They’ve Come A LONG Way: 9 Celebs And The Criminal Records Or Shady Pasts We Forgot About (Or Never Knew About)

January 25, 2013 ‐ By IndigoBlack

When you’re young, you can often make a whole bunch of dumb decisions that you don’t realize made no kind of sense until you’re grown. And for most of us, aside from the people that try and give us jobs and get nosy with background checks, nobody has to know about what we did and didn’t do, or why we were running around unclothed in the streets intoxicated. For celebrities though, sadly, this information, which is made accessible in public records, gets passed around once they get notable. Luckily for these famous folks, they were able to move on from their past arrests and mistakes and do bigger and better things. And some have done so well that their sketchy arrest records and bad decisions were news to us. But what about you? Let’s check out a few and see…

Beats by Dr. Dre celebrate CES with an after-party at Marquee nightclub

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Dr. Dre And The Dee Barnes “Incident”

I dig Dr. Dre as much as most hip-hop fans. He’s a great producer, his music over the years on his own has been pretty classic, and the brilliance of his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are sure to give me hearing problems by 40 (I’m working on decreasing the volume though). So yes, I’m a fan. But many people who just got acquainted with his musical talents not too long ago probably didn’t know about the Dee Barnes “incident.” Back in 1990, VJ Dee Barnes (aka, Denise) had interviewed Ice Cube after he left NWA when the drama between him and his former group was big. And allegedly, the members of NWA weren’t too fond of the way they were made to look in her interview. So when Dre went to a party and encountered Barnes in January of ’91, they had a narsty scuffle (aka, she was assaulted). Reports say he punched her in the back of the head, kicked her in the ribs, and did so in front of everybody. And after the incident was made public, the rapper/producer was less than remorseful. In the end, Barnes filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dre, and he received a fine of $2,500, had to do more than 200 hours of community service and more. The lawsuit between Barnes and the rapper was settled out of court.

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  • bigdede

    You forgot to mention that Marky Mark took out one of those Vietnam’s eyes!! I really hope that man sued him for that.

  • chocolatecitycom

    Who knew..Marlo is classified as a celebrity…lol Well…give that girl some work! lol

  • Vee

    Still the fact is he did that and others less rich would have their futures destroyed and be mad examples of…..Is he better then anyone else? No. Does he get treated better then most and given respect for his mistakes? Yes

    • chocolatecitycom

      I think it was about the timing…I don’t know how old you are…but, hip hop was more of a community thing…less attention…less to be held accountable for…’s very much main stream and media driven now. I think people got passes for all the wrong reasons back then… they re made into superstars/icons for all the wrong reasons today.
      Cause, Dre beat up more than just Dee Barnes..if we really wanna go there. I don’t condone…Men who put their hands on women…the guy is DL anyway. Hip Hop was not a pro female genre..and it’s even less of one today.