Stick to Music: Top 10 singers and Rappers That Make Bad Actors

January 29, 2013 ‐ By Esi Mensah

You would think this would be obvious, but being an award winning musician does not automatically qualify you to suddenly become an actor. In fact, there really is no connection at all; but for some reason, these artists have fooled themselves into believing there is.  Sure there are the few exceptions like Will Smith, who was able to cross over into acting without any acting training at all; but let’s be real, most musicians are NOT and will NEVER be Will Smith. Somehow, that didn’t stop them from trying. Here are 10 singers or rappers who tried their hand at acting… and failed:

Photo Credit: PNP/

Photo Credit: PNP/

50 Cent

Sure the autobiographical movie, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ had something of an interesting story line, and some might say it was worth it just to see 50 cent’s booty alone; but when you actually look at more than 50 cent’s behind, he is a not so good actor. This was another case of “acting” like yourself…and even though the movie was about him, he still had a hard time making his own storyline seem convincing.

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  • AJ389

    Wow! I agree with the list even though I’m snagged on a couple of people here. Not disputing that they don’t make good actors, its just that Beyonce is a whole lot better when singing, but at the same time, I’ve never heard her claim to be an “actress”. To me, she’s a singer who has acted. Now, to make my point, Meagan Good claims and is an “actress” and in my opinion, can’t act. It just seems she’s playing the same character in every role and that bores me stiff. Now, as far as Prince, this man is a phenomenal genius and has paid some tough dues. I don’t feel we will ever see another Prince in this life time, for me, that gives him total permission to bomb in movies. So what, knowing what he’s capable of and that he’s stayed relavant since the 70’s, he’s an icon forever.

  • CoCo Lee

    I loved Spice World…. Guess Cuz i was like 8 or something lol

  • CoCo Lee

    Im sorry But Ciara Should Have Been on this list… Everytime i see that “Mama I want 2 sing” is On BET… I jus wanna run into a brick wall…..

  • scandalous7

    hell no, spice girls was the shyt, i dont care what anyone sayz

  • Honestly

    I actually like Janet Jackson as an actress. I have no idea why everyone else thinks otherwise.

  • mac

    i thought Fif was decent in Get Rich or die Tryin. But “All Things Fall Apart” was an insult to the entire acting craft. Every other line out of his mouth was cringe worthy. Good grief.

  • s3xysou7

    Forgot to mention Janet Jackson, TI, and Common. There are more I just cant remember.

  • Ciara, Keri Hilson, Neyo, Bow Wow……

  • FromUR2UB

    Glitter and Purple Rain could have made bad actors of Angela Bassett and Denzel Washington.
    What? No Ice Cube? C’mon…you know Ice Cube is not a good actor. I would say Halle Berry, except she not bad; I just don’t like to watch her in anything. She was good in Boomerang. That’s about it.

    • Babydoll 70

      The only thing with Halle is she’s not a singer/rapper trying to be an actor.

      • FromUR2UB


  • IllyPhilly

    This list is one of the most accurate I’ve seen on MN and don’t forget to due the vice versa one as well. Some actors should never pick up the mic- yeah you JLo.

    • realadulttalk

      J Lo should have stuck to dancing and standing there quietly–she really has no talent beyond that. Can’t sing or act!!!

      • IllyPhilly


  • NeaJ

    I’ve always thought Beyonce was a bad actress. To me it seems like she’s so stiff & uptight in each role she plays. She was aight in ‘Cadillac Records’ but everything else she starred in gets the gas face! The fact that she’s Beyonce almost makes any character she portrays not believable. Maybe if she took a break ( a longer one) & concentrated on just acting then maybe she would get that Oscar she’s always wanted. (Ok, I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one either).

    • realadulttalk

      She ain’t about that thespian life. Lol

      • NeaJ


  • LaTanya Wright

    Sorry I don’t agree with Luda being on the list. The two episodes of Law & Order SVU that he was on was some of my favorites. Also he does a pretty good job in the Fast & Furious movies!