Facing The Truth: Signs You’re Being Emotionally Abused By Your Man

February 1, 2013  |  
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Even though emotional abuse doesn’t leave physical marks, it is said to be the hardest type of abuse to understand and escape. Emotional abuse can occur in the many relationships and for those impacted, stick and stones may break their bones, but words will never hurt them. Here are 15 signs that your relationship is emotionally abusive.

He puts you down.

Us women love compliments, that’s a fact. If your guy talks down to you and makes you feel like less than who you really are, it’s time to reconsider. No man is worth losing your self-esteem or self-confidence over.

You’ve become isolated.

If you were once a social butterfly and are now isolated from your friends and family because of your boyfriend, it’s time to rethink your relationship. No one should try to isolate you from the people and family you love most. Don’t continue to let him ruin your social life.

He treats you badly.

Your guy is supposed to cherish you, especially if he really cares and has true emotions for you. Does your guy put you down, laugh at your accomplishments, or mock you? These are all signs that he does not care much about you or the relationship.

Yelling matches are common.

Arguing in a relationship is plenty normal and it’s actually seen as being healthy. But when arguing turns into heated screaming matches, there’s a big red flag. Arguing should not result in things being broken, walls being punched, or anything else destructive.

You’re afraid to make him angry.

No one wants to upset their partner but when it comes to the point that you’re afraid to make your guy angry, emotional abuse could be the issue. If you fear that he will become extremely angry and aggressive and that it could turn into something more, the relationship isn’t worth while anymore! Run, not walk away from it.

He treats you like an object.

You’re a human, a strong woman at that, and you deserve to be treated like a queen. An emotional abuser will put you in a position where you feel more like an object, or property, rather than his girlfriend. This isn’t healthy for you or the relationship.

He ignores your feelings.

If you’ve had a bad day at work or if something went wrong with your car, you’re likely to want to tell your guy, just to get it off your chest. An emotional abuser will laugh it off, say nothing, or completely ignore it. Don’t let this fly because your feelings do matter.

You’re constantly walking on egg shells.

You can never be too careful with an emotional abuser and you know that one wrong step, you’re in for pure hell. There’s nothing worse than having to walk on egg shells 24/7 so that you don’t upset your guy. Every move and every word you say is fragile and that makes life way too stressful.

He’s two-faced.

Emotional abusers are often nice people outside of their relationship. They put on their best face for their friends and family members. But, when it’s just you and him, he’s a completely different guy. Don’t let his good side fool you.


The littlest things set him off.

We all make mistakes, right? When a guy gets angry about small things, such as you being home a minute late, towels being folded wrong, or dinner not being what he expected, it’s more than just a short temper. Don’t deal with it any longer.

He’s very jealous.

Have you noticed that your guy is extremely jealous? Does he hate that you spend time with other people, even if it’s just family members? Does he have a GPS on you 24/7? Do you get a guilt trip over small things? All signs of an emotional abuser.

Knocks you down when you’re already down.

Emotional abusers somehow get gratification out of knocking people down more, even when they’ve already had it rough. If you’re down in the dumps, you want nothing more to be cheered and lifted up. If your guy does just the opposite and instead makes you feel even worse, know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You defend his behavior.

When a friend or family member tries to point out your man’s behavior, you immediately run to the defense. You make excuses for all of the things he does, no matter how bad they are. You completely ignore what other people see.

You’ve started to blame yourself.

Emotional abuse takes its toll on you, and as time passes, you can start to truly believe that you’re the one with the issue. Emotional abusers like to pass the blame onto anyone but themselves. The more you accept it, the more likely it is that you’ll start to think that it’s all your fault.

You feel trapped.

In a relationship it’s not a bad thing to share details, such as where you’re going or what time you’ll be home. When it comes to the point that you feel trapped and your guy feels the need to know where you are every minute of the day, there’s a problem.

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