What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Ashanti’s Pefectly Made Up, ‘Look At My Pelvic Bone While I Pretend To Sleep’ Pose

January 24, 2013  |  

Ashanti’s thirsty pose (Source: Instagram)

Oh, Shani.

I’d like to believe Ashanti isn’t as thirsty as she appears to be in this Instagram pic she posted a few days ago, but as they say the proof is in the puddin’ — or in this case, the picture — and you could build an entire Supreme Court case on the evidence of thirstiness that exists in this pic she wants us to believe is a candid.

The singer, who is spending more time on her acting game than she is music, posted this recent pic saying she was “Trying to catch these last Z’s b4 this photoshoot… #ArmyWives” Yeah, because we all sleep with our faces perfectly made up with our hands in our crop-top shirt pockets like the throwback high school locker poses of the ’80s, and our pants down below our pelvic bone showing off our perfectly crafted abdominals, all while upright. Girl, who do you think you’re foolin’?! We know good and well some assistant was called to snap this pic and as soon as the shutter went off, Ashanti “woke up” and IG’d this photo.

We know you’re back on the market Ashanti, but this is not the way to make somebody jealous. It actually may make them happy they don’t have to deal with such a thirstball anymore. But shout out to those abs though!

Caption this pic of Ashanti and please tell us what’s really going on here because it ain’t sleeping.


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  • screwAshanti

    She’s so fat in person. Just saw her a few days ago while in LA for the Grammys.

  • you look good girl..

  • Taylor

    Why do blogs troll celebrities’ instagrams and then make it seem like they sent them directly to you. You guys are posting the pics on a much wider basis than the celebrity yet you turn around and say that they are the ones thirsty.

    I was recently in STL for a funeral and a lot of people there can not understand what all the fuss is about concerning Nelly and Ashanti, after all, they are always breaking up. Plus, I was told by several different people, some that liked him and some that didn’t, that it was Ashanti that really left Nelly. If that is true then why should she be trying to make him jealous?

  • my first thought Living Single Regine’s comment and I have these!!!!! when sinclair was getting dating tips before she went on her first date.

  • SunnyDaze

    “My booty was itching. I had to scratch it on the sly….”

  • Pinky Paul

    The photo with Ashanti was definitely staged, who is she trying to fool, maybe herself. They just needed to airbrush her belly.

  • IcallBS13

    I want to know, why is it so much crap between the article and the comments? Can’t you change the layout??

  • Cee

    Girl, bye.

  • JaneJane

    Why TayTay? Why? Can’t we all just….go on to Plan B: school, degree, someone not a rapper!

  • Mrs. Parker

    what is she? a vampire?! who sleeps standing up?! guh please… bless her heart….


    This picture is kind of weird.

  • Ericka Carter

    This to me screams thirst. It’s as if she’s fishing for compliments & affirmation of her own beauty now that Nelly has moved on to the much prettier Tae Heckard. Do better Ashanti!

    • Kim

      LOL. Right

  • Kay

    “Look this is the face people make when they hear my music”

  • queenietoo

    we all know she is not sleeping unless she’s sleep posing and her abs could stand a lil bit more work you are better than this sistah

  • Meyaka

    She looks good and army wives is my favorite show on LMN aside from drop dead diva.

    • realadulttalk

      I just realized I’m an idiot…I was wondering what show she was on. Lmao Thanks.

    • MLS2698

      So the wives learn how to sleep standing up too, huh?

    • Drop Dead Diva got cancelled!!! I was so upset when I heard a few days ago….

      • Meyaka

        What??????????????? Wtf? Why???

        • I know!! I think it was to cut costs at Lifetime. But the creators say they are looking for a new home for it. I hope they find one soon!! I have to see what happens after that cliffhanger of a finale!!!

          • Meyaka

            It should go to e! Or bravo or oxygen !

  • AJ389

    Nelly come back to me…..FAIL!!

  • chazzychat

    Somebody get her a Sprite — ‘obey ya thirst’ — because the thirst is real.

  • impressed

    She is finally displaying her talent “Sleeping while Standing”. She should have done this a long time ago and skipped the singing and acting!

  • jjac401

    I think this is a beautiful picture. It’s very artfully done.

  • NeaJ

    I thought dimples went on your cheeks?! Her stomach looks lumpy for some reason. Anywho, I’d rather her “act” than “sing”!!

    • pretty1908

      she can act pretty good

  • Kelsey

    Pretending to sleep? I was looking for a bed but thats what these folks do now a days. Take flics trying to be all natural when they are all done up.. Everyone is attention deprived

  • realadulttalk

    Those are perfectly crafted abs??? Do you mean lipo-crafted?? B/c something is very abnormal about her stomach.

    • Kenedy

      Yes..what are all those dents…is she Beyonce’s secret surrogate???

      • realadulttalk

        I was trying to figure out the lumps as well. My stomach has never had those–or anyone else’s I’ve ever seen.

      • Trisha_B

        lmao i was thinking it was a stomach of someone that had a baby. Plus it looks like she’s sucking her stomach in some & why are her pants so low?! Ashanti you better than this girl lol

    • IllyPhilly

      Bad lighting. LOL. I was looking at it too, but I just assume it wasn’t photoshopped yet.

    • IllyPhilly

      Bad lighting. LOL. I was looking at it too, but I just assume it wasn’t photoshopped yet.

    • kierah

      Looks like someone used some shading to contour her abs. Hence the pose so her makeup doesn’t get messed up.