B%&*#! Every Black Woman And Gay Man’s Favorite Word Til The Wrong Person Uses It

January 18, 2013  |  

Ya’ll know the word b***h has become the new n-word in some ways. Even though it doesn’t have nearly the same history, certain people can say the word in certain company and other’s cant,because as soon as someone gets a little too comfortable and let’s anything that rhymes with itch and starts with a b roll off their tongue when they don’t know you like that, it is on and poppin’! Think it’s not? Let this video show you.

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  • Babydoll 70

    It’s definitely good to see that there are some women on here that believe in respecting themselves and others. Kudos.

  • Meyaka

    Hmmm I only call people B!tches when i meant it.

  • Miyako

    Excuse me? I am a Black woman and ‘b*tch’ is not my favorite word.

  • I was always taught it is HOW you speak, not WHAT you say…unfortunately, this is one of those remnants of the environment in which I grew up and I use it often with friends, I know that it is a “bad” word but when I use it, I mean in it in an innocuous way-well at least 95% of the time…

    However, I wouldn’t compare it to the N word or the F word because the latter words were adapted as a way to intentionally insult and belitle SPECIFIC minority groups-African Americans and Homosëxuals…the B word has no gender, race or sëxual preference

  • MeMe

    Actually, I don’t use that word. I wouldn’t even insult someone using that word. I generally don’t swear, but I refrain from using this word in particular because of it’s gendered implications.

    It’s generally reserved for women, usually those who are perceived as assertive or aggressive. If it’s used on a man, it’s because he’s perceived to be acting like a woman in some way.

  • U always have to go back to when ya mama would tell u, why are u worried about what they say to u its just words. Words can hurt, but i dont think its a hurtful word unless its used to abuse u from a loved one. any sorry excuse on the street dont worry bout it, ya girlfriends dont worry bout it,ya kids dont…jk worry bout it…i even use it to describe myself in the third person. Its just a word and a word can only have as much power as u give it. im sure most of us would be offended if someone called us a broad another term of endearment.

  • Nikki

    I know how to insult someone without swearing. And when I do, chances are they have no idea what I just called them.

    As far as using the word, b*tch, for fun (as in “I’mma baaad b*tch”), I don’t do that.

  • sabrina

    when i was younger, it was cool to call my good girlfriends b’s, tricks, h0es, s k a n k s, etc. now, i don’t do it anymore. i would rather not use a cuss word/demeaning word on my good girlfriends. i now tak the overly friendly route — i call them anything from mamacita to babe to boo to sugar dumpling. i think those are way better.

  • IllyPhilly

    I prefer to call my close friend houas. LOL, how crazy does that sound? I have never called my BFF an itch bay and I don’t plan on starting.

  • IllyPhilly

    I prefer to call my close friend houas. LOL, how crazy does that sound? I have never called my BFF an itch bay and I don’t plan on starting.

  • realadulttalk

    I will admit that this and h00ker are what I call my really good gf’s. It’s a term of endearment for us–but if someone outside person said it we’d flip. As a matter of fact, I beat a girl up in my younger days for calling one of my gf’s a “b”.

  • Say What?

    So are we going to pretend that white women/gays don’t use that word on a regular?

    • IllyPhilly

      Exactly, in fact I think its a show with a hint of that word in the title about white girls.

      • realadulttalk

        Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23…that’s my show. Lol

  • kay

    Correction. It is not every black womens favorite word. I personally do not use that word, its offensive and even when said amoungt friends sems inappropiate. Maybe if we find better ways of affirming someone as our friend we not be so offended when others who are not as close to us calls us that name. How can we call ourselves one thing and get made when others do it from watching us use that language. Same thing with the N word. Stop calling yourself and those you love those names and maybe others wont find it okay to do the same. I would think its common sense but I guess not.

    • Ms_Mara

      Didn’t you know? Common sense isn’t common! I totally agree!

    • 94Accord

      [Sighs] First off do not compare the N word with the B word. The N word derived from NGR that was Egyptian for God. Let us not forget Negus which means royalty in Ethopia. Europeans find ways to sully original meanings. We cannot help it that words are in the Oxford dictionary just because you prohibited it from your vocabulary does not mean it vanishes into the spheres. Whites are going to say what they want to say, so why should i censor myself to swab their conscience. You can go ahead and shuck and jive with those house negroes. I admire the fact that black Americans can revamp a damnable concept then make it solely ours. The B word is slang just like dope. The word has several different different meanings but we use it as a positive connotation to describe something “cool” If this is the case stop using all slang words and drift away into that “culture-less” zone.

      • Babydoll 70

        Wow, the B word is slang. Not it’s not and it’s sad that you would think it is. Anything so justify foolishness which is the last think we as decent humans need especially those trying to raise our kids to be decent human beings.

    • Babydoll 70

      Thank you for saying that, it is definitely not may favorite word and I hate hearing women calling each other that name. Horrible.

    • ummmmm

      yeah I never been a fan of that word, and I do not call any women/girl that and I will not allow anyone to call me that. I am truly a child of the 90’s and UNITY is the anthem. You would get hurt calling a women a b!tch and I still live by that. B!tch is not on my birth certificate. turn up the Queen “Who you calling a B!TCH?” straight up

  • I admit, I do have a bad habit of calling folks b!tches, whether it be in my head or under my breath (LOL)

  • Toya


  • bluekissess

    I only use the word when necessary. It’s a respect thing. In order to get it I have to give it. Boundaries have to start early.