What You Know About That Sock Bun Though? Hair Accessories Every Black Girl Has Rocked

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The jokes never end when it comes to Black women and how serious we take our hair, but truth be told, we only go so hard because we’ve been taught to from a young age. As little girls you’d be hard pressed to see us without some type of accessory in our head — shout out to our mamas — and most of us just kept that trend going right up through middle school, junior high, high school, and even college. You can probably already name five things off the top of your head that you’ve worn in your hair at some point without even trying, and if you need help remembering the rest, check out this list of hair accessories every Black girl has rocked at some point.

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Snap Clips

It didn’t matter whether you were trying to hold down that wanna-be side bang piece of hair you purposely had hanging down in the front of your face for no reason or were trying to pump up your ponytail into some type of fan (you remember that style), Goody snap clips were the way to go. Looking back, it was hella tacky to have all these random clips surrounding your little ponytail or bun — a sure sign you didn’t really have enough hair for that style to begin with — but when we were teens and tweens, you couldn’t tell us this wasn’t cute.

Butterfly Clips

I wish I was lying when I tell you I wore butterfly clips with twists in the front of my hair that perfectly coordinated with not only my clothing but the rubber bands on my braces on a daily basis. I remember when girls with the Da Brat twists started wearing these on the ends of their hair instead of beads too. This was probably one of the shortest-lived trends of our youth but in that good year or two between ’99-2001 this was the accessory to have.

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Sock Bun

So I hear some ladies may still be rolling with the sock bun, but the good thing is this look has evolved — greatly. Back in the day, a sock bun was literally a sock — for some reason always a white one that was nowhere near close to matching anybody’s hair — rolled up into a donut-like shape that you put around your ponytail and then wrapped your hair around to get a full bun. Unfortunately, the white sock inevitably showed through at some point as you tried to spread your hair out around it, but eventually someone got the hint that you might wanna borrow an old black sock from your daddy’s drawer to pull this look off a little more neatly. Nowadays, people just throw some yaki in there and roll out, but if it weren’t for tweens and their innovative sock buns, beauticians might’ve never thought to do that.

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You had to know this one was coming. I don’t know what took Goody so long to make those large elastic bands most people use now because before then, the Scrunchi was all you had to pull a thick head of hair back with. There were the stretchy sweat-band kind you’d wear if you were on a sports team and then there were the fluffy kind like in the pic above that were either silk, velvet, or cotton that you’d wear when you wanted to be fancy. And it was all over when they started making scrunchis in all sorts of colors and prints. We all had one for every outfit and then some!


Oh that wasn’t you picking out the two colors from the multi-pack  that you wanted to wear each week while sitting between your cousin’s legs?

The beaded braid life was so serious when we were little girls. First it was the technicolor plastic beads, then you graduated to the wooden kind because you were a big girl now. This is also one of the few trends that has spanned decade on top of decade. I still see little girls headed to school with beads swinging from their braids every day.

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Studded Bandanas

We can thank J Lo for this one. Back in the day when she was on Diddy’s arm, every girl wanted to be a mini J Lo-like thug misses with a non-gang affiliated bandana that had some type of bling on it. Tichina Arnold even started a company that made Swarovski crystal-embroidered bandanas.  That tells you how serious this was. Praise Jesus this didn’t last long, or did the Bloods and Crips shut this down?

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Banana Clips

Banana clips were mostly a thing for white girls but it didn’t take long before black girls tried to give these weird contraptions a try. Truth be told, I still don’t know what decent hairstyle was supposed to be sparked from the banana clip but that still didn’t stop black and white girls alike from slicking their hair back, snapping this clip on and then rocking the most uninspiring Mohawk in the history of hairstyles ever on a regular.


If you didn’t have enough hair to stick out of the banana clip and look what was considered cute for the ’90s, a claw was your next best bet. Remember that fanned out ponytail hairstyle I mentioned earlier? If you were going to pull this off like a real pre-teen girl, you had to have the hair clips in the front and the claw in the back to hold your hair up and out. Honestly, I feel like all of our pre-school hairstyles were about seeing who could fit the most accessories on their head. There was a lot going on.


You probably stopped with these somewhere around fourth grade — although you probably just upgraded for one of those giant ones to put around your ponytail — but as a little girl barrettes were a must. You most likely had school barrettes, fancy church barrettes that were all purty and pastel, and then some simple barrettes that you’d wear on the weekend and wouldn’t get yelled at as much for if you lost them. Because we all know at some point those barrettes got on our last 4-year-old nerves hitting us in the forehead and we had to snatch them out sooner or later!


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  • IG: Taneeka2012

    I used the beads, the barrettes, the claw, & most definitely the Scrunchie. I still use the claws (mainly to hold my hair up while I’m in the shower) & the Scrunchie (On a daily basis)

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  • Kaila P`

    What about hair bubbles, they had big bubbles at the end and we wrapped them around our ponytails

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  • SexNdaCity

    Rocked all of these at some point except for the studded bandanas. I used to looooove me some butterfly clips back in the day. I used to put them at the ends of my flat twists in the front of my head and the back would be in a high weave ponytail. lol.

  • M$. LI$@

    i used everything on here except the sock bun thing

  • Oh my goodness I’ve had all of these at one point or another lol! Those were the days when I was younger.

  • Gigi

    I assume (yea I know) that the author is a 90s baby. So I’ll drop just a little knowledge. I’m about to date myself…butterfly clips and banana clips originated in the 80s. The original butterfly clips were much bigger. Banana clips weren’t originally supposed to spark a hairstyle. They were the hairstyle. And beads…straight out of the 70s.

  • Miyako

    There are a few items on this list that I have not ‘rocked’ as a Black woman or when I was a girl.

  • chanela

    you know what’s missing tho? those butterflies that looked like they were moving. they were on some sort of spring and when you move when it looks like they’re fluttering

    • nick

      i just had a major flash back. i had one too many of those things lol..i might have lived in claires at one point

    • keesha

      I remember those!

  • chanela

    WHAT?!?!?! how u gonna diss my banana clips?!?! those are amazing. i just found out about them recently.lol

    they’re usually the only way that i hold my hair up when i decide to stop flat ironing it and wear it out. i only get black,brown,and clear ones though. whatttt!!

    • Cinnamon71

      I still love wearing banana clips, I’ve been wearing them on and off for many years. I love how much fuller they make your hair look than wearing an elastic band. They are so convenient and perfect to use when you experience a “bad hair” day.

  • Ms. Kameria

    The sock buns, snap clips, and butterfly clips summed up my whole middle school hair regime.

  • Sagittarius81

    Barretts-from 2-11 years old (my daughter wears them now)
    Beads- from 4-11 years old (my daughter wears them too)
    Scruncies- from 12-18 years old
    Banana clips-from 14-18 years old
    Clips- from 13-17 years old
    Butterfly clips- 16-17 years old (back in 1998-1999 especially when you had the front twist and the hair was loose or in a pony tail) and don’t forget the ones with butterfly wings move to look like there’s a real one in your hair.
    Sock bun- from 13-24 years old (before I did the big chop and now in dreads)

    Claws- from 14-24 years old.

    • arent sock buns all the rage now for the white girls? I say this cuz the hair and makeup gurus have posted picstiched tutorials all over their instagram, in their case, its more messy to give that high fashion “messy top bun”, i laugh cuz that is such a old technique brought back in such a new age way