Is That Lil’ Boo Boo?! Celebrity Kids Who Make Us Feel Old

January 25, 2013  |  
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Time flies whether you’re having fun or not. One day you’re tuning in to your favorite celebrities. Then the next thing you know, they’re old news — and their kids are the new hotness. Check out these 15 celebrity kids that are making a name for themselves — but only if you want to feel old as dirt.
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Jillian Hervey

I’m not old enough to remember when Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America, but I do remember when “Save the Best for Last” was the jam. And now Vanessa’s daughter Jillian Hervey has just released her first hit, “Treat Me Like Fire.” And she’s already 23.

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Willow and Jaden Smith

We grew up on It’s a Different World and Fresh Prince, now there’s already a new generation of Pinkett-Smiths. Willow’s first hit is already old news and Jaden’s been in at least three movies.

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Second Generation Wayans

I was still waiting on the original Wayans crew to come with the funny again when I heard about Second Generation Wayans. Now it’s all about Craig Wayans and Damien-Dante Wayans — the famous Wayans nephews. I’ll forgive them for making me feel old if they get together and revive In Living Color.
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Damon Wayans Jr.

Dude doesn’t make me feel old as much as takes me back to old school Damon Wayans. He is definitely his father’s son. They look alike, act alike and cut-up alike. If you haven’t watched Happy Endings yet, you’ve got to tune in if just for a little bit of nostalgia.

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Shayne and Bria Murphy

We remember when Eddie was the red carpet star and headline grabber of the family. Now that he’s done enough movies to put his career securely in the toilet, Eddie’s passing the torch to the next generation. Right now his daughter’s Shayne and Bria don’t do much besides look good on the red carpet. But they’ve got their mama’s good looks so that may be enough to catapult them into stardom.

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Chyna Evans

You know you’re old when you find yourself saying things like “kids these days.” Chyna Evans, Faith Evans’ oldest daughter may be getting a little too big for her britches. Recently, Faith Evans dished to CentricTV about how proud she was of Chyna for choosing to go to school to study music and writing a screenplay. But (we’re assuming) while her mama wasn’t looking, she jumped on Twitter and called Dr. Dre “gay”. Slow your roll little girl.

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Cymphonique Miller

Look at Master P’s daughter lookin’ all grown. She’s turned out to be quite the little philanthropist too! Her band The Fabulous Girls started the Fabulous Girls Foundation, a charitable organization that raises awareness of children with cancer. Cymphonique also visits children’s hospitals, sings to and encourages the sick kids. Looks like Master P raised her right.

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Zoe Kravitz

When Lisa Bonet got fired from It’s A Different World for getting pregnant with Lenny Kravitz’ baby I was crushed. And now that baby is 24 and already making her own headlines as a star in movies like Twelve and X-Men.

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T’Yanna Wallace

Some of us are still mad that they never found Biggie’s murderer. Mean time, his daughter is old enough to get tattooed. Matter fact, she’s almost as old now as Biggie was when he died. Time flies.

But tattoos aside, T’Yanna Wallace seems to have it together. She’s at Penn State University, has a job in the cafeteria even though most of her bills are handled and she plans to start a career in fashion design.

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Pheonix Brown

The next generation of the Spice Girls is already making headlines. Mel B’s 13 year old daughter Pheonix Brown is a Broadway star, cast alongside her mother in the Australian stage production of Legally Blonde. We haven’t heard Pheonix sing but if she has pipes, we bet we’ll see her following in her mama’s pop girl group footsteps soon.

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Christian Casey Combs and Justin Dior Combs

I remember the first time I saw Puffy on TV. He was in a hot tub in BIG’s video for “Big Poppa” and I was like who is dude with the dry s-curl?

And now Puffy’s career is waning and his kids are coming up in the lime light. Justin Combs is at UCLA on a football scholarship and Christian Casey Combs knows how to work a red carpet.

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Corde Broadus

I was Snoop’s kids’ age when I first got turned on to his music. Now the next generation is already smokin’ up and making music. Corde Broadus has already made headlines for smoking a two foot spliff with his father and posting the pics on Twitter. He’s also a weed-oriented rapper named Spanky Dank.

For the haters, Snoop says “My kids can do whatever the hell they want.” And he may be right. His younger son is also making a name for himself as a high school football player who already has a scholarship waiting at UCLA.

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Naijiel Hale

What is it about rappers that makes them give birth to football players? Nate Dogg’s son Naijiel Hale is also making a name for himself in sports. Whatever Naijiel’s late father and mother did, they did it right. Nate’s son had this to say:

“I know a lot of rappers,” he said. “But I’m not really into that staff. They’re good people to look up to but in reality, they’re not. That’s what my dad led me to think so that’s all I really want do is make my own name.

“Who wants to live off of their parents? That’s probably about 90 percent of my motivation is letting people know who I am in a different way.”

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Corinne Bishop

Corinne Bishop is quickly turning into a real grown woman. She’s still in school but she’s modeling and dressing grown and she must be giving her daddy gray hairs. So far her modeling shoots have kept it classy. Let’s hope Jamie can keep it that way. We’re not going to talk about the fact that her mama is a call girl.

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Erin Bria Wright

The 21-year old had her first brush with fame as one of the spoiled teens on My Super Sweet 16. She was such a diva that she was asked to reappear in My Super Sweet 16 Presents “Exiled” where the most spoiled children on the show are sent to live with indigenous tribes in the third world to try and learn to be grateful for what they have.

But more recently. E.B. Wright has turned her diva power into star talent. Her single What I Want to Do hit the charts recently. And critics are saying that she has the same star power as her late father Eazy-E.


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  • yo

    Master P daughter is also a actress

  • KDubbs

    That isn’t even Justin Combs. Thats Diddy step son that Kim Porter had with Al B Sure. Can’t yall tell by his eyebrows???? FAIL…….Next

  • Shakira Jihann Harris

    Okay I’m happy that I’m not the only one that noticed that they mistook Quincy for Justin. smh. Proofread and fact check people!!! Simple stuff!

  • YankeeCeilo

    Bria Murphy…modeling career… or is that not relevant?

  • nativefloridagirl

    “I’m not old enough to remember when Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America.” Wow, there’s an overabundance of 80’s babies in this world :). At least we Gen Xers got to experience these moments.

    • ♏ ®

      I was thinking the same thing. I was young, but I remember Vanessa Williams being Miss America. It was the biggest thing to happen to that generation…for a few days. Lots of press.

  • Lynn

    Who is her father? She doesn’t look like her mama.

  • clickpic85

    Man who is WRITING or is responsible for these articles? Proofread, spell check, grammar check, double check your sources and names. Come ON man. I know it’s the internet, but blogging is still considered a part of journalism. Side note, it IS rude and unprofessional to divulge information about a person’s mother, when it add nothing to the story. If this was a “Who Is Their Mother,” article, I could see doing it because it’s related, but…ugghhh, WHY? WHHY? WHYYYY? Do we have to be ratched in everything we do? (Mariah Carey voice).

  • CoCo Lee

    Um yea… thats not Justin… Get right Guys!!!

  • Anona

    Okay, Chyna Evans scared the isht out of me! And MN, you wrong for talking about foks mama’s!

  • Purple rain!

    Meg, hunny, I dont know if you’re jealous of some of these kids youth and good looks or if you’re just hating cause they had more money to their name when they were fetuses than you have now but good Lawd you did more bashing than a homophobe at a Pride festival! You are talking about peoples kids and they dont take too kindly to that. I think you especially owe Corrine Brown an apology for that shade and sodium filled remark about her mother since, y’know, you “wasnt going to talk about it”. Yet you still brought it up. Smh. Then you have the nerve to tell Faiths daughter to slow her roll? The madness! Next time just pick a group of people that inspire you to write positve and up lifting posts (especially when it’s about peoples children) because you are out of hand. Smh and tsk tsk because I was really looking foward to enjoying this article.

    • JaneDoe

      The call girl comment about Corrine’s mom was totally uncalled for.. Hope there is proof but it def could have been left out of the article. Less shade and more proof reading

      • chessballs

        I definately agree with that as well!


    “What is it about rappers that makes them give birth to football players?”

    Male rappers don’t give birth to football players. Men don’t even give birth at all. These kids are likely to grow up in an environment where music and sports (football and basketball) connections are easily available to them.

    • chessballs

      Agreed. Nothing else said. I don’t see anybody going to school to be doctors, lawyers, teachers. Same old black people stuff, acting, fashion, modeling, rapping, football. With the exception of Master P’s daughter, (kudos to her), and Nate Dogg’s son. He has probably seen some things or learned about some things that turned him all the way off of that life. BTW, I know Faith Evan’s daughter is way too young to say certain things on Twitter, but ‘Pac said Dr. Dre was gay back in 94′ or 95’. I forget what year exactly, but it’s old news.

  • Trish

    This is quincy not Justin

    • MLS2698

      They must be working on the fly!

    • Keisha Samoht

      I thought i was crazy when i read that but then i continued on with the list…

    • Charisse A Hill

      Exactly and he is Al B. Sures son and not Diddy’s.

      • yo

        But he is riding out P Diddy fame he calls him dad on many occasions