‘I Like To Roll With Team Right’: The Housewives Choose Sides In Donkey Booty Drama

January 23, 2013  |  

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Nothing brings division among the cast of a reality show like a falling-out between two co-stars. The most recent feud on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” home-front has been between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore. After being unable to reach an agreement on what Kenya should be compensated for producing Phaedra and Apollo’s “Donkey Booty” workout DVD, Kenya dropped the project altogether and began pursuing her own “Stallion Booty” workout video.

Nene Leakes made it clear during last Sunday’s episode that she would prefer a “stallion booty” over a “donkey booty”. Many were surprised by her response, considering her friendship with Phaedra. But, in her most recent blog entry on Bravo.com, Nene says friend or no friend, right is right and wrong is wrong.

“This past episode was all about being an a**, LOL! Me personally, I like to roll with Team Right! Friend or no friend! Let me take you back a minute. Remember when Phaedra was going to represent Sheree in her child support case? Phaedra made it clear that she doesn’t work for free, and she supposedly had to chase sheer down for 5k before she would start the proceedings. We are all in businesses that we hope will make us money, and doing business with friends is always a tricky thing. It’s funny how the two of them pride themselves on being such business women but didn’t have enough business sense to have a contract upfront. My thoughts are this: from what I could see on the show, Phaedra didn’t think Kenya deserved to be paid. If Kenya was going to help produce Phaedra’s donkey booty video, she should be paid for her efforts and hard work… Now if I have to choose between a donkey or stallion booty, I will go with a stallion because it just sounds and looks better…”

Kandi Burruss had no problem expressing where she stood on the debate during Sunday’s episode. She further expounded on why she took the stance that she did during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

“Kenya was planning to do another tape with almost the same name, I was like, ‘That’s foul.’ I had no problem with talking to Kenya about it obviously, because to me that was not cool.”

Housewife Porsha Stewart’s live tweeting on Sunday made it evident that she was Team Phaedra. Of course, no one expected her to be Team Kenya anyway.

“That’s very professional to use a clients ideas.*sideeye*”

“Who’s side are you on in this Animal BOOTY Fest?! Donkey Booty or Stallion Booty??? Quick tutorial Donkey=A** Stallion=MALE A** #RHOA,” she tweeted.

Cynthia Bailey’s tweets, however, were indicative of her neutrality.

“I am Team Model Booty! Now what else is going on?”

“I have had issues with both Kenya & Phaedra in the past. I am not BFF’s with either.”

What is your opinion on the falling-out between Phaedra and Kenya? Was Kenya justified in pursuing a workout video with a concept almost identical to Phaedra’s?


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  • Maldrie

    My thing is if Kenya wanted to be paid for her time and services she should have made it clear from the start like NeNe said something should have been in place before it all went down. Now there is a huge difference between helping someone out because you are supposed to be friends and you don’t expect anything in return& helping someone out because you expect something. Let it be known from the start not out of the blue.

  • JB#3

    I’m not a fan of Kenya’s but one could argue that the work she was doing
    was necessary to secure a contract. If you want the business sometimes
    you have to go above and beyond in order to get it. Should she have
    been compensated for that? No, because it’s the cost of doing
    business. With that being said, stealing her idea was a foul thing to
    do. It was just wrong. I’m not on anyone’s team because I’m not
    getting a single dime from anyone. Besides, I’m tired of hearing Phaedra
    talk about her booty. That’s not what proper Southern women do.

  • hollyw

    To not settle for less than you think your work is worth: Classy. To then take your work ALONG WITH their idea to attempt to make more money: CLASSLESS.

    With all that said, this isn’t the first time Kenya’s acted unprofessional towards a cast member (um, Bailey Agency, anyone lol?), so for all of Phaedra’s business savvy, she really did let Kenya get the best of her by not keeping her idea under contract. Eh, ya win some, lose some…plus, I wouldn’ta bought a video from eitha one!

  • Roni

    Both these women are w-r-o-n-g. Phaedra should know good and well period not to do certain types of business with ANY of the housewives. She also should have set up a contract first. What payments, for what, and how. BOOM. Use that legal-ese for entertainment to good use. As good as her connections should be in ATL and worldwide, she could have easily closed her eyes, opened her contacts, and found someone else to do it if she was truly serious about this daggone workout video. If she’s into making an empire with the funerals and the workouts, be on top of it.

    Kenya….she’s beyond wrong not only for “coming up” with it AFTER the drama fell thru, but trying to treat it like it was all hers to begin with. When she said she went ahead and put Phaedra’s name out there already for the deal, I felt like that was too sneaky.

    These other housewives shouldn’t even be in it. Thanks to a gossiping hairdresser and Kandi with the quick dialing, I’m sure Phaedra would have never known. I thought Kandi was older and better, trying NOT to be in it. NeNe…well, I love her but once again…STAY OUT OF IT. Why do people feel the need to get into battles with folk they have nada to do with, stirring the pot some more with team this and team that?

    Both these women have their shady moments so let’s just be 100%!! All these housewives want a franchise, but seem to have failed to take a Business 101 class…

    Just stop. Lord please!

    • pretty1908

      Kandi has been messy since day one…. I don’t know why people are just starting to realize that !

  • Meyaka

    I am “team y’all are too old for this bull whack,so get your life and fix it”

  • niki

    Either way they both will get paid from their little projects… and im still gonna be broke..next lol!!

  • I usually don’t comment on these articles… But you women stop watching this show!! it’s bad for you !!!!!!!….. have a nice day -Kayla-

    • TeahMonae

      Hi Kayla! Thanks for the advice. I’m sure all the ladies here appreciate it. However, I’m grown and pay my own cable bill so I will watch what I please. I’m also intelligent enough to decide what is “bad for me” and what I consider to be entertainment. You stated that you usually don’t comment on these articles…..maybe you should stick to that. You have a nice day as well! -TeahMonae-

      • baddvixentype

        dayyyyymmnnnnnn ahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DEAD

      • Cookie

        Clap clap clap clap…..Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN..

      • *praise break*

      • Tamz

        o-+< <—Me passed out from laughing

      • peace on earth

        Wow…..pretty harsh….just an opinion…smh at my people…no need for hostility…can we all just get along…..Have a good rest of the day 🙂

        • Cookie

          She wasnt being hostile..Kayla gave her opinion, and she was well read in response. Nothing wrong with that. She should not dish out if she cant take it. This is usually an adult site, so kids should stay on Bossip.

    • hollyw

      LOL. And didn’t even leave a logical reason…

  • Here’s my two cents. Phaedra only asked Kenya if she would consider doing the video. Kenya went out on her own will doing all of that work without a written contract.

    • *prayer stomp* All. Of. This!!

    • *prayer stomp* All. Of. This!!

    • Cookie

      Exactly. Phaedra didn’t ask her to do anything. She took it upon herself to do the “work”. Who does that kind of thing without a contract, then wants 100K and 10% backend throughout. Come on now. Kenya in her deperate attempt to be a part of something was the idiot for doing anything without #1 a contract and #2 no input from her “client”. I think she was trying to show Phaedra’s husband what she could do. I dont think that Pahedra didnt want to pay her, but Kenya was asking for a bit much and she thought she was going to get over.

    • scandalous7

      Thank you!, but people wanna forget that to keep the drama going.

  • Ebby

    LOL, believe it or not Kenya Moore seems to be keeping that show alive before it was NeNe. Ratings have gone down at least RHOA is above Honey DooDoo. Kenya stay doing something crazy! How bout that!

  • Charla

    But is anyone going to mention that a stallion is a MALE horse?? But I wouldn’t buy a video from either. Both were wrong.

    • Treacle234

      Who cares, a donkey is an animal with a wide hairy romp. Who wants a hairy romp?

      • Charla

        Did I say I preferred a donkey booty? Reread my comment and then have a seat.

        • Treacle234

          Did I say you wanted a donkey booty, Take your advice and re read my comment and then have a seat! A stallion does not have a hair romp.

  • sywhatever

    I’m team Phae, on this one and not because Kenya is crazy, but becauae she is right! I would not pay you up front and then give you bacl end for the life of the project! This should and could have been negotiated better, obviously Kenya thinks it’s a market for it she’s copying it! Ps donkey but to me is round, tight, not sagging- that’s what we use to call them

    • You are absolutely right, and that is what annoyed me about NeNe’s response – Phae was not asking Krazy Kenya to do anything for free! A $100,000 to produce a video is more than adequate. Kenya wanted a hefty percentage of the distribution deal – she is straight up lying when she says Phaedra was offering her “nothing”. She’s the one who wanted too much, IMO.

      • One Hundred thousand was the budget for the video (which Phaedra thought was extremely low at first), not payment to Kenya. Out of that Kenya would maybe get 10,000 and she secured distribution which is something totally separate which Phaedra didn’t want to pay for. How is that fair?.

    • It wasn’t getting paid twice. Kenya wanted payment for producing the video and separate payment for finding and securing a distribution deal. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Phaedra wants to lump them both together to make it seem like Kenya is crazy (which she is, but not on this one) and then turns around and gives the money and opportunity to a white owned company, SMH. You can produce, edit, and package a video, but it there is no one to send it out, how will it sell? They are both wrong but Phaedra knows she is more wrong in this deal. If it was a problem with the distribution deal that needed hashing out, I would be on Phaedra’s side. But she didn’t want to pay and lied about it again! The only thing Kenya did wrong was bite the title to dig at Phaedra. Kenya had a fitness video deal so why let it go to waste?

  • TeahMonae

    I don’t know but Phaedra needs to do something about that spoiled little Ayden before the new baby gets here. He really gone be a mess then!

  • TeamPhaedra

    Who didn’t see that comming for the start!! I’m team Donkey Booty, I love Phaedra! Kenya crazy as Hell and needs medication, lots of medication to get over her has been status.

    • JaneDoe

      She needs a tranquilizer

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Why would I want a donkey booty??

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Or a stallion??

      • Treacle234

        Give me a Brazilian booty

    • pretty1908


  • D Boner

    I honestly think they’re both in the wrong. Yes, we all know Kenya has been a hot mess this season, and I definitely don’t think it’s right to just blatantly hijack her idea. HOWEVER, as much as Phaedra cracks me up, she’s displayed a lot of shady behavior this season, especially with Cynthia. Dropping f-bombs and trashing her behind her back, then lying and denying it to her face. Not to mention throwing out random tweets about casting at Cynthia’s agency without even asking or talking to her about it. And in the situation with Kenya, it’s obvious that Phaedra thought she could get over on Kenya and not pay her since they were “friends.”

    Either way, it’s obvious that the “Donkey vs. Stallion” battle is this season’s “African Baby” controversy. Another petty argument/disagreement blown up into World War III……Lord, help us……

    • DLBOYD

      Cynthia has been just as shady with Phaedra since they both have started the show. Cynthia was & still makes snide comments/remarks against people on the show. ALL of the ladies have been shady, sneaky, whatever against one another.

  • realadulttalk

    I’m team “Don’t make a workout video if you don’t have a worked out body”.

    • pretty1908

      EXACTLY! why would buy a video from a woman who stomach isn’t flat or isnt even toned like i said i will stick with jeanette jenkins, jillian michaels, and zumba

      • SheBe

        Love my Jillian! I be cussing her out though on this body revolution…

        • pretty1908

          i holler for jesus so i understand

      • empress

        Hey to each his own because i would prefer to have body like kenyas over jillian michaels. Jillian looks a bit manly …

        • pretty1908

          i concur but I doubt you would look manly, but I feel that Jillian is more of an expert.

    • JaneDoe

      Phaedra is on that I’m a make money and not work hard tip bc I think I can.. If it was Pilar hell yeah she can have my money bc her body is proof of hard work Phaedra is just trying to come up..

      • pretty1908


      • SheBe

        Or Nicole Murphy…

  • anon

    Please fix the typos in this article.