Did You Watch American Idol? Because Nobody Else Did, Shows Premiere With Lowest Ratings Ever

January 18, 2013  |  

Source: Fox

I haven’t watched “American Idol” since Ruben Studdard was on the show but I know plenty of people who still rearrange their schedules to get home and catch Americans make a fool of themselves and get dogged by hosts because they have no singing ability. Unfortunately for Fox, it doesn’t appear there are too many of those people left. According to Entertainment Weekly, Wednesday night’s premiere of “Idol” brought in the lowest ratings for the show ever.

“‘Idol’ delivered 17.9 million viewers and a 6.0 adults 18-49 demo rating. That’s down 19 percent from last year’s opener, which was the previous lowest-ever record-holder.”

“Idol” has actually been on the decline for several years now, particularly since 2009 when reality singing competition shows became a dime a dozen. Plus, with the show being in its twelfth season, it had to die out at sometime. Truth be told, that time still probably isn’t now, as despite the decline in ratings, “American Idol” still takes the title as the top-rated singing show premiere this season.

I’m curious how these ratings will hold because after watching just 27 minutes of Wednesday’s show I was already over the cattiness between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey (and that’s my girl), plus Nicki just needed too much attention and this show is not about her. Unless Randy Jackson is gonna snatch up both of them and tell them to grow up at some point, I probably won’t be tuning in — like I didn’t last night.

Did you watch the two-night premiere of “American Idol” this week? Are you sticking with it? Also, check out Wendy’s synopsis of “American Idol’s” problem. It’s pretty on point.

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  • Miyako

    Nicki Minaj has ruined this show. Her personality and antics just do not work well with this format.

  • lisa

    Watching Nicki last night was like watching the Lifetime Movie Sybil (about a young woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder) Nicki was switching between, trini, british, america she was doing a Jamaican accent its like it happens out of nowhere, i dont know what triggers it though

  • mac

    Serves them right. I’m sure the $12 mill they spent to get Nicki will be missed dearly.

  • realadulttalk

    AI’s problem is that it should have ended a few years back. Idk why they didn’t take this off when it was on top.

  • CB3

    I just can’t respect the ploy, the show was about talent maybe MAYBE the first 3 or so seasons. Now with Roman, Niki and everybody else floating around in that head of Onika Maraj it’s just so obviously a gimick. I hate that Mariah feds into too. Mariah has 20 + years of true talent that she contributed to music and I hate that she feds into the Queen of Plastic whom none of us will even be talking about 5 yrs from now.

  • Hollander

    I haven’t watched it in years, but I definitely cant do Schizi Mouflage. I am all about women of color getting their money and succeeding, but I can’t support cattiness and tell my daughters not to be typical Angry Black females. I probably won’t watch in the future either.

  • Patricia

    The show has really gone down since Simon Cowell left. At least Simon, was the only one who was straight forward and told some of them that the didn’t have talent. Nicki Minaj is not a singer, she is a rapper. They don’t even do rap on American Idol. I stopped watching it a long time ago. They need to bring in people who had actually been in the business and know the side of the music and can tell these people straight up that they don’t have the talent. Mariah Carey has the talent and can sing. They should have gotten Areatha Franklin for a judge.

  • Zettai

    I wanted to tune in to see Mariah, but I also didn’t want to support anything the clown does so I didn’t. Having Nicki on that show is like having Ellen on it. WTF do YOU know about singing? Autotune, autotune, autotune.

    • mac

      exactly. I wanted to watch out of curiosity, but didn’t want to buy into this obvious ploy for ratings. Apparently I wasn’t alone lol

  • bluekissess

    The more Nicki talks the more I dislike her. She was rude and disrespectful (that was the opinion of my 13 year old sister) which I agree. I didn’t see any talent. The only one I enjoyed was Curtis singing Smokey Norful. I enjoy watching Sunday’s Best on B.E.T anyways.

  • My sister was watching it on Wednesday when I went over her house… I saw about ten minutes and Nicki made about 1000+ different faces… Once I heard the English accent come out, I left!

  • Trisha_B

    If the show been on a decline from previous years, why is Nicki & Mariah being blamed for this season decline? They thought them together would bring in more viewers, but idol is so played out. I caught some parts of the show (I had to watch my Grey’s anatomy lol) & it wasn’t too bad. Nicki is very nice lol. People who sounded horrible, she uplifted them & gave them hope. Mariah was typical Mariah, diva Hollywood mode was still in effect. But they agreed on a lot tho. Their jabs seemed playful, but after while jabs get taken serious lol..hopefully this is the last season. No one can save that show, legend or newbie