commit suicide…im so serious…then they going to celebrate him and say how good he was after he is dead and sell his songs for even more money….smh….he looks like he is on drugs and his “entourage dont give a crap”….I believe Frank Ocean started it, with all the drama circulating Chris i doubt he is out seeking more drama, i believe this was brought to him….

  • bluekissess

    Before I “went in” on these two I had to re-read the story. I hope Frank didn’t say “This is my studio.” Lol who says that? And why does the entourage always start the trouble? This is just all bad. I’m tired of hearing about hungry looking Chris and Frank just stay low until the Grammys

  • Mocha

    Give Chris Brown a break already…if the world can forgive R Kelly for peeing on lil girls yall can forgive Chris for whatever happen with him and Rihanna….she did.

    • Live_in_LDN

      Has the world forgiven R Kelly though? You can’t utter his name without someone mentioning the urine incident.

    • w.e.b

      I think most of the world kind of gave up on Rihanna and Chris. But Christ stay in some mess 1st Rihanna then Robin Roberts Next Twitter with. Raz b, Miss piggy and a bunch of other folks. After that drake. Now frank ocean. He can literrally murder someone and Black women will say he was provoked, like they said in all of those situation. In reality people test everyone limits everyday. A person reaction determines the outcome. Chris is gonna end up do something real dumb. It’s obvious he has an issue and everyone keeps enabling that boy.

      • w.e.b

        Excuse typos

  • IllyPhilly

    Why do these people make more money than teachers and cops and people who actually do real work?

  • Tonee

    Sad and stupid. This is where we r 2013..

    • bluekissess

      Yes, this is where we “R” in 2013

    • Live_in_LDN

      What has the date got to do with it? DO you really think Utopia is obtainable? Life isn’t a Disney movie.

    • Michiko

      No. That is where THEY are in 2013.

  • J

    *blank stare*

  • ieshapatterson

    Real mature guys.real mature.

  • Faith

    This is so childish and stupid. GROWN men fighting over a parking space. Stupid.

  • Nope

    lol at a couple of R&B dudes getting into a slap fight.

  • NeaJ

    At least he beat up a man this time…allegedly!

    • Nope

      And at least a woman wasn’t punching him AND grab the wheel of an expensive @ss car while he was driving because of a text message…. allegedly!

      • pretty1908

        and that caused him to pull over and bash her head in a residential area too why not pull over and put her out of the car, why not use that same cellphone and call 911 to detain this woman…. hmmm allegedly

  • I remember when they had that whole little Twitter beef a couple years ago, it all started when Chris tried to pay Frank a compliment about his artistry, and Frank and Tyler, The Creator took everything left field! I believe Frank probably did start the altercation, and of course it’s easy to blame Chris because we all know what a hot temper he has. Nevertheless, it’s all really petty! I’m going to need these folks with money to stop acting like savages!

  • Lea

    I don’t understand why Chris would go to shake Frank’s hand if Frank and his crew blocked him in. That doesn’t seem right. But why was Frankie so hype over a parking space? Is there only one? Grow up Frankie.

    • bluekissess

      That whole story just seems wrong

    • IllyPhilly

      CB might have been just trying to be the bigger person and squash it before it started.