Did They Really Record It?!! Celeb Couples Who Put Their Own Sex Lives On Blast

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Hot couples are one thing, but hot celebrity couples? They take the cake. Most of them are nearly, if not already, perfect looking and they come together to make an absolutely picture perfect scene. And sometimes that scene is way to literal when it takes the form of a clip from a nartsy home video in their bedrooms.

Whatever happened to watching an x-rated flick here or there to steam things up in the bedroom, or simply making a 5-minute video of your own and keeping it hidden?! These celebs know nothing about that life because they but their sex lives all the way on blast and got a career boost to boot.

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T.I. and Tiny

Tiny just let out the details of her freaky side on the last episode of Tiny Tonight. Apparently she and TIP made an outdoor movie so wild she figures they could get $10 million for it, if they could ever sell it. Unfortunately for them, it was one of many things confiscated when cops raided their house back in the day so no sex tape success for them.


Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon

One night in Paris was 60 minutes of off and on again forwarding. Released in 2004, the video starred then-19-year-old Paris and her beau, Rick Salomon (famous for banging more than just a few celeb socialites). Two highlights which got their acclaim (besides Paris herself) were her not so amateur oral moves and the finale which is a bit too much to mention here but with $25 and shipping and handling you can witness it all for yourself.


Chris Brown and Rihanna

There’s no irony in this young and spontaneous couple being rumored to have had a sextape. eaked in 2009, not too long after the battery assault between the two, Rihanna’s still emotionally fragile state stopped the tape from the illustrious fame fans would have hoped. The 13-second footage that ran on the internet let us take a peek at the Bajan beauty’s desirable curves and their kinky role playing sides and that’s about it.


Kim Kardashian and Ray-J

Kim might have pretended not to have any idea of the plan to leak this video but she sure did benefit from its release, with a $5 million court settlement and new found spotlight leading to enforcements and reality shows. So how did the public perceive it? Well the tape definitely famed Ray-J in the bedroom department. We learned that Brandy’s little brother wasn’t so little anymore, not only was he well endowed but he seemed to have the curvacious vixen pretty lost for words; and she stayed that way starring as the lump on a log throughout the whole tape. I guess Kim figured her beauty was enough to rest on, much as the way she lives her life.


Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson

The pioneer of all sex tapes, Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored, contains the sexiest Baywatch beauty to ever live and the not so young but still erotically capable rock and roll star. Although the tape featured many fully dressed, simply romantic scenes between two lovebirds, when these two finally got to business there were no regrets for staying tuned. Their boat sex scenes contained Tommy Lee in all his extremely large… glory. I’ll say this one thing between Pam’s chest and his… manly parts ‘Huge’ is the only way to describe the tape and its success.


Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain

He’s a Hot actor, she’s an equally Hot black playboy model and they come together to have extremely blahhh sex. Okay maybe that was a little harsh, but the tape doesn’t lie. Plus the setting was just awful, picture a dusty, dirty apartment. Celebs are supposed to have the elaborate presidential suite, lavish villa, or sandy white beach scenes, not the ready for eviction background!


Brett Michaels and Pam Anderson

I know there’s more than a few of you that tuned into ‘Rock of Love.’ Well before the Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson extravaganza there was Brett and Pam. Although this tape would receive less attention, partly due to Michaels’ legal team temporarily blocking the release of the sex tape, it still had its circulation on the internet in four minute snips. At least Pam doesn’t simply rest on her beauty and lady lumps in either video. Obviously this blonde headed vixen loves the rocker bad boys and she loves taping their kinky moments, yet in style.


Verne Troyer and Ranae Shrider

Verne, aka “Mini-Me,” from the Austin Powers movies, and his ‘model’ girlfriend Shrider videotaped their kinky bedroom play as well. “Mini-Me” has really got balls — some regular height man are intimidated by model-tall women, this man recorded himself having sex with her! The 2008 leaked, 50 minute sex tape shows lots of tongue and a whole lot of other ‘not so innocent’ tickling. Troyer’s settlement states that the video cannot be sold or distributed without his permission, even though Shrider seemed to have allowed TMZ to show some snips of the video. She most likely did this for her career; and the snippets were definitely the talk of Hollywood, simply being that she stands 5’9 and him 2’8. Quite a match in the bedroom!


Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best

Drugs, Rehab,, incarceration, alcoholism, if a Sex Tape didn’t come along somewhere in there I don’t know what else would fit. This release might have just been a mobile clip, but it takes the cake over most of these 60 minute tapes! Although the quality of the video is not the clearest, what is clear is Lohan’s aim to please.I guess it’s two thumbs up to Lindsay for mobile clips, but it’s too bad she can’t pull off such stellar performances in her movie roles.




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