They Always Come Back: Tiger Woods Allegedly Proposes To Ex Wife, Elin

January 23, 2013  |  

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Well, Well Well. You know what they say, “They always come back.” And that’s exactly why pro-golfer, Tiger Woods is rumored to be doing with  ex wife Elin. You may remember back in 2009, Woods embarrassed the hell out of her when word of his numerous affairs came to light.  Woods admitted during his sex addiction therapy to sleeping with 121 different women, including everyone from waitresses to adult video stars, to the daughter of his neighbor, a 21 year old young woman.


I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, but this number and Woods’ sloppiness leads me to believe that he really does have an addiction. Sleeping with adult video stars and neighbors is behavior of a man who just has some type of mental issue. To risk not only his health,  his marriage and family and all he had achieved in his career, with that many women is nothing short of some type of sickness. Complete, reckless abandon.

But now, three years after the divorce papers were signed, rumors are swirling that Tiger has proposed to his ex wife for the second time.  Initially, the National Enquirer and now several other news outlets are reporting that around Christmas time, Woods got down on one knee and asked Elin to marry him again. This time, he’s bringing a $200 million prenup to the table.

Supposedly, Elin is considering the offer but also has a demand of her own. She wants a $350 million cheating clause. Maybe she’s thinking, if and when Tiger is ever tempted to step out again, he’ll consider at least 55o reasons why he should walk away.

Though Elin has dated a few men since the two split three years ago, it would seem that if she’s even considering the offer, she still loves dude. She really doesn’t need any money as this point, considering she won $110 million in their divorce settlement. And if that’s not enough to convince you, think about how she reacted when she found out about his infidelity. Homegirl flipped, chasing him with golf clubs, beat and bloodied him and somehow caused him to wreck their car in the process. Those are the actions of a betrayed woman in love. If she was just there for the money, she would have just packed her bags, grabbed the kids and collected her check. If any of those feelings from three years ago, still linger, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two find their way back to the altar.

Elin is said to be in the process of building a $12 million home in North Palm Beach, Florida. Maybe now, she’ll have an additional person moving in there with her.

It’ll be interesting to see if the rumors are true and how this all plays out. Do you think Elin is still in love with Tiger? Should she take him back?

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  • JaneJane

    Dang, if he just wants to give away his money, charities are in need. I doubt he wants back in though…he learned the ultimate lesson: you don’t have to choose because they are interchangeable (generic).

  • ohhhh

    Hmm Tiger is almost 40 years old you’re calling him young?

  • Ann

    This is what I am saying …………………..white women know how to work the game. I need to meet with her so she can school a sista on how to work that game on rich black guys. LOL!!!!!!

  • i personally would be like yea i love you tiger but there is not trust… you destroyed that. i can forgive but i could never forget- no
    keep it pushin…

  • Just Saying

    I disagree with her remarrying him, just for the simple fact that it was 121 women. Hopefully he used a condom for everyone. But this is her “man”, her life, so whatever makes her happy, and if Tiger is that, then so be it.

  • Jen Joseph

    can’t even be mad at her. just being honest. just being honest. different strokes for different folks they say.

  • Sharon

    I though she got married to another millionaire guy. She needs to write a book.

  • Huh.

    “Homegirl flipped, chasing him with golf clubs, beat and bloodied him and someone caused him to wreck their car in the process. Those are the actions of a betrayed woman in love.”

    Is that what we’re calling it?

    Anyway, the fact that she’s only considering coming back with a $350 million cheating clause is evidence that she doesn’t fully trust him. And in her position, I wouldn’t either.

  • Just Peachy!

    I commend her for leaving and not rushing right back in. Maybe Tiger has learned from his mistakes. With money, stature, & a marriage comes responsibilities. I hope he has found a way to handle all areas of his life effectively. I love the clause, she may not need it or want it but is doing it to gauge his seriousness about the whole re-marriage thing. She is sending her own message, either way it’s a win for her to see if it’s worth another shot.
    At any rate if she can forgive and move on who are we to judge, it doesn’t guarantee that the clause will keep his pee-pee in his pants but that’s for her to find out.

  • Plumbline

    Would be like climbing Mt. Everest. Few can make it, and many casualties.

  • Meyaka

    I would not marry him again,she did him an honor the first time and look how that turned our. It’s just my opinion.



  • am

    This is stupid. She doesn’t even love him any more. The price folks will pay for love. She should have just stayed with him she knew the man was cheating before and after they got married.

  • am

    This is stupid. She doesn’t even love him any more. The price folks will pay for love. She should have just stayed with him she knew the man was cheating before and after they got married.

    • No leaving and divorcing his azz was the smartest thing she did for him and herself. If you want him back and to behave like he got some freaking sense you need to teach him that there are real and dire consequences for being foul. MOST people will not change, curb, or alter their patterns of behavior without a real true disruption to that pattern. Something has to literally jolt you into change. If not you reform for a while then slip right back into the same routine.

  • mac

    An affair is forgivable. But stepping out on someone with 121 women is sociopathic. I don’t care.
    There’s no rehabilitating that, in my opinion, I’m sorry.

    • You don’t know what the word “sociopathic” means.

      Clue: It doesn’t mean someone who has 121 affairs.

      If you’d like a quick easy example of what a type of sociopath looks like, I suggest looking at Angelina Jolie’s character from Girl, Interrupted. Or reading up on serial killers.

      • GeekMommaRants

        A sociopath is someone who only thinks about what they want and does not care about anyone else including his children. Sociopath works perfectly as a description of a man who would act like this one has.

        • One of the primary traits of sociopaths are a lack of empathy (which includes feelings of regret) and incapability to feel love for anyone other than themselves. If the definition of sociopath that you gave was the complete definition, many other disorders would just be erased and just called “sociopathy.” However, it is not. Tiger woods clearly loves his wife. AND has expressed sincere empathy based regret.

          So, though his actions can be described as extremely selfish (which is basically what your definition can be summed up to mean), it is not sociopathic. I’m more apt to believe that he has a sex related mental disorder or a compulsion related mental disorder than that he’s a sociopath. Especially when looking at the range of types of women he was with.

          You guys don’t know much about psychology Stop using regular dictionaries to look up your definitions and try using the DSM-IV.

      • SheBe

        – noun Psychiatry.
        a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

        • Nenah

          Ummmmm, you proved her point that he is a sociopath.

          • SheBe

            Wasn’t trying to prove a point. I was simply posting the definition for reference.

          • No, she didn’t. Also, go away.

            • Nenah

              Girl, you are not important. Get a life so you won’t have to come on mn and show how smart you think you are. We don’t care.

              • Oh look. Someone trivializing the importance of education and learning. Not like we don’t already have problems with that in our community or anything….

        • This is a very very simplistic definition that doesn’t take into account a lot of other traits necessary to classify someone as a sociopath. Chances are you got it from some regular dictionary that defines things like “apple” and “responsibility” than from an actual psychological reference book. Do not bring this here and tout it like its empirical fact because then all the stupid people come out of the woodwork and cite this definition, chock full of self-righteousness thinking they know things about science.

          • SheBe

            You are right. It is the simple form of the definition from dictionarydotcom. No one here is taking it that seriously (for me to go into the DSM IV; DSM V won’t be released until May so even then the definition should change) so I just put it (the simple definition) there in reference to the OP’s usage of the term from a broad/vague standpoint. No harm done there.

      • Sheena

        You’re that troll Kayo person, you just keep changing your name!

        • What? no I’m not. Who’s Kayo? You can actually click on my picture and see all my posts, if you’re interested in learning that I’m not Kayo, whoever that is.

      • mac

        You’ve made the common mistake of confusing sociopathy with psychopathy.

        Before attempting to correct someone, I like to make sure I know what I’m talking about. But you’re excused. *pats on head*

        • 1. I would never let you touch me.

          2. The only thing I (originally) did was say that someone having 121 affairs alone does not classify them as a sociopath (or a psychopath for that matter.) I wanted to make clear that it is likely deeper than that. Mostly because that isn’t enough qualification for him to be placed any category.He’d need more identifiers. No more, no less.

          3. I could go on and on about the differences between sociopathy and psychopathy and show the checklist that would allow someone to be placed in either category, and discuss the stigma of using the word psychopathy vs. sociopathy and give detailed examples of people who would land under either category for clarification… but honestly, I don’t think anyone but you or I or other people interested in science/psychology would understand or appreciate that. Mostly because this is a gossip, fashion, advice website. Not a science forum.

  • DreamCatcher

    This chick has serious game and his kids………I’m not mad at her. At least not a dumbass like Rihanna.

    • ANd

      Serious game?? I’ll marry you for 550 mil? And this is LOVE?
      Hilarious how many of you “no man is worth your integrity” females have a seat when we start talking dollars. Maybe if Chris offered Rihanna a 350 mil payout if he ever raises a hand to her again? Would that be acceptable to you?

      • Nikki

        She may still love him. Just because she wants a larger sum of money if he cheats again doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love him. She probably just wants to be sure he is serious about being faithful to her this time around. I don’t care how much money you have, nobody wants to lose 550 mil over something that they can prevent.

      • Nenah

        No they’re right. It’s love. Love for his money!

        • Mls2698

          Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money!

      • Nenah

        No they’re right. It’s love. Love for his money!


    WOW..I wonder if she’d take him back?

  • Nikki

    Well, I don’t agree that he had an addiction, but if he is ready to be faithful and they still love each other, why not give it another shot? A 350 Mil cheating clause would be awesome lol

    • Kellz

      I feel u but i dont see how a clause kees a man from cheeting. Um this is tiger woods…..he had 350 mill before?? And still cheated…

      • SunshineBlossom

        But the difference is at that time he thought he wouldn’t get caught, so he didn’t worry about the money. But I think if he’s considering a prenup then he knows he’s gonna slip and do it again. 121. That don’t sound very promising.

      • Nikki

        It’s not really to keep him from cheating. Hopefully, he has made the decision not to cheat, but the clause is saying that IF he slips up again, she will be well taken care of. If my husband cheated on me, I would be heart broken, but if I was walking away with 350 mil, I would feel better every time I looked at my bank account lol

    • Nenah

      And a 350 million cheating clause will not prevent her from getting STD’s.

      • Nikki

        I didn’t say it would. I’m hoping that, if this is true, he will be faithful. If he decides not to and gets caught, at least she gets a nice sum of money. 350 mil is a lot better than going through a divorce broke and sleeping on your mom’s couch trying to figure out how you are going to make ends meet and take care of the kids.

        • Nenah

          My point is that 350 million dollars can’t protect her from herpes or HIV. And she’s already rich so why risk it?

          • Nikki

            Because she may love him. He is the father of her kids. She may want to work it out. If she does, having a 350 mil cheating clause is a good idea. My aunt and her husband divorced because he cheated. Due to the kids, they had to keep in contact. Almost 2 years later, they got remarried. That was 10 years ago. Sometimes, time apart is all that is needed to really give the person time to work on themselves and realize what is important.

            • Nenah

              Do you know the statistics on HIV? She needs to love herself more than she loves him. And I’m betting that your uncle didn’t hit 121 women!

              • Nikki

                No, he didn’t. I do know the statistics, but if he doesn’t have it and stays faithful to her this time around, then she has nothing to worry about. If that is something that she wants to take a chance on, good for her. Either way, it won’t affect me because i’m not sleeping with her, or him for that matter!

    • Nenah

      And a 350 million cheating clause will not prevent her from getting STD’s.

  • realadulttalk

    I can’t…

  • realadulttalk

    I can’t…