This Is Not A Movie: ‘High School Musical’ Star Suing His Parents For Stealing His Money

January 27, 2013  |  


Sometimes, you wonder: If you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust?

That must be what High School Musical actor Chris Warren, Jr is now asking himself after finding out his parents have stolen a huge chunk of his earnings. According to TMZ, Warren filed a lawsuit against his parents, actress Brook Kerr and Christopher Warren, Sr., for stealing the money he earned as a minor. He says it was created for him in 2001 and they’ve allegedly been taking from it the entire time.

Warren says in the lawsuit that he has been paying into that account for years but when he wanted to finally make a withdrawal in 2011 (he was 21 then), his parents would not let him access the account. After finally backing them into a corner, Warren says his parents admitted to taking money for their personal use.

They allegedly won’t tell him how much they took and he doesn’t know how much is in currently left in the account.

Warren’s parents (Source: Nikki Nelson/WENN)

If Warren’s mother looks familiar to you it’s because she played Whitney in NBC’s soap opera Passions. She’s also been seen in countless other small roles – all of which would have produced her own money.

She and the senior Warren are currently in the midst of a narsty divorce after having been married for 22 years. She was 16 when the younger Warren was born.  It has gotten so ugly that there have been restraining orders put in place to keep the older Warren from Kerr and his son.

At this point, there has been no response from either parent.

This is really disgusting. This young man is now 23 and still has no answers from the people who were supposed to be looking out for him from the “Hollywood vultures.”  Hopefully, they didn’t fully deplete the account and maybe he’ll be able to get some of the money back.

If you had a child in Hollywood, would you want to manage them or would you hire someone else but keep your eyes on everything going on?

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  • Guest360

    The only thing I can say is people need to be mindful of their money whether their parents or outsiders are dealing with it. Just from an adult standpoint. You should always be tracking whats coming into your account and whats coming out of it. On a lesser note, some people make legitimate mistakes and then on the other end, out right steal from you. How could you rectify any of that if you just let people handle your finances without you so much as being involved?

  • “What can my kids do for me” instead of “what can I do as the person who brought him/her into this world” is the mindset of parents today. Another case of the sense of entitlement parents have.

  • dddooonnnttt

    Yea my kids wouldn’t be in Hollywood anyway. Not until they were 18 at least or they showed an especially high level of talent or dedication of some craft.

  • bluekissess

    I’m not surprised. This is so common among some black’s that it’s sad. This reminds me of parents putting bills in their children’s name. A lot of black children hate or despise their parents because of stuff like this. Would I manage my kids? Yes, I would put it all in a trust fund. Not spend it. It’s sad

  • Candacey Doris

    I would hire an outsider. Better to have someone else steal your money than to lose your parents in some ugly deal like this. I hope he gets some answers.

  • rosemary davis

    Sounds like what Gary Coleman’s parents did too him when these minor kids are working their money should be put into a trust fund until age 21 so that the parents can’t get their hands on it for their own personal use unless it’s for the childs benefit and even then they should be made by a court of law to give account of every penney spent.Lisa Marie Presley is enjoying her money today because no one could touch it until she became of age

  • DZ

    This happened to me, to a lesser extent. I was in a couple commercials when I was a young kid. When I got older, I asked my mom what happened to my earnings. She said she got behind on some bills and had to use the money. I was ticked off, but it wasn’t that much money so I let it ride. She was a single mom and I guess she didn’t think the child support was enough.

  • JaneDoe

    My mom did the same Ish to me when I was younger.. As money was deposited she would withdraw.. I was a minor so I was unable to transfer or withdraw any funds to protect myself. I raised hell at my financial institution but there was nothing they could do bc my mother at the time was custodial guardian of my finances.. I hope he gets all his hard earned money. That’s freaking pathetic


    I am the type of person who prefers to be control of every aspect of certain things because it is the only way that I can be assured of things going right. If I were to have a child who was in to acting or singing, or whatever, I would want to manage them myself.

  • SheBe

    If I had a child in Hollywood I would hire an outside firm but would watch that money like a effin hawk. The extra expenses such as, tutors, coaches, agents, travel, etc, is a crazy amount of money. I read a excerpt from an attorney on this type of thing once and it was stated that there is a percentage (15% +/-) that is placed into a trust until the age of 18. The rest maybe alotted to the same trust or the parents can handle the money themselves. I hope that they give this young man his money so they can all move on.

  • Charla

    I def remember her from Passions! It seems like parents are taking their kids money left and right. I thought CA had some law requiring money to go directly into a trust that couldn’t be touched? If the parents truly needed it to pay bills they should have been upfront with him. I hope he gets his money back.

    • JaneDoe

      Even in a trust if parents provide proof that initial funds required to help with the child’s lifestyle they are able to withdraw money from that trust

  • unque43

    I would have a company that does this type of thing to manage my child.

  • Chassie

    Whitney from passions! Say it ain’t so!

  • d

    Most people say outside sources cant be trusted which is why most hollywood child stars parents handle the account but now a days you cant trust anyone really! this is sad, they should be ashamed

  • Outside parties are the main ones to steal from you. I would have someone I can trust that I KNOW won’t steal from me. Then you have to be proactive in your career and be involved in everything that’s going on. Nichole Murphy’s team stole from her, EVERYTHING. Parents can too but the outsiders KNOW you won’t be coming to them asking for reciepts and to take a look at journal entries and statements. If my child were famous I’d take care of everything because I’m getting a degree in business and accounting anyway so i’ll know. Not to mention, she should keep all of her own money for her own future plans as I will have my own anyway.

  • Kenedy

    I was a little confused, but thank you for elaborating that she had him when she was 16…that makes all the difference, lol. But if true, that is so messed up of them, stealing from your child like that, i always feel like outside parties & not family, should handle business, because atleast then if they steal from you, your family’s relationship remains intact