You’ll Know You’re In Love When You Don’t Mind The Smell of His Sh!t

January 23, 2013  |  


I just got off the phone with my best friend. I was in the bathroom while I was talking to her. This is nothing new. I’m usually in the bathroom when I talk to her. I don’t try to even hide. I tell her to hold on when I have to flush so I don’t miss any vital information. When I was home for Christmas, my dad asked my mom, sister and I why we liked to talk to people on the phone while we’re using the bathroom. I told him I really didn’t understand the issue. That’s where the best conversations take place. You’re not distracted by other things, so you’re able to sit and concentrate on what the person is saying. He thinks it’s gross. As I was telling my friend this, she agreed with me, there’s no big thing about talking in the bathroom. In fact, she said that when you’re able to talk to someone in the bathroom and they know it, that’s love, you’re trying to put on airs for them. You’re not trying to act like your life doesn’t get a little messy at times, you can let it all hang come out.

She shared a quote she read that confirmed our theory. You know around Valentine’s Day and what not, people always interview little kids about their thoughts on love. One little girl said that she knows her mother loves her father because she talks to him with the door open, while he’s sitting on the toilet. We both laughed. It’s funny but it’s always true. Very true, children can be so wise. Then my friend told me had she taken this bit of advice, she would have known that she wasn’t in love with him, and should have left him alone. She was laying in bed with her boo when suddenly, he farted. She said that instead of shrugging it or laughing it off as just a natural human occurrence, she was severely disgusted and wanted to inflict physical harm to the man.

We both agreed, she should have taken it as a sign and left him alone right then and there.

Obviously, you don’t have to relish in the funk of fart, but when you love someone you’re able to put up with quite a few of their unflattering qualities.

What are some of the things your partner does that are pretty gross but you don’t necessarily mind?

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  • Cakester

    Love may be blind, but I definitely don’t have to like smelling it! I tell my hubby to close the door and courtesy flush, please!!!! It’s almost a fight when he farts in the car when the windows are rolled up….loving someone is staying with them even after their stinch burns your nose hairs completely crisp!!!!!

  • denisethor

    No wonder ladies are having such a struggle figuring out if he’s the one…if they’re measuring love by stuff like this. OMG!…Having been married a few times myself and for more than 25 years total, I’ve never in my lifetime heard any of my girlfriends confirm being in love by being able to tolerate a brother taking a dump in her presence. Has the bar really dropped this low? Not even the fart thing..rates. When it comes to relieving yourself through the rectum or private part, usually people want to have a private moment …being in love has absolutely nothing to do with either….

  • Wake up

    sooo NOT TRUE! MY BF AND I GET INTO IT ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME, HE SAYS I MUST NOT really LOVE HIM CAUSE I WONT COME IN THE BATHROOM WHILE HE’S “DUMPING” I SAY YOU NEVER GET USED TO THE SMELL OF SH*T NOT EVEN MY OWN, BUT U CAN AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL I GET OUT THE SHOWER…GRRRR (since we moved in together he thinks its ok to come in the bathroom and start “dumping” even when im in the shower 🙁 Not cool)

  • Kam

    Gonna have to veto this one. I don’t care how natural it is, some things should be left to the “mystery” as my mama says. I don’t want my husband passing gas around me, and he surely doesn’t want me the poster child for IBS doing it around him.

    • chanela

      you probably do it in your sleep

      • hiswomanandlovingit

        in your sleep is one thing. you can’t help that. all your muscles relax….hey it happens. but to be awake and you just feel like making the air in the room purple with funk? no thank you!!!

    • sweettea

      I guess it’s more of a question of can you love this person despite their flaws. Like what if he goes bald or loses his teeth or gets super fat or something else that might make him less attractive. Everyone gets stinky sometimes you can’t help it.

  • Miyako

    No thank you!

  • Just Saying

    It took me and my boyfriend two years to get to this point in our lives. Lol. He was not ready to accept the fact that girls actually did this, and he did not want me to find out what his smelled like.

  • Kay

    Umm nah…..

  • Kay

    Umm nah…..

  • hiswomanandlovingit

    well i guess i need to tell my hubby that we need a divorce cause i aint sniffing that crap up!! that is why we have 2 bathrooms so neither of us has to inhale noxious fumes and passing gas is something done when either alone or in the bathroom. i cant just be eating my dinner and have to endure the smell of someone’s anus.

  • NeaJ

    I don’t even like the smell of my own sh*t!! Idk about this one. Lol

  • Purple rain!

    Soooo…… I gotta be down with ole boys fecal aroma to know it’s real?
    Sike I love my dude but I let him know that if he dutch ovens our bed sheets even once I was going to seal his rectum shut with my foot cause his farts smell like death no lie lol

    • Ms. Kameria

      Oh my goodness lol…….

      • Purple rain!

        Girl im serious! His own Mama dont even play with him about that, thought he had childhood I.B.S or something lol

    • LaDiDa

      LMAO @ “fecal aroma”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KJ23

    I’m a very tolerant person, so I can’t think of anything in particular, but I guess when it didn’t bother me that my ex used to spit, everywhere. Usually I’m repulsed by that and walk away, but I would keep on standing by him.

  • JaneDoe

    I will know he is in live when he doesn’t mind the smell of my sh*t

    • Damniphone