True Life: He Told Me The Worst Lie Ever

January 18, 2013  |

In the history of relationships, men and women have told their fair share of bold-faced lies. But since this is a women’s site and women are much more willing to share, we asked our Facebook followers to tell us the worst, whether morally, emotionally or just plain ridiculous, lie they’ve ever heard from a man. See what they had to say and once you’re done reading, feel free to share the worst lie you’ve ever heard in the comments section.

Jerisa: That he was paying our rent and in actuality he was saving his money to move without telling me, while I was pregnant with his child

Toy Toy: That’s my ex wife but we live together!

Martha: I was giving her a ride to school, ROTFL!!

Tori: His parent Died.

Takiyah: I have roommates & the house is a mess… That’s why you can’t come in…

Valencia: He wasn’t married and only had 2 kids. Negro had 5 by 4 different women Lmao! Guess his a&$ couldn’t count lmao

Alexandra: I aint gay! I was choking and he was giving me the Heimlich”

Betty: my doctor says I can’t have sex because I have a heart problem

La’Donna: The child he seemed to be babysitting frequently was a friends, when it was actually his baby: by his niece…….

Bear: I slept with all these women to make sure, you were what I really wanted. And it took all that for me know I love you.

Mississippi: “The barber shop was crowded that’s what took so long”…I guess he forgot he went to the barbershop the day before..

Tiffy: That he used to be a dancer with Ginuwine in the clubs of Atlanta O_o.

La-Quita: Baby I know we’re supposed to get together today but my mama at the nail shop & she asked me to bring her a soda, she thirsty.

KO: omission..umm when I married knew of 1 kid..but in reality I have one older & younger than him

Pamela: I am gonna rock ya world..don’t let this age fool ya…#epicfail

Vanessa: “I have stage two stomach cancer.” He isn’t going to chemo though, he claims he’s tired of going… Yeah OK!

Zuhra: I got a STD because my “THANG” touched the inside of the toilet bowel. FA REAL??!!!

Senita: I graduated from a private school in a rich white neighborhood” …actually, he was a high school drop out who lived in the hood all his life. When I was just casually talking to his mom – I brought it up -and she stopped. stared at me for a sec… fell out laughing. still not sure why he thought that was impressive-guess he took me for that type.

Joan: His daughter was sick and he had to drive from New Orleans to Shreveport to be with her. I ran into him into 2 hours after I talked to him.

Tynia: “My baby’s mama killed our son by throwing him over the project fence.” (The child was 8 years old…and very much alive.) The father proved to be mentally ill.

Carolyn: That he had a yeast infection and not a STD dumbest thing I ever heard.

Latosha: I only want to put the head in…


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  • chloe

    when we met he told me his mother died in a car accident in a year ago. She shows up at the house a couple of months later.

  • Candacey Doris

    I am dying! These lies are all so bad. And some are just plain wrong.

  • UmmYeahOK

    I was told he had mesothelioma (cancer from asbestos), his mother died, he only had one child, and that his dad hated him. It all came out at HIS funeral…mom sitting in the front pew as live as can be, the son he HAD while with me was next to his WIFE whom he swore was only his kid’s mother. Oh, and his dad spoke about close they were. He made up a whole other life…it is incredible the lengths through which some men will go just for some side action.

  • TT

    “I’m single”

    • Ms. Kameria

      Right….with a wife, a girlfriend, and 4 kids in the background.

      • TRUTH IS

        lol…you forgot mistress…lol

  • IllyPhilly

    “I didn’t really know how old I was until I turned 18.” WTF??? He lied about his age ( he was younger than he said) and that was his explanation as to why. He was past 18 when I met him.

  • Starbright

    La’Donna had the worst one to me. Incest much?? I don’t care if it is your niece by marriage, that’s wrong. Anyway, I had a boyfriend who lied about having a child, then I found out from a co-worker that he had a daughter AND a wife he conveniently forgot to tell me about. I confronted him, and I was told that he was “ashamed of his wife and mother of his child bc of the way she acts” (Smh). I was also told that he was in the process of a divorce. Not!! Found out later, he never planned on divorcing her and are still together last I heard.


    Please explain:
    “Latosha: I only want to put the head in…” Head in where?!? Ok…but what happen?!?

    “Jerisa: That he was paying our rent and in actuality he was saving his money to move without telling me, while I was pregnant with his child” Was she evicted because he wasnt paying rent?!? How could she not know he wasnt paying rent if they live together?!?

    • Jerisa

      Girl, (i’m assuming you’re a woman), this apt I was staying in was going into foreclosure (unbeknownst to both of us) so the 3 months he wasn’t paying rent, they never contacted us about it because they were shady landlords

      • TRUTH IS

        Yes am a woman 🙂 Got it….sad case…trifling men!!

  • Firedancer

    “I would never hit a woman. I’d never be abusive to you.”


    I am going to NJ to work on my baby mama’s house. Found out he went to Canada for the weekend. But wait nah, he knocked up the girl in Canada (her and I communicated after finding out about each other lol) and then knock up his baby mama again…..all now he is playing innocent (we are friends, nothing more). I forgive him, he cant help his philanderer ways…it’s a disease!!!

  • dee

    A guy I had plans with cancelled our date because one of his “good friends” broke up with her boyfriend and was a wreck, so he was going over to her house to console her.

    • TRUTH IS

      And you two couldnt go together…..these men are lames

  • Coco black

    When I received a call at 2am in the morning, then an email on FB from Angela his so called best mate….confirming she was pregnant!! All of a sudden Angela was Bi-Polar, mentally very unstable and he had never even had sex with her so she was a LIAR!! He said it with so much compassion I almost believed him. I dumped him….for months he continued to text me stories about Angela’s bi-polar and her mental health issues blah blah. I read a handful but just deleted them. Then a good 7 months later… A friend told me that he had posted pictures of his ‘new son’ by Angela his childhood sweet heart on FB!! Just thinking about it makes me laugh out loud…..he was the one with mental health issues!!

  • Coco black

    Why are people so mad at Jane Doe?? You can’t diss the whole black male race however, when it comes to inventing a story!! Oh man…..our brothers have the most creative imaginative stories you could ever dream of! Lol.

    • sweettea

      men of all races lie. my friend, who is white, uses to be married to a Peruvian man. after the wedding he told.her that his roommate was really his girlfriend and they had a kid together so she couldn’t move in but he’d rent her a room.

      • Coco black

        Of course ALL men lie….however, I stand by what I said. Our brothers have the most “creatives” stories everrrrr!! I’m not saying black men lie’s the “creative nature” of the lies!!

        If I was to factor in friends, friends of friends, family…I could write a book!! Lol

    • Ms_Mara

      I don’t think anyone is mad at her/him. We’re just pointing out how silly it is to assume race plays any part in how honest or dishonest someone is.

      • Jane Doe

        I’m a woman you POS. Scorned bytch.

        • Coco black

          Chillllll…most of the comments are light hearted.

      • Coco black

        I think race does play a terms of creativity!!

    • IllyPhilly

      “The kid was too light to be my kid.” Lie from a white guy who was telling me about how he didn’t claim the stripper he got pregnant kid when he was married to his wife.

  • Confused

    I don’t know how you got that STD I have slept with anyone but you.. I swear to God!!

  • Babydoll 70

    I was told that his sister had been murdered. Shortly after that I was told his mom was terminally ill and a few weeks later was told she died. He tried pretending he was out of town. I just happened to have had his moms home number which I called and actually spoke to his mom (he was unaware of this). He sent me an IM later asking why I didn’t call to check on him while he was dealing with his moms death. I said you’re alright and so is your mom, I just talked to her an hour ago. Scumbag.

    • TRUTH IS

      Death on family members is a sign of a Grade A douchebag. Never lie about death and sickness…jeez

    • Did you tell his mom and sister?

      • Babydoll 70

        Yep and and by his mom’s reactions she is dysfunctional as well. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Jane Doe

    I don’t date black men so I don’t have sad sob stories like these women. I only date white men so I am pretty much living the good life.

    • bluekissess

      What the heck does race have to do with lying? I think you just wanted to gloat about your “fabulous life being with a white man.” Really?

      • Jane Doe

        Typical jealous Becky. This is Madame Noire not Madame Blanca bytch.

        • bluekissess

          I laugh at your ignorance. Smh

    • Brian

      and you did not even have the courage to use your real name. I am quite sure that If I checked out your life it would not be anywhere near as good as you say it is. With a comment like that you can’t be all that together…the good life Pluh-ease

      • Jane Doe

        Changing sn’s just to spew the same shyt. Buh-bye Becky.

      • Jane Doe

        Hating Becky.

        • bluekissess

          Umm who’s Becky lmao

          • TRUTH IS

            Shes using Becky out of context…..trash in every race….thinking white men dont pull schemes….white men will take you snorking in Aruba and her @$$ will never be found!!! Turds

            • bluekissess

              I figured she did use it out of context. I’ve always thought Becky being a slang term of a white women.

              • TRUTH IS

                You are right…she’s delusional!!

              • Jane Doe

                You are a white woman. You can’t fool me. Ever since this site posted that “Are bw jealous of ww” video there has been an infestation of Beckies on this site. I am a bw with a wm and you are a ww with a bm. Who is the real loser in life?

                • bluekissess

                  Child please. Ain’t nobody got time for that

            • IllyPhilly

              LMAO. You forgot wear your skin and/or eat it as well. LOL. I can’t be that rude, I was married to a White guy for awhile.

    • msgeegee

      This article didnt have anything to do with race but you think only black men lie? mmmm-kay………………..silly rabbit

    • hollyw

      Bahahaa! All you can do is laugh lol…and please believe ‘date’ is all you will do, b/c none of them will be putting a ring on that ignorant tail lol smh…

    • Karsis

      Good for you! I’ve grown up with and dated Black men all my life and they aint all they’re cracked up to be! #teamswirl

    • Ms_Mara

      Why would you assume that all of these men are Black? That’s very telling.

    • Miss.Webber

      Yea…..he’s probably an undercover serial killer….they have the WORST secrets hunny, you’re not exempt! SMDH

    • IllyPhilly

      Right as the wh0re he sees on Tuesday and Thursday. See I just made you up another fake life as many people do behind computers.

    • Jane Doe

      I’m going to put you all on ignore. Now I’m going to contribute to the story. Unlike these women my bfs have never lied about giving me HIV or getting my sister pregnant. The worst lie a bf ever told me was that he couldn’t buy me a Christmas present because he lost his job. On Christmas day he drove a brand new Mercedes SL convertible with a big pink ribbon on it to my house. He told me it was all mine!!

      • TRUTH IS

        Spoken like a real superficial chicken head!! What’s your/his intrinsic value?!?

        • Jane Doe

          My car is worth well over $100K. My blonde hair blue eyed bf is priceless.

    • Candacey Doris

      What does race have to do with lying? Let me tell you, all people are capable of lying, even dumb lies like these.

  • bahamianempress

    When I confronted him about giving me STD results after a scare, he lied and said he had a benign tumor as a consequence of lung cancer. He feigned illness for months and lied about treatments and medications. He was ghost for nearly a year and still doesn’t have the balls to talk to me. He looked as healthy as a hog months later and must not have known that benign means “harmless”. I’m a nurse’s daughter so it didn’t take me long to sniff out his bullshit. Needless to say I chucked him to the curb and thankfully I was negative for STDs

  • SheBe

    MN PLEASE stop posting this pic of this couple. The dude with the little APhiA (hubby is an Alpha) tie is RIDICULOUS. Thank you.

    • bluekissess

      They always repeat the same ol pictures. I bet MN would lie about it.

    • msgeegee

      You know I had to scroll back up and look at that picture,,,,LMAO!!!! WHY IS THAT TIE SO SHORT?????????????? Y’all are so wrong for that one.

    • Ms_Mara

      I scrolled back up to see and immediately burst into a fit of giggles. Thank you! LOL

  • Maura

    “I’m going through a lot right now, my father died.” A couple of months later he slips and says that he hadn’t seen his father in awhile.

    When I called and texted once with no response, I get an email 2 months later saying “Why haven’t I heard from you? I couldn’t call you or anything because I was in jail.” After reading that I went his twitter and facebook pages and he had something posted everyday. When I confronted him he still wouldn’t confess. He had the Herman Cain syndrome, deny, deny, deny. LOL

    • bluekissess

      Lmao. Lies are ridiculous

    • bluekissess

      Lmao. Lies are ridiculous

  • dead at Alexandra’s LOL