Did You Say Your Name Was Jebediah? Old School Male Names We Haven’t Heard In A Minute

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I’ve already gotten into all the grannyish little old lady names that we no longer think twice about, and now its time to dig up the male names as well. All mothers want their sons to have a strong, respectable name, which will be the first thing that people identify them by in life, but you also don’t want your son laughed at in school. Here are a couple of boy/grown man names that probably won’t get your son on top of the popularity list:

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This name does have a respectable sound to it but let’s be real, what  4-year-old boy wants to go by a name more fitting of his grandpappy?

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Tyrone isn’t all that bad, bu it has an old school bad boy ring to it and definitely doesn’t hold as much of an influence as it did in the 70’s or 80’s.  Let’s just say the last time a woman in her 20s called a brotha by the name of Tyrone, Erykah Badu was singing about him.

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Being that it’s the name of the characterized father of Chris Rock on “Everbody Hates Chris,”  when I hear this moniker all I picture is an older, working jumpsuit-wearing dad type who is most likely old enough to be my grandaddy.


I have to laugh when I hear this one. Face it, once Martin played the perm-pressed hair wanna-be pimp womanizer ‘Jerome’ the name officially retired.

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Once again, who remembers Martin posing as the pot-belly, missing -eeth, gray haired ‘Otis’ on his first 4 seasons of the show? If you remember you most likely see what I see when you hear this name. RIP Otis Redding who brought the name much more class.


Hey Hey Hey! I don’t want any little boy walking around with the same name as the most well-known Albert unless he’s signed for a role by Bill Cosby himself.

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Woooo wooo woooo. This name will forever be legendary quite honestly, but legendary doesn’t necessarily mean trendy.

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Any variation of “bert” just  screams old school, not to mention “Seasame Street”.  Herbert, Hubert, Herbie, you might not even have grandfathers with this name at this point.

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If there isn’t a middle-aged dude with this name and oil spills all over his jumpsuit from working on cars all day, then you haven’t came across and Earl and theres no need to create more users of the name.

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Big Willie, Lil Willie, anyway you put it, its played out.

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The longer version of this name, Lawrence, is actually a better pick if you had to choose between the two. Otherwise,  all your friends are going to picture when you mention this name ia balding man in his 50’s. It just doesn’t scream youthfulness. Same goes for Harry.

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Being that its a biblical name it will always hold weight, but the shortened version, Sam, just has a tendency to put us back in the days of Samford and Son.

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Yeah, do we even have to explain this one? Don’t do it to your child. The jokes will never, ever, ever end.

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Once again, a name found in the Bible that we wouldn’t necessarily use today just like we switched to paper instead of tablets to write on.

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A mouthful right? These days, even Al is a throwback name for men, but when you slap all this other “usiusness” on top of it? Well, it just screams antebellum south (despite it’s Latin roots) and sounds hella suspect.

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  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    *shrug* got a baby cousin named Jebediah, and a sister named Odessa. . .

  • andiephi

    whoa, really!! Earl is a mechanics name I think my dad would disagree with you there nadia, he’s a police officer, and very good man I would be proud to give my son that name!

  • This author as educated as she may be,obviously has too much time on her hands to come up with complete bullsh*t to complain about.

  • toyasg

    Yall really no how to make me laugh.Thanks I needed it

  • Gigi

    I know some one my age or younger with every one of these names, except the last three. I live in the south so maybe it’s a southern thing.

  • jdiva216

    Samford and Simpson? Who are they? Was that a typo? LOL. The writer doesn’t even remember “Sanford and Son” so she must be young…

    • aDawn217

      i was checking to see if anyone called them out on that, LOL!

  • Michiko

    Some of the names on this list do not belong.

  • Old man names make me nauseous….Give me a Rakim over an Earl any day

  • Trisha_B

    How i see it, you are a man longer than you are a child. You name your child thinking about their future, not how cute it sounds when they are 5 lol. Names like Damarcus, Ty’quan & whatever are childish names imo. I have never came across a man w/ names like such lol, but i guess i’ll come in contact w/ a few in the coming years. I’ll take the names above please lol

  • Guest

    These are classic and pronounceable names (okay with maybe the exception of Cletus). It beats Jaharis, Delonte, Jubari, Menelique, Jefaris, Jemajesty, Pilot, Moonraker and all the other crazy sh*t people are cursing their children with. Sorry but don’t have a problem with the names. They look good on paper and will get you a call back!!!

    • Michiko

      I went to middle school with a boy named Pilot. He was named after his dad.

      • Guest

        I bet that was interesting!!

  • mike

    Damn MN yall picked the perfect pictures to match the names. Can’t wait for the woman version of this story.

    • Michiko

      There already is a female name version. They posted it a day or two ago.

  • Melly Mel

    I will take any of those names over these hoodrat names of today. I wouldn’t want to name my child Demonte, Da’finest, Demarcus, Javonte, or these other b.s. made up names of today. And we all know there are names that are worse floating around that most can’t even spell or pronounce

    • Cherith

      I’m with u on that.. My name is difficult to pronounce, I hate it but it is in the Bible. I made sure to name my daughter a name that was not only beautiful, but easy to read: Arielle Elizabeth

      • Negress

        Hebrew to cut, kewl.