Say What Now? Liza Morales Reveals She Hasn’t Been Intimate With Anyone Since Her Split With Lamar Odom

January 18, 2013  |  

Source: TLC

As TLC prepares for the January 29th premiere of Starter Wives Confidential and sneak peaks from the show are released, we’re learning more and more about the starring ladies whom we knew almost nothing about a few months ago. In the most recent video clip to be leaked to Radar, the ladies are hanging out when they begin discussing their current love lives. As to be expected, some revealed that they had been dating, while others shared that they were kind of taking some time to themselves. The conversation almost felt like somewhat of like Hollywood Exes rerun until Liza Morales, ex and mother of Lamar Odom’s children revealed that she hasn’t been intimate with anyone since she and Lamar split four years ago.

“I think definitely the connection [with Lamar] will always be there. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be in love with that person. I’ve know him since I was fourteen. We were together since we were sixteen. We were childhood, teenaged, adolescent sweethearts. In about three or four months it will be four years for me since I’ve had sex.”

If you recall, Khoe and Lamar got married in 2009, exactly four years ago. It seems that Liza was implying that even after she and Lamar broke up, they carried on a sexual relationship until he got together with Khloe. After hearing this, Floyd Mayweather’s ex Josie Harris proceeded to ask her if Lamar is the only man she’s ever been intimate with.

“Yes, he was my first,” Liza revealed.

Liza’s revelation was surprising just because of the world we currently live in, but it was certainly not unheard of. Zakia Baum, ex-girlfriend and mother to rapper Maino’s son also revealed that she’s been celibate for five years.

You can check out the actual video clip here. What do you think of Liza’s revelation?

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  • toyasg


  • kandikane

    I think its really refreshing to see a young lady set standards for herself by not being intimate with another person that she isn’t married to. More females should follow her lead.

  • I see some miserable ppl always have to bash ppl… I respect the fact that she is not sleeping with a bunch of men… When you are that young and are with someone that long you need time to find yourself.. That takes a person with a focused mind and determination… and a good mother for setting a good example for her daughter

  • Just putting it out there

    My question is, why does the world need to know? Do we really care if anyones been in her cookie? Asid from the fact that it been told that she is the ex and mother of Lamar Odoms kids, nobody would know who she is.

  • just because she didnt f**k the first guy she sees since lamar dump her means she cant be over her ex…. some people focus on other things like themselves.. she was young when she met Lamar and probably didnt have that time to grow and be her own person.. now the kids are older she can be her own person without a man O_o

  • i could believe her O_o been celeibate two years… not guy believe me when i told um

  • I predict that Lamar married Khloe to become a real “celebrity” once the 15mins is over, he will be back with his high school sweetheart. I will bet anything on that.

  • Ross Elle

    How is she wrong in not having sex? Leave the woman be. Less UTI’s and STI’s is a good thing.

  • realadulttalk

    There’s nothing wrong with being celibate–but is she waiting for him or just doing her? And was he doing her right up until he got married?? This sounds so messy.


    Lamar has a type I see

    • TeahMonae

      I was just thinking that she and Khloe favor each other!

    • Yes big azz face.

  • Nisa

    Why even go on a show like this? She is not relevant and Lamar Odom is not a prize!

  • smart woman.

  • CB3

    Why do women famous or not or tryng to be famous insist on sharing what and with whom they share their vagina. NO ONE CARES!!

  • Pivyque

    She may not be waiting on him. She could have decided to be celibate after the divorce and focus on raising the kids. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t dating around. It just means that she isn’t bringing these guys home. I think that’s smart on her part.

    • They were never married.

      • Pivyque

        Really? I didn’t know that. Well, after the break up.

  • TeahMonae

    Just because she hasn’t had sex doesn’t mean she hasn’t dated or moved on. Just saying…

  • Yay!

    Soooo tacky! Feenin for a man that droped you like a bad habit, kids and all. What did she hope to accomplish by spillin? I can’t stand sorry azz women.

  • niki

    we should care becasue……..??

  • niki

    we should care becasue……..??

  • Treacle234

    She should really consider getting a life apart from stalking her ex or secretly wishing he comes back to her.

  • IllyPhilly

    By sex she means she never been in love with anyone else. She’s screwed other people since then though. LOL. Who waits that long for a man that’s married to someone else?

  • Tre Tre

    Liza baby, time to move on and get on with your life. You should be over him by now. He’s been married for over 3 years. It’s NOT a good look. He dated a couple girls after you split before settling down and getting married. So he wasn’t even exclusive with you.