Thelma And Louise Ain’t Poppin’ Like They Used To: Old Timey Female Names We Don’t Hear Anymore

January 28, 2013  |  
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Perhaps some of you can remember a time when Brooklyn, was just a borough, Blue, was just a color, and Ivy just a plant, but now these are the names mothers give their little bundles of joy. Creativity and personal expression is the “in” thing now and everyone wants to think outside of the box when it comes to naming their offspring. Today, mothers want their child’s name to be unique, rather than a repeated family name — or a sign of the times — that’s why the old school names that the grown folks at our family reunions still have are long forgotten. Here are the top old timey female names you can be sure won’t be making any top baby name lists ever again.

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Being that the original meaning for this name is “uncertain, perhaps countryside,”one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that this country bama name is most likely a little too south of the mason dixon for the refined tastes of most Americans these days.

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Is it just me, or does this name remind you of an old aunty who can throw down in the kitchen?

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Helen Patty

The Helen part isn’t all that bad but Patty seems to be a little too dainty. Although once very popular, you probably won’t hear this name being called out in playgrounds ever again.

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Although this name holds the credit of a song title, it just doesn’t seem to be a popular pick for girls anymore today. But the name’s meaning of ‘glory’ and ‘glorious’ is definitely a plus if ever welcomed back into this generation.

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Something about the name Minny just says its more of a nickname. Originally meant to be just that, the name Minny eventually started to be used all on its own, like in the case of singer Minnie Ripperton’s name, but now we’re hearing less and less of it unless we’re referring to Disney cartoon characters.

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The last time I heard the name Doris, was…well, I’m not exactly sure when was the last time I heard this name. The sound of this name alone tells you it doesn’t fit much into this generation, and let’s be honest can you really picture calling a toddler “Doris”?

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Short for Dorothy, although hardly used during the last few baby booms, this name definitely holds a legacy for black folks when thinking back to trend setting door openers like Dorothy Dandridge. And speaking of, Dorothy has pretty much seen it’s day as well.

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Betty, short for Elizabeth (which isn’t so played out), is a name you might only hear being called out in a group of ladies playing bingo or bridge.

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If not you, you most likely have a friend who has a grandma Elanor, and even though it has a royal ring to it not many parents will be running to sign this on their newborn’s birth certificate.

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This will always be one of my favorite names for a baby girl — short and sweet with with a biblical association. Yet the common and simple name has been shyly used presently.

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Who remembers the Flinstones?! Most likely 80’s and 90’s babies’ favorite show, like the Flinestones, Wilma is about as far back in the stone ages as baby names go.

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The name of one of our favorite bad girls in a duo, besides the film credit, Thelma is meant for a grown person’s mama, highly doubt we’ll see a baby girl being called this in 2013.

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Juanita Wanda

This double name is normally acquired by a Latina woman, but was widely used among African Americans as well. Nowadays, both cultures seems to have hung this name on the shelf, because it’s been collecting dust for some years now.

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Meaning “universal, whole,” this old timey name has an old lady in a rocking chair type of ring to it. Also spelled, Irma, not even a change in letters can make this name any more appealing and definitely a ‘flatline’ for hip.

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Sallie Mae

The only time you’ll here this name now is if your taking out a student loan, otherwise I’d have to say its a dud among new parent baby name choices and that’s definitely a check I can take to the bank and cash.

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