‘Before Us There Wasn’t Any Beyoncé’: Kimora Lee Simmons Says She And Russell Set The ‘Blueprint’ For Celebs In Fashion

January 24, 2013  |  


Fashion maven, Kimora Lee Simmons recently sat down with Chris Witherspoon of NBC’s The Grio to discuss her upcoming reality show “Kimora: House of Fab, which is a spin-off from her original reality show “Kimora: Life In the Fab Lane”. The show will go behind the scenes of the JustFab offices, which is Kimora’s fashion retail site. When questioned by Chris as to whether or not she felt the fashion industry was too saturated with celebrities with fashion brands, Kimora gave a quite interesting response.

“There’s always room for more because times evolve and people change and we [Me and Russell]  did kind of create that. Before us there wasn’t any Beyoncé, there wasn’t Sean John or Justin Timberlake, there wasn’t Jessica Simpson. There wasn’t any of that. We really laid the blueprint for that,” Kimora told Chris Witherspoon.

She also expressed how much she loves that the success of her business is not tied to a hit album or a blockbuster film:

“One thing I love about myself is this business is that I don’t have to rely on the sales of an album, or my movie being a hit for my clothing to be a hit.”

Some are interpreting her comments as low-key shade, but I’m not really sure if her statements were really intended to be undercutting. Now, if you guys want shade, check out her response when asked how she, Djimon and Russell successfully co-parent while maintaining a drama-free blended family.

“I do things for the sake of my children. I know people say that like it’s a cliché, but when you see their life, it’s not for the sake of their children. They’re fighting or I don’t know what, it’s the holidays and someone hits someone else . No, we’re not doing all of that… My kids are very happy, and if you ask them, they don’t have one dad that loves them, they have two.”

Well, alright then.

Check out footage of Kimora’s interview on the next page. Did you peep the Halle shade that got slipped in there?

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  • truth313

    she was a model on Tyra Banks level doin her thang, it wasn’t like she auditioned 2 be recognized by Rus. she has her life-career goin on, very successful woman, unlike these desperate/thirsty females out here nowadays!!! she can talk all the talk she wants, lol, she’s best of both worlds (black & Japanese!) ..she’s still beautiful/fabulous…killin ’em! STOP SIPPING THE HATER’AID!!!!!

  • iReezy

    She was a model, yes, with medium success. After marrying Russell she didn’t even continue to model, she ENTERED THE FASHION BUSINESS. Point being, he was her ticket to success period. Being friends with someone doesn’t make it DUMB to compare them to one another, it actually makes it that much easier. Kimora helped judge season 1 of ANTM and Tyra makes it very clear that they’re best friends…she’s one of Kimora’s girls’ Godmother! Kimora is great – no shade. However, still I say, Kimora is no Tyra, who found success without marrying a mogul. So get your baby phat’s out your arse.

  • Kandi_Kane

    Kimora was a model who then went on to run and design a clothing line. That is an accomplishment in itself. She was an unknown model because she basically worked overseas. I love Kimora.

  • klynn

    OMG! We all need prayer. Why can’t we just be happy for any one if they are successful or not? I do not care how much money or fame someone else has. “I love me some me.” We are all God’s children. My happiness does not depend on what others have. I would rather buy an outfit from a local neighborhood artist and support my community! Be your own shinning star….. these people making money off of you could care less about any of us.

  • desi

    I BELIEVE she I meant the first urban couple! She and Russell were the blueprint of the hip hop couple. I don’t believe she threw any shade at beyonce because what she said is the truth. If it wasnt the truth then Beyonce could just come out with fashion and perfumes without being a singer and they would still sell the way they do now. They don’t because Beyonce be built her career first then started making products because that’s the way you make money. most celebrities now already have an established things before they start selling products. that’s it that Kimora I was saying. there was no shade thrown to Beyonce the people at like Beyonce is some type of God…smh

  • iReezy

    I like Kimora, however, you didn’t sell any albums or star in any blockbuster films, BUT you did marry Russell. Consider him your album sales and films because he was your claim to fame. Without Phat Farm, there would’ve never been a Baby Phat company for you to sell or a KLS brand to create!

  • McChesney Simon

    Before throwing shade at Beyonce you should follow her foot path and sometimes shut up and say nothing at all, plus how can you be the blue-print of fashionable couples because many fashionable celeb couples existed before you were even a thought Kimora.

  • Na Na

    You wanna see shade…..read the 3 below comments! My goodness! everything Kimora said was true! Phat Farm and Phat Fashions was the first urban celeb line of clothing. Kimora was also a VERY sought after fashion model BEFORE she met and married Russell, that’s actually how they met. Oooh I get, she said Bey and the stans went wild. Got it.

    • Suchalady

      Oh you know once someone mentions their precious Bey, their asses light on fire.

  • TeahMonae

    Kimora, you need to give Cynthia Bailey a big hug and kiss every time you see her. If she had’ve married Russell, you’d be just another washed up old model.

  • Kelsey

    And without Russell Kimora you are slowly fading into obscurity.. So I guess this is your way of remaining relevant. Bye girl

    • Kenedy

      Exactly! No one knew who she was before Russell..& she still uses his last name…. Its not like she was a small name designer who grew up in a small remote village in Italy & moved to America with one dollar in her pocket,out of the wood works she made a name for herself & her brand grew & celebrities appreciated her talent & she won an award…..no boo, you married Russell, thats it. So she shouldn’t be the one to say anything

      • IllyPhilly

        Wow, that’s a lot of backstory. LOL