It’s Because I’m Black Isn’t It? Celebrities Who’ve Abused the Race Card

January 22, 2013  |  
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When black folks abuse the race card, it makes it harder on all of us. The next time someone questions whether race affected their job, their treatment at the club or even their grades in school, remember to thank people like these 15 celebrities. They’ve been using their celebrity to cry wolf and giving fuel to the white folks who doubt whether racism exists at all.

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has single-handedly set the race card back several years. First she called Steven Tyler racist for saying she would have sent Bob Dylan “to the cornfield” if he was contestant. Then, when she allegedly threatened to shoot Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj pulled the race card again and accused Barbara Walters of racism when she took Mariah’s side of the story without getting hers:

“Am I not good enough for you [Walters] to get my side, because I’m a little black girl that raps?”

Maybe Barbara was just afraid she’d get shot. At this point, Nicki’s more famous for being crazy than for being a black rapper.

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Marlon Wayans

In an interview with AllHipHop Marlon Wayans said that he never pulled the race card. Immediately after that, he pulled the race card when discussing why his character wasn’t asked to continue on in the next installment of GI Joe:

“The last one they realized the black guy [Damon’s character Ripcord] was the hero of the movie. So, they said ‘You know what? We’re going to do the sequel just so we can fix that. Let’s kill the black guy’.”

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Shawty Lo

When Shawty Lo’s reality show All My Babies’ Mamas was canceled, his camp released this statement:

So here’s the question, would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children? Does it come down to the race card?

Other networks that currently showcase polygamy, promiscuity, and alcoholism, are on the air, with multiple mothers and magnitudes of children. So what’s the difference? Because Shawty Lo is black and a rapper? Yes, I said it he’s black, ( just in case you didn’t already know ).

In a TV climate where shows like Love & Hip Hop make it big and reality TV is full of baby mamas and jump offs, the race card is rarely ever the issue. Shawty Lo’s show didn’t get canceled because he’s black. It got cancelled because he fathered 11 children with 10 different mothers and Oxygen wasn’t prepared to celebrate a man who may have damaged 11 lives by not wrapping it up.

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Naomi Campbell

Pulling the race card is one of Naomi’s favorite things to do.

Back in 2002, journalist Sue Carroll called Naomi Campbell a “chocolate soldier.” That’s a term that means (since 1894) a soldier who looks good in uniform but won’t fight for the cause, but Naomi took it otherwise. Incidentally, that phrase was right on the money in an article about Naomi Campbell campaigning for PETA but wearing mink in a Milan fashion show.

In 2008, Naomi pulled the race card again when explaining why she beat up two police officers on British Airways. She says they (both?) called her a “golliwog supermodel” but no one supported her story. Plus that was like Naomi’s tenth public beat down so people were starting to think the problem might be her.

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Colin Powell

You don’t have to be wrong about the race card to be abusing it. After Colin Powell offended most of the black community by serving as the former president Bush’s Secretary of State, he switched to the democratic party when being associated with racists was no longer politically viable.

Then, he started throwing shade at his former party members. Recently on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, Colin Powell said that he left the Republican party because Republicans “still sort of look down on minorities.”  Then he went on and list every racist comment he ever heard while he was with the party.

Nobody doubts that there are racists in the Republican party. But when that information comes from one of their former supporters, it makes Colin look more like a snitch with no loyalty than a victim of racism.

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Star Jones

A few weeks ago, Star Jones pulled the race card on Obama’s behalf and blamed failed negotiations on the fiscal cliff on racist Republicans. According to her:

Image Source: Twitter

Now we all know she’s right. But this statement of the obvious looks more like attention sloring than political debate.

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Teflon Kitty

Back in December, Katt was arrested on Weho street in Hollywood. In an interview shortly after, Katt pulled the race card to explain his arrest:

“I got stopped for being black on the gayest street in the America. “

“I came to hang with my gay friends and this is what happened. There was 8 officers, they were everywhere,  I came to pick up Shug Knight. He was getting a manicure.”

“All I did was stand outside to pick him up. And suddenly it was all these officers and then they found my weed and my guns…”

“Eventually they let me go because I’m Teflon Kitty. “

Now normally we’d have a brother’s back when he claims he was arrested for loitering while black. But this is Katt’s third race card in a month. He also said that boy at Wal-Mart called him the n-word before he slapped him. Then he blamed his infamous night club brawl on the family he beat up saying that the man used the n-word and said “f–k Obama.” Either something funny is going on on the west coast or Katt is having trouble taking responsibility for his actions.

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Wesley Snipes

Not only did Wesley Snipes not pay his taxes from 1999-2004, he was involved in a scam to defraud the IRS with the help of a few buddies of his. When the IRS finally caught Wesley red-handed, Wesley pulled the race card and said that he was singled out for prosecution because he was black and tax-evading buddies were white. No Wesley, you were prosecuted because you didn’t pay your taxes for five years.

Tim Dog

Rapper Tim Dog got caught red handed trying to revive his rap career by meeting rich middle-aged white women out of their money — while he was married. Dateline caught his last scam on camera.

When asked to explain himself via a Dateline interview, Tim Dog copped the race card plea.

He said if he wasn’t a black man living in Mississippi, prosecutors never would have made a case out of the financial arrangements he had with the women he was “dating”.

He plead guilty though.

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O.J. Simpson

O.J. pulls the race card every time he’s on the stand. First he said they accused him of murdering his wife just because he was black. We had his back then, but when O.J. was convicted of armed robbery almost a decade later, he pulled the race card again to try to get his conviction overturned.

According to O.J., he wouldn’t have been convicted if there were more black people on the jury. As a black person, I’m not sure that’s true.

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Keyshia Cole

When that picture allegedly showing Keyshia Cole giving sloppy toppy to a dude surfaced on the internet, Keyshia Cole defended herself with the race card. She implied that she was only getting hated on because black people like to tear other black people down.

Image Source: Twitter

But I thought she wasn’t black? And that did look like her on the cool.

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Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne pulled the race card while throwing a hissy fit over not getting special treatment by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Weezy said he wanted season tickets and special security parking at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. When he was informed that season tickets were already sold out and he couldn’t have special parking he said he was denied because he was black. When a few players stepped up to give him tickets, he said he didn’t want them because the players were black. Weezy wanted his tickets from the white man so he’d feel that he was watching the game where he was wanted.

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Kanye West

Kanye’s ego made him pull the race card back in 2007. When the executives at the MTV Awards chose Britney Spears to open the show instead of him, he concluded that it could only be because he’s black — because Kanye thinks Kanye is the greatest entertainer that ever lived and anyone who disagrees must have ulterior motives.

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Isaiah Washington

When Isaiah Washington was fired from Gray’s Anatomy, he blamed the race card. According to Isaiah, he was fired because he was black, spoke his mind and refused to be submissive:

“Well, it didn’t help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn’t a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn’t speak like I’d just left the plantation and that can be a problem for people sometime,” he said.

“I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that `some people’ were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I’m a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn’t go around saying `Yessah, massa sir’ and `No sir, massa’ to everyone?

“It’s nuts when your presence alone can just scare people, and that made me a prime candidate to take the heat in a dysfunctional family,” he said.”

But Isaiah forgot to mention that he was badgering his co-workers and called one gay co-worker the f-word on set — twice.

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Deion Sanders

In the most recent in a long list of shenanigans, Deion Sanders was accused of illegally recruiting football and basketball players to Prime Prep Academy — the school he co-founded.

When interviewed, he said that people were hating on him not because he was up to anything illegal but because he was black and they didn’t want to see a black man shine. Then he called the (white) reporter an “African-American killer.”


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  • Johnny U.

    no such thing as a race card… racism, opression, and flat out bigotry is very much REAL

  • Peter Phillips

    sad idea for a list posting and even sadder are some comments

  • silksoul

    Wait a minute. Katt said he was hanging with some of his gay friends and that he was waiting on Suge Knight cause he was getting a manicure, is he saying Suge is gay?

  • silksoul

    I see Shawty Lo got the painted on beard. The only way someone can pull that off is if they have enough hair and they use the beard paint to make the edge up look sharper, not to fill in the blanks where there is no hair. Fire your barber Shawty lmao.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    I accept ALL of it. Negroids just aren’t familiar with the ‘Hidden Agenda’ in this society. if major corporations have a issue with telling CONSUMERS(All races) what’s in their food for the sake of decline in profits….what do you think they think about ‘MINORITIES’ that is STILL referred to as property in the U.S. Constitution??!?!!? #STOPBEINGHUMANCATTLE

  • queenbee9

    .,.,and when you get up and get that degree and the companies throw your application in the trash? Yes that still happens…. move on right? And when you are ignored at the deli counter or grocery store or right when you get to the front of the line the clerk says they are now getting off work, ignore that right? and when people are obviously treating black different than others, ignore that right? a state of perpetually ignoring what is going on around you is also known as IGNORANCE, right?

  • queenbee9

    We can move on when white privilege is no longer an issue–when the color “flesh ” or “natural” no longer refers to light beige white skin as if the rest of humans do not have flesh or natural skin colors and …

    when whites mass shoot or serial kill and we get just as much ire and disgust for them being white and disproportionately commiting those crimes (and profile them for it) as we try to get disgusted with blacks for stealing or gangbanging–

    There is a very ugly inequality, it shows up in times like Trayvon Marti the OJ trials or Amanda Knox and shows clearly that whites will band together to protect or defend their own when that persons nemesis is another race or ethnicity.

    That has been shown over and over again—but please feel free to refute that by showing us the blogs where despite the white vs black situation, the whites overwhelmingly supported the black person–(Obama does not count, too many latched on to his biracial aspect)

  • queenbee9

    You got that RIGHT. Blacks are not the “HOUSE” we are just one of the many races that sit at the white man’s table while he shuffles, stacks and DEALS the deck. Why do so many play the race card? Because of it is ALWAYS in the hand that we are dealt. If whites want blacks to stop playing that card, don’t put it in the deck… DUH…

  • Lighten Up Show

    So true! Brilliant take on this article!

  • tman418

    I actually do believe that if Shawty Lo was white, his cancelled TV show probably would have aired. But it wasn’t white people that got it off the air. The NAACP had a big role in preventing it from airing. The NAACP and other such groups didn’t like it because it portrayed a very negative stereotype of black people. And also, they were afraid that it would glorify such behavior.

  • toni negro

    is it cuz im black!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheLaffer

    Aren’t you the same author who scolded Stacey Dash for just voting a white guy in to office? Hipocrite!

  • 49 concerned

    Many of these celebrities who so-called played the race card, in my opinion, had justifiable reasons. I personally believe that ‘white America’ created this phrase (playing the race card) in an effort to silence the those who are speaking out against the hidden racism that is being displayed. The phrase ‘playing the race card’ makes it seems as though black people really aren’t experiencing a racially-charged moment, we’re just paranoid and obviously misinterpreting the situation; thus, letting them (white America) off the hook. Now that we have other black people saying that other blacks are ‘playing the race card’ when the ‘race card’ should definitely be played, it really makes those who are experiencing the racism appear to be foolish and making a big thing out of nothing. Sorry, racism still exists and is often displayed in very discrete fashion.

    • Josh Gilman

      No. Playing the ‘race card’ is when Bill and Hillary Clinton get called racists by Obama’s campaign after everything they did for the black communities across the US. They used race as a divisive tool to get black people to vote for Obama instead of Hillary. That’s all I need to know about loyalty among groups of people.

  • Stacy

    Meg Butler is a POS!!! She scorns Stacey Dash because of who she voted for????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Get an F’ing life!

  • Farrah

    That just about sums it up.

  • Samoyed

    “Colin Powell offended most of the black community by serving as the former president Bush’s Secretary of State” What the hell kind of statement is that? First of I’ll bet that “most of the black community” doesn’t even know who the Sec State is right now (Kerry). Secondly, Bush hired more qualified blacks in top positions than ANY Democrat president. To say that Republicans are racist and working for then is being a traitor reminds me of when some idiot sports commentator said RG3 was not black enough. You Meg Butler, are a racist and a loser and part of the problem. I mentor youth including minorities. People like you are just in the way.

  • Samoyed

    “Colin Powell offended most of the black community by serving as the former president Bush’s Secretary of State” What the hell kind of statement is that? First of I’ll bet that “most of the black community” doesn’t even know who the Sec State is right now (Kerry). Secondly, Bush hired more qualified blacks in top positions than ANY Democrat president. To say that Republicans are racist and working for then is being a traitor reminds me of when some idiot sports commentator said RG3 was not black enough. You Meg Butler, are a racist and a loser and part of the problem. I mentor youth including minorities. People like you are just in the way.

  • Pingback: archived biyuti()

  • fredkelly

    No one doubts that there are racists in the Democratic party. Like Colin Powell, for example.

  • Jerry

    Im a white male and i have to say uou are a beautiful woman


    tiful wome

  • Jewish people don’t ever forget how they were treated during the holocaust, nor when the Egyptians enslaved them. they don’t use it as an excuse for how their life is now, but they NEVER forget and will NEVER let anyone else. so stop trying to pit one against the other. it is a part if history whether you want to be reminded or not.

  • LOL!!

  • hey whatever makes you feel better. our ancestors were not the ones hanging themselves from trees, and setting themselves on fire, they didn’t make laws preventing themselves from learning to read, and risked being beaten or killed if they did, we didn’t go into “the big house” to rape the women/men at will, and kill them if they protested. i guess everyone played their part in that evil. the white women who are sold into sex slavery to other countries (in this day), do you blame the dealer or the one who actually sexually abuses her, allows his buddies to do so, and keeps her prisoner? who’s in the wrong? the dealer may be a POS, but it takes a monster to actually do that to another human being. that is what our ancestors had to deal with…MONSTERS!!

    • SIXFOR

      What percentage made up this MONSTER class?

  • Heywood

    May Barbra took Mariahs because she actually has talent, she can sing, hold a tune. She dosent need to dress up in her HOZO the Clown wigs to get attention, Mariah uses talent.

  • this black person has never blamed ANYONE, white, black, or other for anything that has not happened for me. so while you’re throwing that judgmental paint brush around, don’t “color” (no pun intended) us all the same. i don’t accuse all non blacks of being bigots, so try and extend that same courtesy.

  • MustBeSaid

    Minaj is as black as a glass of milk.

  • twuz

    don’t watch or support any sports or movies with blacks

  • You KNOW Star Jones is right when she say’s the Republicans won’t work with Obama’s fiscal plans because he is a black man? Ah, no, it’s because these “plans” are not effective, workable or responsible. If Star believes this, and I’m quite sure she does, then she, along with a lot of other people don’t understand basic economics. But sure let’s blame it on race, why not.

  • Charles Darwin

    With a name like “ Teflon Kitty ” it makes you an easy target. The absurdities of “Pop” culture, astound me.

  • Charles Darwin

    Yeah, REALLY shocking!

  • afroo

    Nikii don’t mess with the system that will bring ur end.

  • Wouldn’t be quicker to list black celebrities who HAVEN’T played the race card ?

    • 2banoz’d


  • How disappointing that the writer didn’t point herself out as playing the race card, as she did in at least a couple of her comments. Really sad we haven’t moved past this.

  • Claude

    Another indication of institutional racism: All the black Democrats in Congress come from majority black districts. The black Republicans all come from majority white districts. It’s harder to get white Democrats to vote for a black candidate than for white Republicans to vote for a black.

  • Dlg

    Glad to read an article that calls it like it is. Just because I didn’t vote for Obama doesn’t mean I’m racist. I would have voted for Herman!

  • TheQuickening

    “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.”

    -Booker T. Washington circa 1911

  • Bob

    She is …not right, just because everyone keeps saying it doesn’t make it true.

  • Shawn P

    “…he switched to the democratic party when being associated with racists was no longer politically viable…”

    I was kind of enjoying this article, until I got to this line in Colin Powell’s write up and the “journalist” revealed “in living color” that he/she/it is the actual racist here.

    Your politics are mentally ill.

  • Siriusly

    You forgot Halle Berry. She actually said that she was discriminated against at some national beauty contest because she’s black. Yah. Uh huh. Sigh.

  • Black people like to blame the Republicans for all things racist. Guess what? It was the Democrats that kept black people down including keeping black children out of public schools in the south. It was a Republican who freed the slaves. Then, the southern Democrats took over to prevent that freedom from being expressed. Are there racist Republicans? Sure. Are there racist Democrats? You’re damned right there are. So quit trying to pretend that it is all conservatives who make life miserable for black people. Conservatives don’t care what race you are, but leftists count on your race and your anger to keep you down.

  • Spoiler Alert!
    Yeah, that was just stupid. Though I didn’t like the way Rip wasn’t in GI Joe: he just wasn’t in it with no explanation. Of course, they killed Duke off within 10 minutes of the start of the movie. Personally, I think the movie would have been better had the story been more about Rip and Duke and less focused on Dwayne Johnson as the main protagonist (the acting was good, but the story line wasn’t as good as the first movie and there were unanswered questions about characters). The Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow arc was decent in the story, but there were parts of it which didn’t make sense.

  • Sometimes it is because your not as good as you believe yourself to be regardless of color.

  • It is ironic how often this article itself uses the race card.
    The statements regarding Star Jones and Colin Powell being front and

    • Barry Soetoro born Aug 4 1961 Kenya NOT HAWAII, Obamas SSN issued to a Harrison J. Bounel born 1890 Connecticut Machiel lost her law lincends she stoled a dead mans SSN and got caught , see page( Scoutus employees caught withholding l;eagal documents from Supreme Court Justices) see web page go to first page look down almost at the bottom of page) also another Cites( Hawaii officials now swears no birth certifecte) 9 or just ( FAKE BIRTH CERTIFECTE) everything he does is HIGH TREASON, we have NO PRESIDENT…His Step father leagally adopts little barry making him a leagal citizen of Indonesia We caught up and found his BLACK grandmother. Donald Trump was right . His Grand mother sid he was born at Coast Povicial Hospitial Mombassa Kenya….Everyone knows he is a lier, conman and everyone knows he IS NOT LEAGALL TO BE OUR REAL PRESIDENT he is getting away with this BECAUSE HE IS BLACK.

      • You might want to try spell check if you want to be treated seriously.

    • Barry Soetoro born Aug 4 1961 Kenya NOT HAWAII, Obamas SSN issued to a Harrison J. Bounel born 1890 Connecticut Machiel lost her law lincends she stoled a dead mans SSN and got caught , see page( Scoutus employees caught withholding l;eagal documents from Supreme Court Justices) see web page go to first page look down almost at the bottom of page) also another Cites( Hawaii officials now swears no birth certifecte) 9 or just ( FAKE BIRTH CERTIFECTE) everything he does is HIGH TREASON, we have NO PRESIDENT…His Step father leagally adopts little barry making him a leagal citizen of Indonesia We caught up and found his BLACK grandmother. Donald Trump was right . His Grand mother sid he was born at Coast Povicial Hospitial Mombassa Kenya….Everyone knows he is a lier, conman and everyone knows he IS NOT LEAGALL TO BE OUR REAL PRESIDENT he is getting away with this BECAUSE HE IS BLACK.

  • cmitchva

    Was reading article until I got to Colin Powell and Star Jones. How is it ‘abusing the race card’ by simply stating fact. This column is just plain stupid.

  • Who says Obama has no agenda?

  • The race card is played when they have nothing smart to say so they stoop to ignorance.

  • I’ve seem more racists on the Democratic side than on the Republican, and I should know I’m a minority… Whoever is writing the snippets here makes the assumption that all Republicans are racists and hate black people, which is 100% wrong. There are racists on both sides, but I would suggest that more on the Democratic side they just stay quiet, they do, the don’t say.

  • Nicki Minaj gives the whole human race a bad image, not just for blacks in our country. She appears to have no redeeming qualities.

  • Todd

    This MN stuff is such garbage

  • white dc native

    I spent 50 years living and working in DC — the Chocolate City as it is called. I have seen acts of racism up close; however, whenever it was white on black racism it was always squashed by the white population but when it was black against white, Asian etc it was ignored. A very popular phrase in DC by the blacks there to describe Asians is the “ieses” — which is significant because of the numerous acts of violence against the Korean merchants who are trying to run business in the black populated areas — or the art of negotiating as “Jewing them down”. I have heard that some many times and it still irks me every time. Jesse Jackson describe accurately (in my opinion) the black mentality against succeeding in the “white man’s world” as “crabs in a basket — as one attempts to escape the others pull it back down”. Again significantly it is reflected in the “gangsta” culture or the “thug” culture and glossed over in the rest of the “black populace”. Lets be honest — blacks are using the race card to avoid responsibility for their own actions — police your own racist bigots as white folks police ours and more respect might be given. As to Obama — MLK said it best “judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin” — almost every white person I know was happy in 2008 that a half black man could and did become the president of the US; however, his actions since has soured us on anything to do with him. Obama is an avowed socialist that uses the race card to suit his political purposes (note 93% of blacks voted for him — how many solely on the color of his skin). The backlash from that race card — just review the unemployment rate for blacks of all social strata — it is only going to get worse because frankly you, as a race, are not to be trusted (see the crime statistics or to vote for the content of a man’s character) since you are hippocritics.

    I have not done anything to any black person that is remotely racist — I have disliked people that also happened to be black as well as disliked people that happened to be white, Asian etc as well. And, conversely many of my friends are black, white, Asian etc.

    So in summary knock off using the race card and crying “oh poor me” — its wore thin and no one cares anymore its only good for thrash TV shows now. Time to grow up as a people — BTW you are Americans — not African-Americans!

  • TexasBlonde51

    Sir, you are wrong. We do not watch those shows either. We do not watch Honey Boo Boo, we do not watch 19 Kids and Counting, we do not watch any of the other reality programs you mentioned. I think it is horrible without regard to one’s ethnic background for any man to be that promiscuous and a huge number of children with an equally huge number of baby mamas. I am proud you do support you children, but good grief, why don’t you keep it in your pants more often or get it snipped? Do you really need that much drama in your life? I don’t and that is exactly why I would not watch shows about that subject. Teen mom? Just shoot me, please. After the 2nd baby the baby maker would be out of business for the rest of my life.

  • Not many black people are not racist. They use that as the standard excuse just as the liberals do with anyone disagreeing with them…it get old.

  • ouachita woman

    I’m ready for 1000 years from now, when we’ll all be the same beige-ish tan color. Though I suppose humans, being humans, will just find something else ridiculous to hate. *sigh*

  • Well educated, and half white. Just like Colin Powell. We got Colin in the race draft though, so maybe it doesn’t count.

  • You forgot this e-magazine, e-blog or e-POS whatever it is. There are 5 different “pulling the race cards” headlines on this very page. Who cares? Nobody, say what you want! Nobody is civil, polite or even accurate anymore, so quitcherwhinin’!!

  • Add the hack author of this dumb article Meg Butler to the list. Without the race card she would never be hired

  • Well this confirms it. The race card is played out.

  • me

    this article contradicts itself! on the page with the comment about the brown man in the white house, they say the person saying it was using the race card… then go on to say “we all know she’s right”! so you’re supporting what she says, implying that the fiscal crisis IS because of racisim when in reality it’s because of politics. black people make their own lives difficult when they say junk like this.

  • Bald Dude

    Looks like Meg Butler might need to take her PMS meds. “Now we all know she’s right,” when Psycho Jones says the GOP might be “salty” about the brown man in the White House. Never occurs to either of those Mongoloid mouth-breathers that people can actually oppose Obama or any black candidate (of any party) without bringing race into it, does it? And if anyone does try to debate on the issues, blacks bring up race.
    Newsflash, people: when your deck is composed solely of 52 race cards, you’ve got a losing hand. Time to fold and walk away from the argument.

  • AP

    You may have missed this in history class, or you just didn’t want to hear it, but slavery was around for hundreds, even thousands of years before the Triangle Trade ever developed. White people didn’t just come to Africa in the 1400’s, decide that black people were beneath them, and then start kidnapping them from their beds. African slaves were sold to European and Asian merchants BY OTHER DARK SKINNED AFRICANS long before Columbus made it across the Atlantic. Compared to European societies at the time, Sub Saharan societies were somewhat crude and barbaric, so it was easily assumable (from a European point of view) that the people that made up those societies weren’t as intelligent and refined as lighter skinned Europeans. Thus, the attitudes of Europeans to blacks. But hey, let’s just continue to ignore historical fact and context in favor of a world where the failure of blacks to be as successful as other racial groups is because of an inherently racist society. I mean, it’s not like Asians didn’t immigrate here and get abused and discriminated against in the mid 19th century, then become successful academically and socially through a culture based on hard work and perseverance.

  • bgolfguy

    The problem is not so much in playing the race card which unto itself is pathetic, it is more about the victim-mentality behind it. As long as people of any race maintain the thought that they are somehow victims, they will never accept personal responsibility. It is both sad and pathetic.

  • “Now we all know she’s right. But this statement of the obvious looks more like attention sloring than political debate.” The reporter is now pulling the race card.

  • mike

    They should write an article about a black person that has never used the race card when they dont get what they want. Oh yeah it hasn’t happened yet.

  • Crapmerica

    Abe Lincoln is spinning in his grave.

    • MudPost

      Abe was honest about certain things,but we hand picked the ones that sounded best.

  • Arrow to the Knee

    What the GD F!
    So Bush and the Republicans are racists. There were more Black Folks in the White House in charge when Bush was Pres than there are now. Have you seen all of O’s cabinet? All powerful white men. The Dems were the party of the clan, Woodrow Wilson the segregationist, and George Wallace. You all are being played!

  • TruthbeTold

    While I wouldn’t expect anything different from some wanna be journalist
    who is writing dribble and getting paid for it I can’t help but note
    the repeated slams on the Republican party. As bad as you are I would
    hope you at least did your homework before embarrassing yourself. You
    need to take a history lesson, you may find out that the Democratic
    party is notoriously racist since this country began. It has been the
    Republican party that ended slavery, (some guy named Abe Lincoln, look
    him up once). Just as you cry about your irresponsible gun control
    attempts you should realize the 2nd amendment has been an African
    Americans best friend. You are destroying your own race along with all Americans because you chose to listen to the
    same junk you write here about real issues in this country. You truly
    are a disgrace to this country and I hope you come to this realization
    right before you are escorted away to whatever surprise this government
    has in-store for you soon. I only wish I could be there to see that
    stupid look on your face. All of you liberals really need to take a step
    back and look at the big picture, cause hell is about to come down on
    all of us and you all are 100% to blame for what is to come. Do you
    seriously think these politicians and organizations are there for your
    well being? You’re an idiot if you think so. They are using you people
    to fill their agenda’s and it is getting ever closer to being fulfilled

  • I love all the ‘sticking up for Obama , ’cause he’s black’ and ‘racist Republican ‘ remarks coming from Democrats… the party that opposed Lincoln, supported slavery , and introduced Jim Crowe laws to America. Good job!

  • Gary

    if you pull the race card out, you are the racist POS

  • john doe

    you are clearly racist which is why you clicked on this article.

  • Donnie


  • zzmmmike

    whats the black population of the world?… whatever the number is that should have been the number for this article. Grow up and … “rise above” as you all like to say. If you people put as much effort and energy into making something out of yourselves instead of holding your hand out for a living then maybe you wouldn’t feel that you have to pull the race card with every breath. Did that ever cross your mind?

  • interestedobserver2

    “Now we all know she’s right. But this statement of the obvious looks more like attention sloring than political debate.”

    Really? Did it never occur to any of you jackwagons that maybe the GOP is salty about the DEMOCRAT in the white house and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with race? Nah, because even the sell-out who wrote this article is obviously in Obama’s pocket on who’s fault everything is. It can’t be Obama, so it must be George Bush, or the GOP, or men from mars, or whatever the latest BS excuse is.

  • Michael P

    Funny how any opposition to Obama is labeled as racist. As if they’re supposed to vote yes on everything he wants. Didn’t Clinton and Carter both have to fight for their agendas too? I remember the government was shut down for a few days under Clinton’s term. I guess that was racist too? Romney must have been racist for even running against Obama. He just didn’t want to see a black man leading the country. Everybody step aside and bow down or else you’re racist.

  • Your stupid article went “full retard” when it played the race card ITSELF in suggesting that the GOP is “a bunch of racists”….here’s a history lesson for you, I AM SAM….The 1964 Civil Right Act, resisted by Democrats, PASSED by Republicans….the first black Congressmen…were REPUBLICANS. Colin Powell is nothing more than a capricious politician, and that’s a pathetic “trait” which is utterly colorblind.

  • never heard of half these people.

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  • bobothejanitor

    Half of dem are Uncle Toms and de other haf are dum a$$ uneducated trash…where be de real negroes???

  • Sheepleherder

    Some blacks use race as a crutch, since when is that “news”?

  • Myherofails

    One other question, can anyone tell me why this site constantly asks permission to access my location via GPS?

    • Mariia Yelizarova

      It will feed you news according to the region

  • Myherofails

    Do we really need an advertisement to load on every single page view or anytime we continue?? That seems pretty damn excessive.

  • A K

    Wow, do you hate Republicans or what? Maybe you should ask all of the rank-and-file Republicans why we LOVE Dr. Ben Carson if we’re so racist. Yes, we hate that Obama’s in the White House. But it’s because he’s a Communist, sweetheart. His own VP said he was “well-spoken”, and the Senate Majority Leader said he could “turn on and off the Negro dialect”. NEGRO! These are YOUR people saying this stuff, not ours. Haters gonna hate, I guess. It’s too bad, though, because it doesn’t have to be like that.

  • Racism is a personal problem and you can’t force people to like everyone without being a bully. Our country is a very nice place. I don’t recall Americans having to flee for their lives in tiny boats to cross the ocean like the people of Vietnam had to do. Of course there is the White flight from the dangers of angry urban areas, but things are really pretty good here.

  • Don Woods

    Seriously, where is the worst one? Toure!!!!!

  • desertcatn

    You take my comment down asking you to be fair, that’s just dishonest! I guess you are more interested in promoting an agenda, than helping people of color!

  • desertcatn

    There are racists in both parties, I’m a libertarian and vote conservative because I don’t feel like I need a hand out that will limit how high I can climb in this world. What has the dems done for blacks or other people of color, answer that, there are more high ranking people of color in the GOP and in governorships across the nation, than in the dem party. Please be fair!

  • Emanual Avery

    What else do we need to throw in that deep dark negative hole?Besides if there was one we wouldn’t have all these problems in the world.People of all races let’s all learn to live and respect one another.This earth wasn’t created for just one race of people.

  • KluvsHakn

    Ahhh Amy again…. Insinuating we are looking for a “handout” this time I see. Amy is VERY funny. It has nothing to do with character if someone’s already made up their mind about you before they’ve even met you. What can us non-ghetto people do about that I wonder…. It’s like how many white American view Muslims as terrorists or apart of some cult but try to pretend they don’t as well. Being black is always, okay 8 times out of ten projected negatively. I myself have even bought in to the “black stereotype” because that’s what’s out there. Which creates racism within the brown community amongst themselves. Look at the new Honda commercial for example with the brown girl and white girl riding in the car. The brown skinned girl is SOOOO aggressive, I thought she was gonna stab somebody. And we all know that black girls are mean because that’s what were always portrayed as right?

  • KluvsHakn

    THANK YOU!!!! Someone gets it. Best comment so far…. Just retract the use of the word “ya’ll” LOL 😉

  • KluvsHakn

    Because if we say anything about it we’re pulling the race card. They want us to be silent about so society can believe that it doesn’t exist and brush it under the rug while it still goes on unanswered. Racism is like air… We cannot see it but we all know it’s there.

  • KluvsHakn

    I hate when I read “the race card” White people made our ancestor’s suffer for hundred’s of years. And still do today just in a different manor. So until someone can explain to me why the brown skinned man has to die first in the move lol, why when a white man shoot’s up a place he’s “mentally unstable” and a brown skinned does it he’s “A menace to society” or why when a brown skinned person speaks correctly they’re “talking white” then there is no “playing the race card”. That would indicate that racism doesn’t exist….

    • Mariia Yelizarova

      Wait, what color of skin does the first dead man have in a movie shot by a black guy?

  • Admin Istrator

    Half the population of Ireland was put in chains, put aboard ships, sailed to Jamaica and Virginia to work as slaves for the English. Black folk don’t have monopoly on being slaves, they’ve just kept regurgitation it for generations, unlike the Irish that put their nose to the grind stone and bettered themselves. From 1640 to 1940 it was very common to see signs in doorways, Irish need not apply, rooms not let to Irish, Irish white trash and on and on.
    Get Over It! Surely you’re better than the white trash Irish catholics, right?

    • queenbee9

      Black people DO have a monopoly on being dark skinned with wide noses, big lips and kinky hair–believe it or not it the features of blacks which engenders a lot of animosity among whites and other races and our features are not easily adapted or eradicated.

      When whites decide to be prejudiced it is not based on the actions of the black in front of them, it is based on preconceived notions and situations read about welfare, or criminal blacks and applied collectively to all blacks and the FACTS are the darker the black or more pronounced the hair texture and nose and lip shapes the more negative many whites are. This , unlike the Irish or Italians or any other white that other whites intuitively disliked, does NOT get better with time.

      I continually have whites in the burbs and elsewhere demand I personally account and tell them why blacks in the ghetto do the things they do. I am college educated, born in Europe, have spent the majority of my formative years overseas, and have had a midlevel 6 figure income for the past 20 years but I am dark skinned and am often asked inane and insulting questions like : “Why are most blacks on welfare?” (there were less than 3 million people of all races on welfare at the time) or “don’t all black women wish they were white like white women?” Insulting things like this.

      Blacks may not have a monopoly on being slaves but in todays reality, blacks are more likely to be blamed or scapegoated, and this attitude serves as the excuse to continually mistreat and mistrust blacks. It is a known fact that in every society there must be someone on the bottom and that group is often and continually scapegoated (ie blamed for most ills of the society whether warranted or not) this is not new–when there were no black gangs and most blacks were respectful and kept their eyes lowered and their hands in their laps in front of whites they still were blamed (circa 1900s) this is the way of this society and to deny this reality or blame solely black perspective is bs and you know it or should know this.

  • Leftcoastgal

    yeay, a guy like Colin Powell could most def made a difference in a big way if he hadn’t rented himself out to the Bush administration, but he did. Anyone paying attention knows he did. Shame on you Colin. You could have doubled down on your legacy if you’d have listened to Shakespeare… “to thine own self be true”. Enjoy UR money, coz there’s no buying your integrity back… U sold it and knew you were doing so. No forgiveness for this.

  • Rob

    Kanye West is by far the worse. His Bush hates blacks after Katrina should have had him say Obama hates whites after Sandy. The race card is used way too much and the gap of African Americans and Caucasus are narrowing due to more and more interracial marriages. It is those who are having problems with both sides.

    • tina

      The current president responsed immediately to the victims of Sandy (the REPUBLICAN Governor thanked him) Try knowing a little something befor speaking or is that yet another white thing. Jumping to conclusions?

      • you might want to READ up on how slow the response for anything to get done was.

        • Jack

          Where? Fox Noise?

      • stopthehate

        The real truth comes out everyday, and most self-loathing, guilt-ridden
        white people are too dumb to see it. Try listening to “The Power” on
        sirius for a few minutes. They hate LL Cool J right now because of one
        of the lines in his song with the Country music star where he says
        something to the effect of “If you don’t look down on me about my Gold
        chains, I’ll forget about iron chains,” or something close.Most of the
        callers were hating him, and for what? Maybe, just maybe trying to not
        hold every generation of whites from here to eternity responsible for
        slavery? Most of us whites born after 1970 have been discriminated
        against since birth, yet you always seem to find some way to make us
        look privileged to keep the gravy train roaring on….You think you get
        discriminated against in the workforce? Go start your own business, and
        stop whining! You are only perpetuating the cycle of racism, and creating more racists everyday with
        your Eternal “We aren’t quite there yet!” The fact is, someone calling
        you a wittle bad name, and hurting your feelings doesn’t make them a
        racist, whether you like it or not. You can’t read minds, so you can’t
        tell if someone feels if they are superior to your whole race! But, I
        guarantee you, for those who so obviously think that everytime they
        aren’t given a promotion, or feel envy of some sort, you are not helping
        your cause….Stop believing your echo-chamber websites, radio
        stations, and other media, and go read physical books written by
        objective sources before you start calling something fact. Teaching your
        kids that your people have always been held back will, in fact, hold
        them back from achieving what they are capable of…….

  • Scott Boyer

    this no talent trash should go back to what ever rock she crawled out from under. she makes me not want to watch American idol! what were the producers thinking when they hired her. I watch the voice with it’s better quality judges.

  • Georgia Girl

    I believe the worst offender of all is Jaime Foxx. What I really pray for is the day when we can all see ourselves as just Americans. We don’t need to keep distinguishing ourselves as different. Yes we can embrace our cultural heritage – we all have them – but we don’t need to keep separating ourselves. The more we do this, the further apart we will be. I think the time has come to stop having separate beauty pageants, separate, parades, separate everything. When we separate we are not equal. This goes for color, sexual orientation, etc. etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Chief Mac

    I’m a Creek/Seminole Indian, born and raised on what USED to be our reservation when I was young. I started speaking english when I was around seven and still talk with the old ones in my Muscogean Creek dialect. I left the democrat party 30 years ago because it is THERE that I bave confronted the most racism, and it occurs DAILY! Republicans only ever wanted me to stand on my own two feet and make it on my own as a MAN. Democrats, the white majority tell us minorities that if we do not vote democrat, so as to be able to take part in their programs and exceptions to the rules of law and such, that I’ll never make it in America. As a minority, as an Indan in America, I cannot be successful at any level unless I support that party and take advantage of those programs and what not. Where have I been attacked, ridiculed, threatened and cursed? Only by.minorities from my former party whenever I speak out like this. Whenever I’ve spoken out on other, more conservative boards for any reason, I’m usually met with a modicum of respect and questions about whatever the topic is from my.prospective. When I’ve done the same on minority prevelant boards and groups, those are the only times I’m ridiculed, threatened, cursed and attacked in manh other forms. I notice this almost daily, as I have aged and gained wisdom. I stated earlier, and leave saying again. The democratic party is the most racist party to ever exist and I refuse to believe that without their special programs as the minority of minorities in America I am doomed. I recently retired as a Chief Warrant Officer with 27 years in the United States of America… and did it without ANY handout or by taking advantage of any TOKEN promotion. I EARNED it, I sleep well at night and I am proud of the life I MADE. Not one dictated to me by the DNC… Let the attacks begin, as usual. BTW. I can, and gladly will, send at least 10 IMMEDIATE links to democrat leaders making remarks about how the black man in America is powerless without THIS or THAT DNC backed program and/or a democrat making flat out racist remarks. Can anyone send one link about the same from the Republican side? The Republicans get blamed DAILY for these kind of attacks, yet I have NEVER heard one, but hear this diatribe from the dems side almost daily. Chief……OUT!

    • MudPost

      I believe you.

    • transvaluation


      Thank you for saying what you believe.

      I am always surprised by those that believe the leftist/progressive rhetoric of the DNC. It’s all Marketing and campaigning and has nothing to do with history and fact.

      The fact that all people seem to forget that the South was all BLUE. The Democratic South, the Racist Democratic South with their Jim Crow Laws and Poll Taxes.

      Everyone also seems to forget that the Republican Party was Abraham Lincoln’s party.

      But the world has changed and people (both red and blue) believe sound bites.

      Me I’m Independent and will research topics and listen to the debates and research some more instead of just believing the rhetoric on either side.

      • ChefDarrell

        What the libs today will tell you is that there was a shift and they are what the republicans were and vice versa. Kinda like, if you tell a lie enough times people take it as truth.
        I agree whole-heartedly what the warrant said about the D’s and R’s. D’s want to make more D’s while R’s want to make more successful citizens.

    • DakotaNM57

      Why try to turn this into a political party topic?
      Look, I appreciate your sharing your political views but these are personal flaws with the individuals that cry race card at each whim.
      I happen to be an Independent and see problems with both parties when it comes to the topic of minorities. Be it over race, disability. gender or just about any topic.. they both represent the absolute fringe extremes.
      But, back to the point. When you turn the topic about individual actions into the reason their idiots is some group.. you take away their personal responsibility for being.. idiots. You effectively hand them an excuse card.

    • TexasBlonde51

      Chief Mac, thank you, thank you, thank you, and a gazillions times thank you. I try to be independent in my choices, but I find democrats usually want to keep people on the government’s dole like a parasite. Those who do pull themselves up by their own boot straps, so to speak, find they have confidence and pride in themselves for what they have accomplished. I do get tired of those who are parasites on the government’s dole who can only invest their time and energies into figuring out knew ways to get more money from the government even if it involves fraud. Anyone from any background can work hard and pull themselves out of the ranks of poverty. They may not become millionaires, but they can have a comfortable life and live within their means. Thank you for your hard work and you should be an inspiration to young people.

    • this is about black people abusing the race card, not about pining your favorite political party. especially when neither is better than the other.

  • vmiller50

    Great Job. Ms. Butler. Continue to write articles like these, and I don’t care what color they are tell the truth. Because it would help Black people like me who had enough of listening to the so-called “victim card”. Thank you Meg, and God Bless.

  • Having been a White person working in neighborhoods that were 99% Black, there were a few instances when I was treated with hostility clearly because of racism.
    As time went by, I began to suspect that every wrong (or perceived wrong) was because of my color.

    Then, back to working in majority-White neighborhoods, I noticed that many of the same things happened to me, but now I couldn’t blame racism.


    Sometimes people don’t gush at meeting me. It may be that they don’t gush.

    Sometimes people don’t acknowledge my entrance. It may be that they don’t simply don’t care WHO it is.

    Sometimes people treat me like they don’t like me. Maybe they don’t, but it doesn’t mean it’s because I’m White, it may be my looks.

    I’m regularly ridiculed online (and sometimes receive death threats) because I’m an outspoken Christian and Creationist.

    …but, so what. There will always be someone who doesn’t like me for one reason or another. And I have to allow them that freedom… to not like me for whatever reason that they want.

    Or else I will be the victim, endlessly mistreated and held back by my own mis-perceptions.

    • MudPost

      sort of a similar story.
      I am white and when I see other whites my first impression of him/her is Gorilla.

      Until they prove me right or other wise they will remain Gorillas.

  • lsm19

    You forgot both Williams sisters. They pull this nonsense all the time

  • The only person in this list who’s ever done anything that will matter fifty years from now is Colin Powell and when he spoke up about the racism in the Republican Party, he was demanding that his party live up to the claims they make about themselves. That’s not “playing the race card.” That’s calling on the leaders of your political party to uphold a higher standard of conduct. Why should anyone find that objectionable?

  • BagheeraB

    Meg Butler showed her true colors by putting Colin Powell on this list. General Powell’s service to this country was in no way an offense to anyone. Meg Butler should be ashamed of her slander. Criticizing successful blacks is spiteful and foolish.

  • Unfortunately, what the black female stars never mention, is how many white executives they slept with.

  • Eleven kids with ten different mothers. Amazing. He needs to put a rubber on that tool and fast.

  • There are many, many Democrat or leftist racists. Hell, they’re the ones who seem to make high-dollar careers out of it. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton anyone?

  • TURZ

    You are sucked into the victim mentality. It is convenient and comfortable. But it is false. Moreover, the constant cry of racism only perpetuates racism. Fact is racism is the exception and no where near the rule. However, there are plenty of people out there who need to perpetuate the myth that racism is so prevalent. It is their bread and butter. We have a black president who won the popular vote. Yes there are pockets of idiots who are anti black. But there are also pockets of blacks who are adamantly anti white. And they are racist too. Anti racism needs to be color blind. The fact that this movement isn’t is more evidence that the greater threat of racism is from those who purport to profess against it.

    • Leftcoastgal

      Agreed. But lingering concerns over racism on both sides exists. Nobody alive today owned slaves.. That we still have racism on both sides of the fence is critical to taking ownership & letting this BS go. Racists CAN BE called out and fronted off for what they are. We all work together, earn together, in some neighborhoods we fight and are hungry together. WE are bigger than the bullshit that tries to keep us apart from each other. WE are Americans, WE can rise above the manipulations put in our way, but WE must be committed to doing so. Own it and love your neighbor for who they are today, when you cross paths on your street or in your grocery store. Let GO of the tired game that caused so much grief. Be willing and pray for the rest to come to you. Please!. Peace to all.

    • KluvsHakn

      So how do we respond when we are clearly being treated differently because of our race? Or do you believe that never happens these days?

      • When I think Black people are treating me diff, I just move on, the world is a big big place and I know I will always be loved at mom’s. Beside, I’m the only only that can really make me feel unwelcomed. I think we can get a bit psyched out when you’re alone, women seem wicked when you’re unwanted, streets are uneven when your down.

        • john doe

          you don’t even know any black people.

    • john doe

      i hate people like you. so nobody is racist but everybody is homophobic. right….

    • SIXFOR

      TURZ, I think you have defined the problem like I’ve never seen before. Well done

    • Jay Carle

      If America has always been a racist country, how is it pulling a race card when identifying racism? America is 237 years old & out of 237 years when was in not a racist place? When did did it stop being a racist country is a simple question no white perdon is willing to attempt to answer because they fear the truth. Was America racist from in 1620 when colonist from England came to America? Absolutely! From 1620 to 1720 was is evil, & racist? Yes! Without a doubt. Was it an evil, wicked, & racist place from 1720-1820? Absolutely! From 1820-1920 was it a barbaric, uncivilized racist country? Of course who would deny that? There are mo centuries left white people. This is a terrible track record for any group of so called humans. Ok from 1920-1970 would you condider America a racist country or not? America wasn’t civil enough to grant its Black citizens their Civil rights because of skin color. That qualifies it as an unciviled racist place. That’s unarguable.
      Ok so far that is 350 years straight of racist ways & there are only 40 years left do you realize how sick that is? These evil beast are on a roll wouldn’t you? Ok from 1970 -1990 the was an attempt at intergration so they had to instill forced bussing. The state police had to surround our busses in order to protect Black people so we wouldn’t be attack by evil devils, grown white people trying to attack little Black kids for exercising our basic human rights. What kind of human does that? From 1990 till now this country has continued its racist legacy but evil, wicked liars try to deny this history of it’s self. You racist, evil doers are like vampires you can’t see your own reflection. Now what would make any intelligent person say that racism is not alive and strong in America? You’d have to be one sick & wicked people to deny the fact that you America a racist land.
      If your known for lying you look stupid when you wonder why no one believes you even when you’re telling the truth.
      If you are know for being racist you look just as stupi when you wonder why people take the things you do as racist even when you’re not, which is never because you always are.

  • nicci

    Star is an idiot too !!!

  • nicci

    Well she’s an idiot no matter what color, she is !

  • Army44287

    Blacks aren’t the only ones who were ever enslaved . That’s no excuse for not doing better today.

    • queenbee9

      Blacks due to obvious physical and cultural differences ARE the ones primarily SCAPEGOATED today. Right after the sandy hook murders, white pundits began to talk about gun control–due to gang bangers not the almost 100% monopolies whites have on mass shootings and we ALL know this…

  • Army44287

    Love it!!!

  • Army44287

    Your racism is showing.

  • RE: Star Jones, She’s not right! The GOP has been trying to work with him and he won’t budge, what you’re saying is that the GOP should not protect the interests of the right and conservatives and cave to whatever Obama wants because he’s brown, even though His policies are not sound.

    Which is it really?

    • kharris

      If his polices were so horrible he wouldnt have got re elected, people like you are why the country is so jacked up now, the system was broke and obama is fixing it peice by peice, replublicans had there chances and they always get in and screw things up!

  • If Nicki is so proud of being black, why does she have blonde hair???

    • It’s called STYLE options. We as BLACK women can choose how we want to look as opposed to white girls who only have one option. we look good in ANY color hair, Boo Boo…don’t get it twisted. Is that what truly bothers you? Or is it that you secretly want a black woman? Hmmmmm? Yeah…I know.

      • What do you mean white girls only have one option? I have a whole rainbow of colors I can dye my hair in. We also have wigs, hair extensions, and yes, even weave. So white girls can choose how they want to look as well. Did you think that different hair styles were only limited to ladies of color?

  • Darn Fact Checkers

    omg.. this is so old. We have BET but when are we going to have WET??

    • you have very single channel.. look at the Monday night line up. matter of fact turn it to any random channel minus BET and its pretty much ALL WHITE.

  • LitMatch

    Where’s Spike Lee? He plays the race card every time Quentin comes out with a new movie!

    • Spike Lee.? Is he still alive.? The man only made movies about black and white issues. Now, next to Sharpton,the second biggest white hater around.



    • Jason Shumaker

      Pardon me, sir?
      Your statement appears to have been invalidated by your Caps Lock abuse.

  • HA! There are only “15”?! Look, Black Americans (you’re only African if YOU actually CAME FROM Africa, oh, by the way), no one actually excludes you because of the color of your skin. It’s because of how you act. Dress with some respect for yourself & others, clean up your language, have respect for women, and clean up your character. YOU are the ONLY one holding YOU back. And learn how to write and speak correctly! Good Lord!

    • Heeby Jeezy X

      Speek the truth cus we be sum durty monkeys. Kill us befo weeza impregnationalize youza dautas. Silkky poch monkiis

    • johnr205

      Same goes for white snaggle tooth uneducated people who live in a trailer park. But im not racist

      • ChefDarrell

        We (white America) don’t claim honey boo boo.

        • Why…she is yours!

          • 10thGenerationAmerican

            so that means John Malvo was yours?

        • Inglewoodfinest

          u have no choice but to claim that hillbillie

        • Inglewoodfinest

          u have no choice but to claim that hillbillie

      • That would make you a bigot then….

      • 10thGenerationAmerican

        I lived in a trailer park and I was actually in GT/AP classes while studying an advanced curriculum. Does that mean that I’m “white snaggle-tooth(ed by the way there Mr. Smarty)”

    • Admin Istrator

      Totally agree with both Amy and John r205, you’re both Spot On.

    • KluvsHakn

      LOL Amy is funny. And your comment is racist. It insinuates all “black” people do not respect themselves, respect women, and have a ghastly character. I can write and speak clearly. I am not “ghetto” (because only black ppl can be so, right?) and I am educated. But trust me people like you have thrown me into that category before I even open my mouth. And THAT my friend is what is holding me down 🙂 And THAT is probably a reason why brown skinned ppl play the race card. Good day

      • tubaman

        eff you

      • Bald Dude

        “ppl?” Looks like Amy was right. Learn to spell.

    • Robert Han

      DA TRUTH

    • bz

      African americans are decended from west african tribes who were forcibly inslaved and sent to the americas. Our ancestors were bred in much the same way show and stalk animals are bred. See humans usually get ta pick who they procreate with even jewish slaves. But not us. Were in turn usually bigger and stronger than most kids until about 6th grade if all things were equal(food intake/sleep/stress level)Were mostly of african decent but ALL african americans have anglo saxon and native american blood in us. Basicly hitler tried ta duplicate american blacks through aryan purity(same concept but w white germans). So we are african americans.. its ur history too ya know

      • BillRiedel

        To me African-Americans are people that originally came from Africa, am I right? So, if that is the case, then whites from South Africa are African-Americans, correct? Of course they are. My family is from Germany by way of Russia and came to America in the mid 1800’s, but I don’t go around calling myself a European-American or a German-American. I am an American. It is about time that black Americans drop the African part. African-American is NOT a race classification, as witnessed by whites from South Africa. Oh, and a lot of blacks also came from Haiti. Does that make them African-Americans?

      • BillRiedel

        To me African-Americans are people that originally came from Africa, am I right? So, if that is the case, then whites from South Africa are African-Americans, correct? Of course they are. My family is from Germany by way of Russia and came to America in the mid 1800’s, but I don’t go around calling myself a European-American or a German-American. I am an American. It is about time that black Americans drop the African part. African-American is NOT a race classification, as witnessed by whites from South Africa. Oh, and a lot of blacks also came from Haiti. Does that make them African-Americans?

    • are you speaking to these 15 people who have been called out, or are you speaking to an entire group because we share the same color? so i guess i would be correct in assuming that you are a bigot, and go around harassing/assaulting non whites?? we are all individuals, humans….we all do stupid things at some point in our lives. don’t act all high and mighty and think “if they would just act the way i like, they’d be acceptable”! politicians are some of the most polished, well dressed, educated people, on the outside……but they are low life dogs with no soul, on the inside. you’re still judging by appearance and not character.

  • zander

    Sorry, who are these people? They all look alike to me…

  • dai

    Typical! what is so wrong with being called a chocolate soldier. Could that mean that Naomi has a rich and delicious skin color? Instead, because she doesn’t like herself, she thought that the comment was racially motivated. Then she reacts like a wild cat and of course who is going to want to work with someone

  • dai

    Typical reaction! Instead of thinking: What did I do wrong and how can I improve?
    President Obama didn’t get where he is at by thinking “Oh poor me”.

  • dai

    Well, if African-americans become directors, producers, writters…etc., maybe there would be more african-american actors working on movies. Everybody knows jewish people control it all. (Hollywood)
    It is only because they worked hard to control it all and they are effective business men. Time to start working hard people!

  • dai

    I should ad that African-americans are racist with each other. Caucasian americans call each other names referring to the ones that are lower class. Human beings try to defend their turf and feel special, race, class etc….are ways to do that.

  • Where’s Halle Berry? She’s the worst at that – for a few years there all she ever talked about was ‘being black’ and everything that had to do with that; never mind one half of her family is not black. Gets old. Good riddens that we don’t see much of her these days, I hate her attitude and that chip on her shoulder is one that turns a beautiful woman into Halle the Hag Witch, with nose warts and flying broom included.

    • LIAR. You KNOW you want her just because she would not look at you sideways. Black women will always be a mystery to white men. U not fooling me at all.

    • her own mom told her…”you’re a black woman, who happens to have a white mother”. like she was adopted or something, not that this woman actually gave birth to her. so all that talk about “ignoring the other half of her family”….Halle is good, because she wouldn’t see much of me anymore.

  • dai

    The problem is that people shouldn’t get offended and mention race so often. An individual that is confident on who they are, behave confident in spite of negative comments.
    Self-love and confidence not only help us so that we don’t feel like downgrading others but also we don’t feel offended by what other people say.
    People that can’t compete use the race card to feel important or victimized.

  • Suchalady

    Not going through this list but that is one of many reasons I can’t stand Minaj. She cries foul every time someone rightfully calls her on her sh*t, and drags the rest of us down with her. Ugh!

  • Umbra in the UK

    Kinda ironic that a good chunk of them hate blackness (dating white/wanting to look white) but when convenient, they pull out the “It’s because I’m black” card.

  • Black people don’t have to play no damn race card as long as the white race exist.Because white folks and their racist habits are real.

    • Army44287

      Sounds like you’re the racist one and trying to project your bad actions onto others.

  • Damn hate this Madame Noire b*tch!!!!

  • you forgot Halle Berry.. lol

  • Maldrie

    Didn’t finish reading past Marlon b/c of the mistakes. I usually look over small mistakes but not this time, it is 2013 so you have to step up your game.

    • Lighten Up Show

      So sad that you had to do this to the post. It was funny and brilliant. Lighten up kids and play nice or were you not in grade school on the days that they taught that.

  • Dave

    I’m proud of all black celebrities that speak up for thereself keep up the good work

  • what kinda grown man calls himself a kitty?

    • Jay Carle

      A comedian.

  • jjac401

    Umm, Colin Powell is not playing a race card. He simply tells it like it is! I am proud of him and his truth!

    • desertcatn

      Colin Powell should just become a dem instead of staying in the RNC, while speaking out against the GOP.

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  • Keisha Samoht

    Damon wasnt in GI Joe…

    • Guest

      Yes he was …

  • Mrs. Jay

    People who don’t have critical reading skills would look at Steven Tyler’s comments as racist. I don’t expect Onika has the skills level to decipher what Tyler meant. She probably don’t even know who Bob Dylan is. This is the sound doo-doo brain who stated she was voting for Romney and had dummies actually believing she was registered to vote.

    • silksoul

      Not to mention Bob Dylan has a biological black daughter by one of his ex back up singers.

  • IllyPhilly

    Why these little Black girls look like white girls?




      Why DO these little Black girls look like white girls? Also, WTF is wrong with Shawty Lo? Why DOES he look like he IS having a stroke in that picture? Why DOES his beard look like that? Where DO they do that at?

      FILTHADELPHIA……figures, get educated and learn how to speak properly and doors will start opening up….continue with the status quo, and you will continue to live the same way as you do now. Consider it your first step in bettering yourself so you can pull yourself up from wherever you are at now……as EVERYONE has had to do!

      • IllyPhilly

        Shut the f*ck up fake internet gangsta with your late a$$ responses. Ya can keep me on ya brain tho pvssy.

  • TXMom

    I tried but I can’t click through all of these pages… What happened to the other format?

  • Starbright

    Wow!!! Miss “Caucasian Persuasion” Nicki Minaj is black now??? Could’ve fooled me!!!

    • Ditto for Miss I-don’t-know-who-the-hell-my-daddy-is-but-I-know-he’s-white Cole.

  • TraceFace

    I believe a few, a small few, of these instances may be justified. No one really knows what occurred, just what the media presents. And you know how the media likes to present African Americans! <———–Oh! I just played the race card! LOL!

    • KluvsHakn

      Hey why do they call us African Americans? When all white people don’t refer to themselves European americans??? I’ve never stepped foot in Africa. I’m just American. Good day

      • ChefDarrell

        “We” don’t call anyone *insert continent* Americans. That’s a non-white thing.

        • Edward Funn

          Not true, you have Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Asian Americans. They do call themselves this, and celebrate their heritage. We as black people can be called whatever we want to be, but unlike these other races, we had our heritage ripped from us, stolen and beaten away. So to down another for calling themselves African American, really how you know they never been there. Stop helping white people, and stop caring what they think about our culture.

          • queenbee9

            Amen. a lot of people do not realize that whites stopped referring to the Asians and Native Americans as “yellow men and red men because those groups found it derogatory but whites are ALWAYS upset when those “Uppity negraws” dare to define themselves ….LOL

          • ladybug

            I know I’m extremely late. Your examples are typically people who are first or second (maybe even 3rd) generation. But we, black people are Americans. Just not white. African-Americans are those who are actually African and not because their ancestors that they’ve never heard of back in the 1700s were possibly African.

      • queenbee9

        Your skin is probably not black either but being called a color many blacks are not is okay? Why did whites start calling us “black” when most Kneegroes are not that color at all?

        In fact ONLY two groups are called by a color they rarely are–blacks and whites–whites no longer refer to Native Americans as “red men” and Asians as yellow men–why is that? African denotes genetic heritage and American denotes citizenship–I am still remembering the years when American Asians were called Japanese-American Or Chinese -American and nobody complained or dissected it at all..

      • Aloko baju

        This is because Americans of European ancestry pretty much know where that ancestry emanates from. That is why the euro-reference is interfered to a particular country, for example; Italian Americans, Polish Americans, Irish Americans. A lot of them born in the United States who have never set foot in Europe will not disclaim their heritage like you. African Americans is a generalized term because most blacks don’t know what part of Africa they came from.