Get Your Life: Erica Mena Threatens Radio Personality Angela Yee Via Twitter And Shows Up At Her Job

January 24, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Who remembers last season’s “Love & Hip Hop” reunion special when Erica Mena tearfully admitted that her behavior was totally unacceptable and promised to do better? How about last month when she claimed that she was going to clean up her act? I suppose all of that went out of the window because it seems that her erratic antics have reached an all time low.

Over the past couple of days, the “Love & Hip Hop” star has been utilizing her Twitter account to hurl a tirade of insults at Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club host, Angela Yee. It seems that Ms. Mena got her panties in a bunch after Angela tweeted a question, asking her Twitter followers what they thought of  Erica’s new single “Fantasy”.

“What y’all think of Erica Mena singing?” Angela tweeted.

As to be expected, the responses received were not flattering to say the least and Erica, of course, was not too happy about it. Instead of using the negative responses as motivation to improve her “craft”, she lashed out at Yee in a series of insulting tweets.

“This cabbage patch slore bag loves talking about me so when I run into let’s see if she can still say all this to my face. @angelayee

“You need to really be asking what people are going to think when I slap the blood out your face @angelayee

The ladies continued to exchange insults, but Erica and her minions took things a step further when they showed up Angela’s job this morning with a box of donuts (as depicted in the above photograph) and waited for her to arrive. There was no real exchange between the two. Yee walked into the building and Erica did nothing. She later tweeted the above photo of herself along with her cronies, which read:

“E Money feeds the hungry! Your breakfast is waiting @angelayee !#SponseredByCiroc F**k Belvey Lmfao”

Angela wasted no time striking back via her Twitter page.

“It’s 6:04am do you know where your son is?”

The high school-type bickering ensued as to be expected. Many believe that the indifference between Erica and Angela goes a bit deeper  than what meets the eye, as Erica is rumored to have had an affair with Angela’s married co-host DJ Envy in the past.

It seems that Angela wasn’t the only person whom Ms. Mena felt the need to confront. She also hurled insults towards Chaundrea Nicolle, the alleged mother of Rich Dollaz’s pre-teen daughter. If you recall, Chaundrea came out some time ago and exposed Rich for allegedly not taking care of their daughter.

“@Chaundrea LOL Chaundrea’s truck looking broke down in court today! Fake LV bag and nappy a** lmfao pic!”


What do you make of Erica’s off-the-wall behavior?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.

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  • honest

    i dont understand these guys they keep messing with these ratchet childish little girls and then wonder why it didnt work out?….Yee is on a whole other level i dont understand why she is even answering this bum…after Mona Scott and Shaunie finishing stacking their money they are going to cancel all these messy shows and become mega-millions and all those fools on those shows are going to be ousted by the music and entertainment industry….thank God for scandal and Deception and Southland with Regina King and the new shows on BET real house husbands and 2nd generation Wayans with Tatiana Ali and Tia and Tamera show…there is black women behaving right you just have to look for those shows

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  • CoCo Lee

    I jus want this Angry Bird 2 fly away and never come back…

  • VirgoStarr

    Angela talked about this on air this morning. She said she went out there to see what’s the deal and like the writer stated, Erica did NOTHING. This chick and her food stamp posse needs to sit the hell down and accept the fact that she’s only good for showing what that mouth do…Freakin loser.

  • But isnt that a DJ’s JOB to get opinions on a new track? Isn’t she supposed to see if anyone like it?! And wtf does Erica think she is?! SECURITY?! GTFOH!

  • NumLock

    lol Yee was playing coy with that comment for real though. if anyone knows what kind of crackhead Erica is.. Yee does and she said that to see this canon blast off. ANYWAY Yee is jokes though. She should stop taking notes from CTHAGOD.

  • Madamegeilin

    I want to know who the fools are with her in the pic.. Notice they are attempting to hide their

  • TatianaLu

    Alright Jazmine Denise Rogers Erica is going to be after you next on twitter Lol or showing up to Madame Noire Headquarters with 2 packs of yaki and some glue for ya! Lol j/K

    • Jazmine Denise

      LOL! Plain old ratchet

  • Sick and F*@#&ing Tired

    Is anybody as over these hoes as I am?!?!? #whywonttheygoaway

    • yeppers

      I KNOW I AM….Im tired of these hos getting on these shows with 0 TALENT to sell….and then trying to Kardashian they way into ANY industry from they looks and get mad because people are like whatever. Im sorry boo lightning struck once in the Kardashain case. I dont think society is going to let another vapid no talent woman grow that type empire off of looking pretty and who they are fkn again….So sorry to all the jump offs and video vixens in the game and on reality TV hopin and a prayin for KK come up. SMH. lol

  • Ms_Mara

    Perfect example of doing the most with the least. Why get mad with Angela Yee because people hate your song? She seems so unstable and immature. I hope someone with more sense is around her child for better balance.

  • she thinks all press is good press. As long as folks are talking abt her, she’s okay with it..

  • GalaxyEmpress

    But why doesn’t Erica Mena have something better to do with her time???

  • yeppers

    She comin after the wrong one…DJs already not going to play her record because she CANT SING…and she want to act a fool because someone asks a question. BOO YOU CAN NOT SING!!!. Radio DJs play this same game with established people (with talent) records..SO because someone asked that of Erica record (AND WE TOLD HER THE TRUTH) SHE MAD!?!?!

    Who do she think she is…She not some established act that no one can question…I really want her to have a whole stadium of seats if she thinks that no on in the industry going to question her talent OR LACK OF. why are we supposed to be afraid of a toothpick???? Lets move on…at this point shes trying to get attention from antics, and nothing more.

  • Brownie3

    These TV “gangters” are running crazy out here. It’s funny how big and bold people are over twitter and facebook and especially when a camera crew and bodyguards are present.

  • NeaJ

    I find it really interesting how this chick used to be on a season of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami as one of their store employees. She was a quiet, sweet type & now she’s the female Tony Montana?! I guess each “reality” show requires you to play a different role & she truly takes the cake now on Love & Hip Hop. Rich better watch out before he wakes up with a horse head under his comforter!

    • U need more ppl!

      I was thinking the exact same thing! She went from Kourt’s sweet friend apologizing for being a bad friend/employee to model, rapper, gangsta who brought donuts to someone she came to fight?! WHAT?! I can’t…..

      • NeaJ

        Lol. Exactly!

  • Kelsey

    I highly doubt Angela (who owns 100 grand worth of shoes) is stunting Ericka’s broke azz..

  • Cakester

    Well, since she can’t sing, can’t model, can’t act, and can’t work in the retail industry(remember, a Kardashian almost fired her) I guess she is trying to stay relevant by popping off… I cannot wait until someone really puts them paws on her!!!!!

    • realadulttalk

      It’s coming–her mouth is too smart and she just doesn’t seem to understand she only weighs 100 lbs–my 12 yr old could beat the brake pads off of her!!

      • Cakester

        Exactly!!!! And she is quick to call the cops when someone gets the best of her… her baby’s daddy and Kimbella… LOL! Punks jump up to get beat down!

    • JaneDoe

      It makes sense.. It worked for Evelyn

      • Cakester

        So I’m waiting for someone to head bunt the hell out of Erica, then she can have the fame…

        • LMAOOOOOOOO!!!! I can’t stand ya’ll today!!

          • Cakester

            Seriously, a good head bunt will have her getting her life fixed and turning her show into a family show….just like Evelyn… everyone has just been sparing her…. all she needs are the right paws to knock some sense into her then we’ll see her in some anti bully ads…

  • realadulttalk

    Does this woman have custody of her child?? She might wanna focus on being a mother instead of continuing to be a bottom feeder. The girl can’t even carry a tune and has the audacity to get upset b/c she’s trying to branch out into something she has no business doing??? Erica there are a gazillion escort agencies in the US…find one…I can’t see you being built for much else.

    • It’sMe


    • EXACTLY! She cant possibly have her kid @ home! Maybe if she did, she wouldn’t be all over the place tryin be 50 CENT!!

  • ladylove22

    What’s wrong with these grown women acting like children … put your grown woman panties on and act right

  • JaneDoe

    This chick is really doing the most and its not making you look good Ericka.. With her attitude she will be going no where fast.. How you gonna go at someone who can make a decision on whether to play your music on the air or not.. Get your life seriously

    • IKR?! That just goes to show you how stupid and unprofessional she is! Burning bridges with a RADIO DJ/Personality! Some one who may or may not be able to help further her (and I use this term VERY loosely) “CAREER”…

      • It’sMe

        See, that blue twitter check mark got her head messed up. She thinks that because she’s “verified” she’s something important. Twitter needs to stop handing out those check marks so liberally, gassing these basic chicks up like they’re someone important.