Male Artists Whose Bedroom Lyrics Have Us Wondering…Do They Really Have It Like That?

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We’re used to male artists tooting their own horn when it comes to what clothes, cars, jewelry, and houses they can afford, not to mention the women they can pull. We’re even used to hearing rappers like Kanye, Jay-Z, and Nas referring to themselves as “the best rapper alive” but now their modesty has been flushed down the drain in a whole different ball game; their skills in the bedroom.

None of us should take everything that comes out of these artists mouths as fact, but when a man is constantly making references to pleasuring a woman with a “hurricane tongue” or having women feeling like he invented sex, we simply can’t help but wonder; do they really got it like that?! Here are 15 artists who don’t shy away from mentioning the way they can get your juices flowing in the bedroom, on the staircase, on the balcony… and the list goes on and on:



From his first album, tracks like “Mirror” and “Say it” not only let us know that this man was talented when it comes to lyrics, but that selfishness was not a trait of his in the bedroom. A romantic love maker, Ne-yo is all that’s missing when you picture a room full of candles and silk sheets.



From “Nice and Slow” to “Love in this club” and “Trading Places,” it’s apparent Usher knows how to seduce any woman. Not only is he gorgeous with the the ability to roll his body like a male dancer, but he knows how to tell a woman what she wants to hear ’til her knees are shaking and her body’s quivering; and this is before her panties even hit the floor.


Lil Wayne

Self-proclaimed “Pu**y Monster” Weezy isn’t shy to let his listeners in on the secrets his tongue holds. Even before “Lollipop,” Weezy wasn’t afraid to let ladies know that his mouth is a gift not only when spitting bars. Most of us really aren’t trying to find out what that mouth does at this point but we imagine it must be something spectacular to keep the ladies coming back to a martian.



When it comes to fulfilling your fantasy, Luda proved no matter how sensual or kinky it was he’d get it done. Wanting to lick you from your head to your toes wasn’t going to be his only contribution either, just listen to the lyrics on “Feelin So Hot” with Shawnna. He definitely puts you in the mood for some hair pulling, headboard knocking… SEX.


Trey Songz

Since he thinks he invented sex, and is so sure he can take you on a ride to ecstasy, I know ladies everywhere wonder just how good the ride will be with this sexxy, brown skinned chiseled R&B star.



Just because you’re a thoroughbred doesn’t mean you can’t get a woman hot and bothered. This Florida-born artist is known for his dirty rap which makes us forget about the big chains, watches and fitteds and zone in on the his lyrics in songs like “Sex me” and “Want it, Need it” which has us imagining him putting it down in out bedroom.


Chris Brown

Not just a young cutie who can dance anymore, Breezy started entering the minds of grown women when he shed the teenage image and spoke of how he could “Take You Down” in the bedroom. “Too Freaky” and ‘We the Bed” say the obvious about this now grown man artist, even if we’re not as interested in his abilities (ahem) as we used to be anymore.




It’s something about Latino men that’s always got us imagining they can teach us a thing or two extra in the bedroom. Of course, him having songs like “Hotel Room Service,” where its apparent he likes “that freaky stuff” make us inquire more. Plus his accent and the way he rolls those Rs is quite nice.


LL Cool J

What can I say about this next man? A sigh of lust is all that musters. Why oh why is this man so hot? Is it the way he licks his lips, they way his body says no to aging, or those gorgeous dimples? All of the above is my answer. Plus we can’t forget the way he lets us know he could “blow your socks off/ make sure you G spots soft.” The epitome of “doin’ it well.”



50 Cent

The Queens rapper with the signature muscles and tatted up body has a love for the streets; and from his bars, seducing women with his magic stick. Regardless of the hood exterior, he can melt in your mouth, not in your hands.


Justin Timberlake

JT always had the moves and smooth sexiness from the time he was just a member of his boy band N’Sync, but he had more awaiting for us. Once a boy, Justin is now a suited up lover we’re grateful introduced his sensual side in Future Sex/Love Sounds.



One of the greatest rappers alive, this Brooklyn born lyricist let us into his kinky mind with “Oochie Wally.” There’s supposedly no sleeping in his bedroom so that leaves the dreaming up to us.

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Is there a woman on this earth who isn’t still interested in finding out how does it feel? The lyrics did more than enough for us but the video — yeah we really, really lost our minds. And would like to again.

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Not that we needed any help from “Love and Basketball,” but once we saw the de-flowering bedroom scene with Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps with “This Woman’s Work” playing in the background we started to have a lot of questions — most of which we wanted answered by Maxwell nakey.

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