How Not to Blog: The Tale of Beyoncé’s Beyhive Blunder

January 25, 2013  |  

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Once upon a time (today included), there was a Queen Bey who reigned unchallenged over every facet of the pop star kingdom. Her unparalleled commitment to outperforming the lesser royals allowed her to outshine them all. Except in one dark area. Being larger than life alienated her from the masses.

Always looking to improve, Queen Bey set her sights on the Web. Other starlets had used social media to their advantage. Surely the Queen could as well. She launched a website! And a Tumblr! Sprinkling out glimpses of her life for the masses to consume, artistic candid photos and handwritten open letters to those that inspired her. Everyone ate it up… for the most part. Some complained. The Queen was showing more of herself, but she wasn’t really telling us anything about who she was.

Bolstered by the delight of fans or the criticism of detractors, Queen Bey decided to take her online presence a step further. She launched The Beyhive blog on Tuesday. She billed it as “my way of showing all the inspiring things I come across every single day… through my eyes.”

Here’s Where the Fairy Tale Gets Real…

Beyoncé’s latest endeavor satisfies the minimum qualifications to be called a blog. The Beyhive is “a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links” (Marketing Terms). The blog features: photo links to the star’s latest cultural and artistic finds, a collection of the notes she writes to newsmakers (previously found in the News section), street style photographed by her stylist, and an archive of fan art. All listed in chronological order.

It’s cute. But she could have just made a Pinterest board.

Let’s look at what other celebrities are doing with lifestyle blogs:

  • Goop, launched by Knowles-Carter clique member Gwyneth Paltrow, features interviews as well as editorial heavy features on products, destinations, recipes, and more.
  • Little Monsters, the brainchild of the only other performer allowed to make eye contact with the Queen, Lady Gaga, is a full-fledged social network for fans of the provocateur.
  • Life & Times, spearheaded by husband to Beyoncé’, Jay-Z, is a full-scale online publication that runs branded video, op-eds, and accompanies all its images with at least a paragraph of text.

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  • shirley

    i do not live in Beyonce world and nobody should either,consider living in Christ’s world,and try very hard to be like him,i am doing that, its hard but it helps you see the reality ,fantasy,the good, the bad that this musicians are pushing .
    as for her Beyhive blog ,i believe if she would blog about her struggles ,successes,what happens in the entertainment industry,her likes,dislikes or her opinions about the world,relationships,heck politics etc ;or if any succesful artist -GaGa, ,etc would do the above for that matter,they would have the biggest and baddest traffic ever.lord knows they know more about the good , bad and the ugly in showbiz, i wonder why they would not speak/blog about this in detail?
    i do not see myself looking at her blog and thinking this is smart, worth mulling over or having discussions,arguments for, granted it will be good whatever her material will be .
    i mean her tumblr and website is beautiful,well-arranged and well-thought, but at the end of the day it is all fluff for someone who wants interaction,thought provoking discussions etc.
    i mean how many times can you look at her pictures,handwritten-notes etc and get something inspiring,life-changing,thought-provoking to work with, if she does not interact,caption,create discussions about her own material or have somewhat an online relationship with those that love and adore her?

  • Shanice

    Anderson Cooper didn’t lie when he said “It’s Beyonce’s world and we just live in it”.
    Even before the “lip-sync” story, all you heard and read was Beyonce and Pepsi, Beyonce and Superbowl, Beyonce and GQ, Beyonce and Jay-Z are at the Inauguration. And most of it was negative. The woman can’t win for losing. So what, she’s socially awkward, hell most people are. Just because she’s a public figure does not mean she has to be polished and poised with everything she does. She’s human. Hope she continues to have a thick skin, I don’t want to lose another fave thanks to the public like Whitney and MJ

    • lis

      so true…on EVERYTHING u said

  • I like Be-YoYo but I mean are real hard working Americans checking her like that? I understand being relevant keeps the checks coming in but she should really disappear for awhile and then come back on top. Queen B sit down…you cannot be on top forever!

    • DEE

      Maybe you should disappear for a while.

    • Shanice

      Even when she “disappears”, people still bring her up. She goes on tour, paparazzi stalks her on the streets and bloggers paste her all on the blogs. She’s goes to dinner with her husband, she gets stalked. If she doesn’t come out the house or isn’t seen for a while, bloggers make-up stories to gain that traffic back they lose when they don’t have stories on her. She can’t satisfy you or the “opinionated” people that are “tired” of her

      • realadulttalk

        She disappeared? I must have missed that. Please don’t confuse her calling paps to tell them her location with someone actually stalking her. Most celebs tip off the paps in order to gain more exposure–and then do the “why can’t I be left alone” thing directly afterwards. How often did the paps catch the late, great MJ?? Not much, right? B/c that’s how he wanted that.