At The End Of The Day, Do We Really Care If Beyonce Was Lip-Synching During The Inauguration?

January 22, 2013  |  

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Beyonce has a tendency to get on my nerves just as much as the next disgruntled blogger who has to write about everything she does simply because the Beyhive has more numbers than McDonald’s has daily visitors. But people care about what she does — and doesn’t do, as appears to be the case with her supposedly not singing the National Anthem during the inauguration yesterday — still I’m having a hard time understanding all the hoopla over what has become in one short hour, a lip-synching controversy.

The Times in the UK supposedly broke the story that Queen Bey, who may now be demoted down to a princess if some folks have their way, didn’t actually sing the “Star Spangled Banner” on the National Mall yesterday and the NY Post followed up with confirmation from a rep for the United States Marine Band who revealed that Beyonce decided to perform to a pre-recorded track at the last minute. Kristin DuBois told Page Six:

“All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day. We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know what the reason why.”

I can’t really think of a reason why either, other than Beyonce being a notorious perfectionist. But the way I see it, if she can gyrate and booty pop while barely breaking a sweat and hitting every note during her concerts, why the hell would she need to lip-synch standing still on the Capitol — other than it was brick cold and, again, she’s a notorious perfectionist. But at the end of the day, does this news — if it’s true — really change anything we admire about Bey?

Truth be told, I’m more annoyed with the way she stood at the podium as the music started and gazed at the audience like she was the one being sworn in than I am with her lip-synching. That dramatic moment when she ripped that earpiece out of her ear is all the more over the top now that the story is that there was nothing for her to hear in the first place. But lip-synching on the day our commander-in-chief is sworn into office? Doesn’t bother me so much. And though I’d probably deny ever writing this if someone asked me, I lowkey feel sorry for the girl because I feel like this controversy is the fake baby bump story all over again. It’s as though people can’t just let the girl be great (or pretend to be great one day) without mass hysteria ensuing. But then again, I think back to the fact that she made $50 million off of a deal with Pepsi and has a body on the cover of GQ that has made roughly 99.9% of women across the globe sign up for gym memberships, and the fact that she and Jay are couple BFFs with the FLOTUS and POTUS and I think, ahhh she’ll be aight. People will care about this situation for all of 12 hours and then the thirst for her next song/video/Instagram post/pic of the back of her baby’s head will resume again at an all-time high.

Do you Bey, however it is you do it — or don’t.

What do you think about rumors not so Baddie Bey lip-synched during the inauguration yesterday?

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  • Nyya White

    Who cares! We’ve seen videos and performances of Beyonce where she sang and dance live the woman can sing and dance. I don’t understand black people’s anger with Beyonce as if she helped bomb 9/11 or something. It’s like people hate her so much no matter how great she is or what she does it will be hard to impress then. When people loved and liked to the point of obsession they become easily impressed by the simplest of things, that’s not the case with Beyonce. We complain about lack of talent in the industry but support some of the most non-singing, non-dancing, non-rapping artist out there. So many artist lip sync over their music be it because they’re dancing or just because, but Beyonce does it it’s “Like omg ugh as if I didn’t hate her already now she lip sync, blow it up”! sometimes I wonder does the Beyonce hate stem from something deeper? If so people need to seek help.

  • Ms_Mara

    If she was on some Milli Vanilli stuff, I’d feel duped. But It was her voice, no? Whitney Houston’s timeless (and the best EVER) rendition was pre-recorded as well, no? Nope, I don’t care. She did a good job.

  • Tamz

    Not a Bey fan but really, who cares?

  • ashley79

    I’m sorry but when I saw Beyonce at the inauguration, I can help to wonder how many horses are running around tail less because of her weave.

  • mac

    In the latest of Beyonce shade, apparently “the way she gazed at the crowd’ was arrogant.

    Lmao. Does she need y’all permission to breathe too? Listen to yourself, seriously.

  • mac

    Has this particular author been assigned to do all the Beyonce stories, or nah?

  • clove8canela

    Yes, I care because I think she took away from the authenticity of the occasion & made it about herself. If she’s supposed to be the Queen, why couldn’t she get up there & perform live for 2 minutes? No dancing, no gyrations required, just sing live like Kelly Clarkson did.

  • guest

    It’s okay to lip sync, but why post pictures of you”warming up” before the event and what’s with the posturing with the ear piece? Not to mention the fact that her attire was inappropriate for the event & the hour of the day. This posturing is exactly why people are getting fed up with her. Nothing she does seems genuine.. One would think after the hoopla over her possibly fake pregnancy she would fall back and either tone it down or truly attempt being real. No dice. She wants to be like Diana Ross. And while I agree that Diana was smoke and mirrors, she was better trained for the farce. Beyonce is not too bright. She proves it whenever she speaks. She is constantly blowing her own cover.

  • Jaeda

    At first while watching it live I thought Beyonce did a good job even though i dont really care too much for her and I feel like one day her reign will be over I thought has wasnt her over the top self but after seeing a few times I was oh lord shes lip-synching cause if you listen carefully you can hear the track playing in the background but I still didnt think it would be a big deal cause Ms Bey is perfect hunty she never does anything wrong and at an important event like the inauguration at that Oh no child Ms Beyonce performance had to be perfection

  • Guest

    I am a HUGE Beyonce fan.However, I don’t care if she was lip synching or not. I was focused on a slightly larger matter…my president being inaugurated!!! Wasn’t that what everyone was watching for? Her singing was simply an added bonus.

  • autumn

    I am a HUGE Beyonce fan. However, I don’t give a d%$# if she was lip synching or not. I was focused on a slightly larger matter…my president being inaugurated!!! Wasn’t that what everyone was watching for? Her singing was simply an added bonus.

  • Author D A Isley

    Who freaking cares. It was still her voice; not a Melli Vanelli episode. People please!!! Everyone knows she can sing.

  • Shay

    I’m a Beyonce fan and don’t really care if she lip synched to her own song. I do agee with the author though, the way she looked on to the crowd was annoying as hell.

  • In
    my humble opinion, “some” people “go after” Beyonce b/c the media, her
    peers, a LOT of the general public & Beyonce herself, put her on
    such a HIGH pedestal of perfection & regard her as THEE best music
    wonder of all time, that when something is off, not perfect or not sung
    “live”, it has to be pointed out (someone of her caliber should be able
    to sing ANYTHING live, right?!?)

    Mainly b/c the media, her peers, a LOT
    of the general public & Beyonce herself is going to say, so what, it
    doesn’t really matter. But if it was anyone else, the media, etc.,
    would “call them out on it” for NOT singing live & question their
    talent. I also think “some” people are crying foul because although it
    is her voice, she had time to record it as many times as she wanted to
    make it sound perfect, instead of just going with the flow & singing
    it live & if there’s a mishap, so be it. Everything with Beyonce
    “seems” to be pre-planned, in my humble opinion.

  • I don’t really mind lip-syncing, but there are times when you feel cheated when an artist who has natural talent (like Beyonce) does it for high-profile events.

  • Sagittarius81

    Nope, don’t give a flying damn at all! Plus it was cold as heck out there yesterday, I would be lip-syncing too, LBVS!

  • prissy

    Beyonce is a fraud and slowly but surely her fakeness is coming out. Mark my words, the girl is just a new aged Diana Ross. She did Natavia just like Diana did Florence. Hence why “DreamGirls” was a play written about the Supremes. THE effie character is for Florence Ballard. Karma will get this chick. I will have my popcorn ready.

    • Jaeda

      Ive been saying that for years; Beyonce being the new Diana Ross I totally agree with you. maybe we can share a bowl of popcorn lol

    • Lola

      You had me at “Beyonce is a fraud” LOL. My goodness! Does she not understand that human beings are, by nature, riddled with flaws and that she need not try to be perfect at all times? SMH.

    • SunshineBlossom

      I would also like to note, that Bey and her dad stole from Latoya when they were in Destiny’s Child… Trifling.

  • Kisses

    Folks be thirsting for something to talk about lol

  • Lola

    Beyonce tries to make everything about herself and she’s terribly overrated and overexposed. Those things are more annoying than the fact that she lip-synched.

  • kierah

    It wouldn’t have been so bad for Beyonce to lip-synch if Kelly Clarkson and the soloist from the Bklyn Tabernacle Choir hadn’t sung live. If one person lip synched, then all should lip synch. It’s embarrassing.

  • JaneDoe

    Bey season is in full affect thats for sure..

  • Meyaka

    I don’t care,but don’t her fans swear she never lip synchs in her life ever?

    • niki

      Thank you!!!

  • realadulttalk

    I’m no fan of hers–but what is this “We Hate Bey” day??? Lol ♪♪Can she live, can she breathe? You will exhale, get off of Bey!!♪♪

    • Kisses

      Lmao I be playing that song in my head all off the beat since I haven’t heard it in years lol

  • Toya Sharee

    I think people will find any reason they can to discredit Bey, but at the end of the day she keeps giving them material. As far as I understand, Kelly Clarkson sang live and it was a decent performance. But I agree that Beyonce’ is a perfectionist and at the end of the day, that’s why people love her. I mean it was the inaguration, if there’s any time someone would want to make sure everything went according to plan, it would be then. But yeah that dramatic ear-piece snatching has me befuddled. Maybe the pre-recorded track and the actual live music that was playing wasn’t synched and it was messing her up? I dunno how these things work LOL

    • realadulttalk

      Honestly–I think Kelly blows Bey out of 3 oceans vocally–there’s no comparison. Perhaps that’s why she lip-synced.

      • Miss K


        • realadulttalk

          Yeah–one is a vocalist (Kelly) the other a performer (Bey). No vocal comparison whatsoever. If you can’t beat them vocally–just outperform them.

    • kierah

      Pulling out the ear piece was a piece of acting…she was selling the lipsynch like the rent was due.

      • Deanna

        Lip syncing or not, you still have to hear the song.

      • yeppers

        SO how do you ACT like you are lip syncing hun???? Since we are supposed to KNOW YOU ARE LIP SYNCING RIGHT???? Wow….. Should she have purposely not said the words in time so you knew that….i knew some of yall were slow. but sheesh.

    • ashley79

      What live music?!? The band was FAKE PLAYING!! I agree that she was singing along with the tape, but was the mic even on? My problem was who ware a gown for the inauguration and the whole ear piece thing. It’s not about you Bey, it’s about the President.

  • Na Na

    Yessss! I commented on another story about the dramatic love making faces before she began to perform. I was like huh B? Is this Dream Girls again lol

  • Na Na

    Yessss! I commented on another story about the dramatic love making faces before she began to perform. I was like huh B? Is this Dream Girls again lol

    • SunshineBlossom

      Girl you know that’s exactly why she played Deena, she practically IS her.

  • ladylove22

    I wasnt feeling the performance before I knew she lip sang .. now kelly tore it up live and all lol atleast we know whats to come for the superbowl a leotard and a microphone

    • Dee

      She prob decided to lip sync after watching Kelly’s performance. I don’t blame her.

      • Kelly C. sang live, and slayed. Yet she wont get her praise, nor will the Brooklyn choir, and they sang live as well. My thing is if they both sang live, what is Bey excuse? the song is 3 minutes tops, u cant sing that live?, its the national anthem, a song every American (should know) by heart, you have earbuds in to enable you hear yourself, your in the presence of people who know you and have witnessed your talent, what prevented her from singing the song live? my biggest irk is that her fans are saying “well everyone lip syncs the national anthem” “it was still her voice”, yet let some OTHER artist lip sync during the upcoming Grammies and they will be ripped to shreds, for example, the way people came for Kelly during the BET Awards, where was the leniency then??

        • Dee

          My “I don’t blame her” quip was more to the fact that she probably felt she couldn’t top what Kelly did live. I’m not excusing beyonce, I am not even a fan of her.

        • yeppers

          Do it matter tho….who is going to be hung or shot because she lip synced???? Yall shol do get fighting mad when someone finds something WRONG with this woman WHY?? ARE YALL THAT UPSET THAT SOMEONE HAS A FLAW??? How ignorant some of u sound to be so upset about something MOST SINGERS DO….Even people who dont SELL AS MUCH AS BEY AND DONT GET AS MUCH PRESS as her LIP SYNC. So stop acting like the mighty and powerful Beyonce should and has never lip synced because she is perfect. Yall make people crazy with this foolishness. Some people who DONT LIP SYNC SHOULD!!!!

        • Ms_Mara

          An award show and the inauguration of a president are not even in the same zip code! lol

  • SheBe

    Well I do know this; A. Keys should have lip synced at the ball.

    • niki

      Heck yeah!!!

    • Juicy J

      She should have lip synched to Beyonce’s voice

  • yeppers

    I dont CARE….Thats what i think of it, People will use ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING to take this womans accomplishments away from her. it was HER VOICE!!!! She didnt pull a Milli Vanilli and use someone elses voice for years. Beyonce is the ONE singing ALL her songs. So who really cares where the sound is coming from At the end of the day…..I DONT. And people going ON about how she acted on the stage (earpiece and all) If you know anything, thats to hear the track so your lips stay in sync morons. ….UMMMM… and Isnt the point in lip syncing to make is seem like u ARENT.. Jesus Christ.

    • old school

      Take it down a notch. No need to yell. A judicious use of caps will do wonders for your delivery.


    If you are going to lip sync plz blow it away and wow the ppl

    • Deanna

      That’s why I don’t think she lip synced that much. She sang live through some of it.

  • IllyPhilly

    I just wanna know is everybody going to be so politically hype in 2016?

  • JustSayin

    The lip synching part is not a problem. Everyone was doing it. It is a way to ensure that everything goes smoothly regardless of the performer’s voice. As for everyone’s issue evolving around Jay-Z and being a husband. He is being a husband. He has been in the game for 20+ years. He is settling down and letting Beyonce take the spotlight. Being her manager and her husband. It is working for them… so I don’t see a problem.

    • kierah

      Kelly Clarkson sang live. No worries about her voice.

  • MLS2698

    IDK about the lip synching part but, I’d like to mention that, while watching the inauguration, one of my family members pointed out that Jay didn’t know how to be a husband by the way he was allowing his wife to drag behind him in a crowd of people. When he finally turned to reach for her hand ( as they were entering the building ), he literally had lost sight of her. JAY, hold your wife’s hand, or be sure of her presence AT ALL TIMES!

    • Trisha_B

      She’s not a baby lmao. I’m pretty sure there were bodyguards making sure of her presences lol. That doesn’t make him less of a husband.

      • MlS2698

        Yes, she is not a baby, but I’m sure your answer is proof why some women ” think ” they have husband material. Oh, and why did he need to find her and grab her hand, then? Just asking

    • YES gAWD

      You really reaching if you watched that hard and CARE that deeply about someone ELSE husband catching they hand. I DONT care if he NEVER held her hand…IT AINT MY HUSBAND.

      • MLS2698

        It’s not about holding hands, but protecting and making sure she is safe. Did you see her face? She was looking like, Jay, wait for me. And do you really think everyone’s personal security will be allowed so close to POTUS? Some body guards may be alright for protecting celebs, but they WILL NOT make the grade for government close-ups. Sorry, but some younger women have no clue. #justobserving

    • Toya Sharee

      He always does that. I don’t know if it makes any kind of statement about his respect or concern for her. They probably don’t even put that much thought into it honestly.

      • MLS2698

        Maybe so. But you get what I’m saying, right? You’re in a crowd of people, don’t let your wife get swallowed up by onlookers. Some people assume her security was in force, but this may not be the case. She just looked a little confused when he got further away from her, that’s all.