Don’t Question Her Talents! Serena Williams Speaks On Lance Armstrong Steroid Use

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Since the news of Lance Armstrong admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs shocked the world, the sports scandal has been the topic of conversation for many including celebrities and other pro-athletes including Serena Williams. “I think a lot of people now look and are like, ‘OK, if somebody (is) that great, what about everyone else in every other sport?’” commented Williams after third-round wins at the Australian Open.

Armstrong openly admitted to doping and lying during seven straight Tour de France titles this past Thursday in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. “As an athlete, as someone that works really, really hard since I was 4 or 3, I think it’s a sad day for all athletes in general. Overall, it’s even more disappointing for the people that were adversely affected through everything. You can only just hope for the best for them” Williams said.

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What do you think about Lance Armstrong admitting to doping? Is there anything particularly surprising about it?

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  • here we go agaain

    the williams ‘sisters’ are steroided up apes who should have been banned from Tennis years ago.

    • marcia milbanks

      ?!? UNLIKE Lance Armstrong who the International Cycling Union confirmed submitted less thorough Urine samples with corticosteroids and EPO in them, the INNOCENT Williams sisters have passed even the most thorough BLOOD tests.
      And did you know that Victor Conte, the drug cheat head of that infamous company, publicly stated that he “worked with” Maria Sharapova? He NEVER worked with innocent Serena. Serena and Venus were Tennis Champions as Children. They knew they never needed that poison to win. Some of their Competition felt desperate enough to take it, though. Eastern European woman tennis pro, Sesil Karatantcheva, took steroids and was Banned from tennis for years because of it!
      The irony for rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth racists like you? Steroid Cheat, Karatantcheva, played a Clean, Honest Williams sister whose official ranking Unfairly Fell as a result!!
      And if they are allegedly “apes,” what does that make the white women they routinely Out-Maneuver, Out-Strategize, OUT-THINK? Are you calling Sharapova and company severely retarded? LOL

  • Ms Mi

    In other more interesting news: watch out for youngster Sloane Stephens, 19, through to her first Slam quarterfinal in Australian Open. Might play Serena next. Should be great!!!

  • bluekissess

    It wasn’t a shock. We all knew. This “new” news is old news. The real question is when is he going to jail? Marian Jones did why can’t he?

  • bluekissess

    It wasn’t a shock. We all knew. This “new” news is old news. The real question is when is he going to jail? Marian Jones did why can’t he?

    • marcia milbanks

      Exactly. They are even from the same state, Texas. I don’t wish jail on anyone though. I just wish Lance had been caught first. Then neither of them would have gone to jail. This can be one weird country sometimes.

  • Serena Williams must be joking! Just look at her biceps. What woman has biceps like that since the inception of the steroid using East German woman athletes of the 80’s. Also, why did Serena refuse to take a drug test and then call the cops on the people doing the test on her and then quashing the drug test? When Serena Williams starts taking drug tests year round, and not just at the big tournaments, and gives a biological passport to the drug testers, then I will listen to you. Until then, Serena Williams can keep her phoney and cynical judgments of Lance Armstrong to herself.
    P.S. I don’t question her talent. She is a talented tennis player, but she may have gotten some of that talent from a bottle. We will never know for sure until she starts taking regular drug tests and trying to have the drug testers arrested.

    • EbonyLolita

      You can’t be serious about Serena. Do you think the Tennis Association would let a BLACK WOMAN win as much as Serena’s won while on steroids. They would LOVE to bring her down w/that if THAT was the truth. It isn’t. Serena works out & kicks butt on the court. I’m always offended by ppl talking about her body size/muscular tone. If that ain’t your cup of tea in a woman I can understand. But don’t try to shade HER b/c some Yt boy shot himself up to achieve greatness. GTFOHWTBS!

      • ada

        u hit the nail on the head with this one….

      • basically, whenever someone is winning, (dont mean to use the race card but yes ESPECIALLY a black person) it always has to be done through some illegal secret way, we can’t just be a talented person, something has to be helping us get there, i.e the illuminati rumors that are attached to certain celebrities etc. its sad cuz yes Lance’s actions are going to rise suspicion to a lot of athletes but it shouldnt. Some athletes are just THAT talented. people seem to forget that Serena has been doing this since she and her sister could hold a racket, shes been doing this for over 2 decades, of course she’s going to be a top player

        • marcia milbanks

          You are right about that insane, retarded “Illuminati” nonsense. Serena –and Venus– were tennis champions as children. They know they never needed that poison to win. Some of their competition felt desperate enough to use it, though. Sesil Karatantcheva, anyone?
          And I know you mean well, but words have power. Please don’t repeat the negative stuff the haters say without quote marks or the word allegedly. It looks like you are just putting their dishonesty out into the universe as truth when you don’t qualify your remarks.
          A few really bright people have done that, too, and make me shudder when they do. Some of them have even SPOKEN that way for posterity on tv shows. Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar and has done it before. Cringe-inducing. 🙂

      • ted

        Her body and muscular size fluctuate drastically in a matter of months and that is a clear sign of a steroid cycle that includes cutting and bulking. Just ask any female bodybuilder if you can attain that biceps & deltoid mass without pro-hormonal drugs. Also,unlike her sister, her bone size has increased visibly (a STRONG indicator of human growth hormone use). Serena also does not do the entire tour and has skirted mandatory testing.
        My favourite story is when she hid inside her bedroom and called the police because of an unexpected visit from a doping agent that came to collect samples.
        The Tennis Association has given her a lot of free passes and direct qualifiers at the expense of players who had actually worked a year to achieve a qualification in a grand slam. So in short you are a bigoted racist without any arguments in your favour

        • EbonyLolita

          GTFOHWTBS! Not in this world Ted! As a black woman I don’t have enough POWER to be a racist! That would imply that my thoughts, actions are holding someone back due to THEIR race! I stand FIRM by my statement if Serena Williams was using steroids the Tennis Association would DISQUALIFY HER! She gets no favoritism from ANYBODY!

          • York

            No one buys the critical theory definition of ‘racist’ except the people who benefit from it by exempting themselves form being accountable for racism. Ironically, using such an institutional and biased definition of racism, one which certainly implies power of those that it benefits, counters your entire assumption that you have no power and are therefore exempt from being racist.

            I disagree that the discussion has been mired in racialism, even though there is some evidence that you harbor favored feelings for Serena based on race. However, I don’t begrudge you that. I’d just leave the racial theory discussions be, lest you get into a discussion that you likely can’t handle (which would be the case if your arguments would be solely from the critical theory play-book).

            • marcia milbanks

              York, Ebony just gave you Sociologically sound reasoning for that. “Racism” is a sociological term. “Prejudice” is different. She is right that Institutional Racism has harmed Millions of black people at one time and that since black people had not traditionally been the heads of banks or State School Superintendants,or Superior court judges in any appreciable numbers, then they have not been able to practice RACISM. The legal System in this country even made it “ILLEGAL” for black people to READ in certain parts of this nation! Even if black people were to come to power in every aspect of society, we’d NEVER do that to you! When all was said and done, who would have been more “racist?”

        • marcia milbanks

          Ted, you must not know many women! LOL With so many people trying out so many diets, quite a few people’s weight fluctuates. Serena has also adopted most of Venus’s vegetarian diet as Venus learns to deal with the auto-immune disorder she was diagnosed with a year or two ago.
          And “The Tennis Association” hasn’t given her squat. They fined Serena much more just for SAYING something to a crazy linesjudge ( who was stupid enough to call footfault practically on MATCH POINT) than they fined a Bryan Brother (white male player) who physically PUSHED a tennis official after verbally abusing him!
          Serena’s been a Tennis champion since she was a Child. She knows she doesn’t need that poison to win. Some of her competition was desperate enough to, though. Sesil Karatantcheva, one of the Eastern European woman tennis pros, used steroids and was banned from tennis for years because of it.
          The irony for racists myopically and ignorantly pointing fingers at the Williamses? Sesil “Steroid Cheat” Karatantcheva “beat” a Clean, Honest Williams sister whose Ranking Unfairly Fell as a result!
          In fact, as far as Eastern Europeans go, Victor Conte, the drug cheat lab owner, said he “worked with” Maria Sharapova. He never worked with all-natural Serena.
          The International Cycling Union confirmed that Lance Armstrong failed even less thorough Urine drug tests — he submitted SIX samples containing corticosteroids and EPO from the 1999 Tour de France alone! Armstrong also failed other tests along the way. In Stark Contrast, Serena Williams has passed even the most thorough blood tests.
          And Serena had been tested so often in and out of competition that it began to border on harassment–compared to other players. They even followed Serena to the Middle East to pounce and test her!
          Lastly, what’s so interesting about the debate here where Lance Armstrong and women tennis players are concerned, is that steroids reduce breast tissue to the point of flat-chestedness in women with prolonged use. Justine Henin, Samantha Stosur, and Sharapova herself would be much more likely candidates for steroid use than curvaceous, buxom Serena Williams. Justine Henin even looks like Lance Armstrong. They both had those small, wiry bodies with deceptively, surprisingly explosive power despite them.
          And again, curvaceous Serena Williams is buxom. See, “Serena Williams Does the Split” on youtube. Then look at Serena in the “Best Part Hit for Haiti Charity Match” with good friend Roger Federer vs Clijsters and Nadal. Also see Serena Dance with the Mascot –along with Azarenka at the Federer/Gillette Tournament. If a poster knows a “man” who looks like that, I feel sorry for that poster, and Worse for the alleged “man” in question! lol
          Serena Williams is magnificently highly skilled. Nice to see a REAL woman who is such an amazingly great athlete. Serena Williams has the most Womanly, most voluptuously feminine figure on the women’s tour. Our artists make manifest what we human beings intuit at the cellular level: The Strongest Woman is the Most WOMANLY Woman. Artists always depict female superheroes with CURVES! Goooo, Serena, GOOOO!

      • York

        It doesn’t matter if you are offended. Serena looks like a large man in a wig. It’s hormonally impossibly for a woman to be that muscular. The other women also work out but never come close to approaching her size. With that much muscle mass, she should instead compete in men’s tournaments. It’s unfair to the other women that they need to compete with someone that unnaturally large. It’s embarrassing for Serena as well as tennis when the world watches her compete with women with non-enhanced natural bodies, because the large difference between them is so obviously unnatural and unfair. It’s funny when she is so elated after a win, similar to a man being overcome with emotion because he beat a woman. It’s nothing to be so proud about due to the incredible and unnatural difference in muscle mass.

        • marcia milbanks

          Get some glasses, Mr. Magoo. Serena Williams has the most Womanly, most voluptuously feminine figure on the women’s tour. Our artists make manifest what we human beings intuit at the cellular level: The Strongest Woman Is the Most WOMANLY Woman. Artists always depict female superheroes with CURVES. Gooo, Serena! GOOO!
          Serena Williams is all Natural. She’s been a Tennis Champion since she was a Child, and she knows how to work out in a gym. You do realize that the relatively breastless Justine Henin’s, Samantha Stosur’s, and Sharapova’s look a LOT more like Lance Armstrong than perfectly innocent Serena does, don’t you? 🙂
          Steroids reduce breast tissue to the point of flat-chestedness with prolonged use. But Serena has the most Buxom Bosom on the women’s tour. Take a look at the youtube video, ” Serena Does the Split.” See what “pops out” at you.

      • marcia milbanks

        Ebony, I heartily concur. Serena Williams is not on steroids. For one thing prolonged steroid use reduces breast tissue to the point of flat-chestedness. Henin, Stosur, and Sharapova would be much more likely candidates for that than curvaceous Serena. See youtube video: “Serena Does Split.” Also see Serena in the “Best Part Hit for Haiti Charity Match” with Federer, Nadal, and Clijsters.
        In fact all of those women are Much closer to Lance Armstrong in build than voluptuous Serena is. Lance had a small, wiry body when he was juiced to the gills and winning, just like those relatively “small” women on tour do.

    • marcia milbanks

      That is ridiculous. Serena Williams has been a Tennis champion since she was a child. And the International Cycling Union confirmed that Lance Armstrong failed even less thorough urine tests. The ICU stated that Armstrong returned 4 samples containing corticosteroids and EPO from just the 1999 Tour de France alone. And Armstrong flunked other tests as well. In stark contrast, innocent Serena Williams passed more rigorous, much more thorough blood tests.
      Serena Williams, like many women, has seen her weight fluctuate depending on calorie intake and relatively sedentary or more active lifestyle. Serena was injured at times — which led to some weight gain. Her beloved sister’s death and the subsequent depression also affected her weight.
      When Serena is in good spirits and playing well, she tends to shed the pounds. I’m so grateful for that. I want her to save those knees. Serena looked great in the light blue dress ( with the matching headband) at the Australian Open a few years back. And Serena’s musculature is all-natural and not surprising at all. Serena was a tennis champion even as a child and she knows how to work out in a gym. She uses resistance bands more than weights though, I believe.
      Other women on tour have similar musculature. I think it often depends on how they’re pictured. If you were to Google: “Sharapova Muscle Pictures” or “Samantha Stosur Muscle Pictures,” etc. you’d see how pics showing their arms pressed to their bodies to make a shot on court, makes all the women look muscular.

  • WhoMe

    I always had a feeling that he was a doper!!! Lol looking at his demeanor and in his beady eyes, I always felt like he was a shady mofo. So happy I never bought those stupid yellow wristbands. I knew he was a fraud.

  • Nisa

    I watched some of his interview. He’s a first class douche! No other athlete would have been able to get away with the bs he pulled. The cold part is that he doesn’t seem to understand what an azzhole he is.

    • a part of me wonders if Lance is dying, like is he knocking on deaths door? is that why he’s just in this “f**k it” mode?? the whole oprah interview was just so cocky as if he just didnt care that there were people who looked up to him and are hurt he would do something so demeaning to the sport. smh