What’s A Relationship Deal Breaker For You? 9 Men To Give A Chance Or Give The Boot

January 17, 2013  |  
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Every woman is very different when it comes to what they can and can’t do when it comes to men and relationships. What is one woman’s trash can be another woman’s treasure and knight in shining armor. And after having many an interesting conversation on social media about what’s a no-no and what can be overlooked in a man, I thought it would be interesting to once again post some different kind of men and different type of situations so that you can figure out what you want…cause you don’t know what you want girl (kidding!). And who knows? In the future, the right guy might come around and change your mind. But until then, let’s chat girl!

Man struggling in the economy…aka, Jobless

There’s a difference between a man who has no interest in working, paying his own way and taking on adult responsibilities, and a man who has just found himself unlucky in a struggling economy. While some people have had the blessing to find steady employment in the recession, other people have lost positions they might have had for years, or struggled to even find a position to work and grow in. I can remember a few years ago, straight out of college and working my first full-time gig, a friend and I were talking about what things we like in a man. When I told her he NEEDED to have a job, she didn’t think it was very important at that time, and told me I should be more understanding since times were hard. I can’t say that my opinion has bent when it comes to whether or not I’ll accept an unemployed man with open arms, but I might not be so quick to dismiss him if he’s got many other great qualities going for him. But what about you?


A bisexual man

So you meet a guy and he’s handsome, funny, smart, and has a bright future ahead of him. You’re vibing while conversing on a variety of deep topics, including going in depth about your personal life and work, and you think things are off on the right track. So how would you react if he told you he was both attracted to women and men? Would it be too much for you? For example, I used to claim Frank Ocean as one of my many play husbands, because not only could he sing and write about things in ways that hadn’t been done in a long time, but he’s tooooo cute. But since he’s revealed his bisexuality, while I’m still a fan, that uber-crush has worn off. Personally, the pressure of having to compete with thirsty chicks is already enough for me, but if I have to worry about a guy I’m interested in also possibly flirting away with men too, that might just be too much for one lady to take. But to each their own, right?

Man with a criminal past

So he’s got himself in a little trouble in the past, maybe even done a little time, paid his debt to society and is trying to move forward. Could a man with a criminal past move forward with you? Some might say it depends on the crime committed. Even Southern belle Phaedra Parks met a man who couldn’t stay out of trouble for a while, and had to do time twice for everything from theft by receiving stolen goods, and racketeering–white collar crimes. When he got out, she was there. But then again, that’s a white collar crime. What if he assaulted someone? Had a gun possession conviction? Could you overlook a clouded past? Or is that something you won’t deal with?



Man with bad credit

After posting a few articles about the importance of dating someone with a good credit score, I’ve quickly learned that the tougher times get, the less people want to waste time on financially irresponsible people. But I think we all know that people can change. How many of us have bought a bunch of things we didn’t necessarily need at a given moment, and then struggled to pay those debts down? How many of us have gone through hard times and been unable to meet hefty payments like we wanted to? But at the same time, if someone, including a guy you’re seeing, doesn’t seek to change and would rather continue to spend borrowed change and rack up debt, this fella could be a liability to your financial health in the future.

Man with children

Nowadays, it’s becoming more normal for people to walk into relationships with a child. But I’ve noticed through social media that a man with kids to some women is STILL a huge no-no. Even if he does take good care of his responsibility and is a hands-on father, the drama that can come with the mother of a man’s child, or the time that has to be devoted that can take away from your relationship can scare many women off. But many other women have children of their own and those that do can often be more understanding of a man with a child or two, especially if he’s a great dad. But I will say, I don’t know anybody who would be so understanding of a man in a Shawty-Lo type of situation…


A man who only has female friends

While it starts off as no big deal, I’ve actually gone into a relationship with a man who might have had a handful of male friends, but a mass amount of female friends. I tried to be understanding of it all, but after a while, he started spending waaaaay too much time with them and less and less with me. When we broke up, I learned that the first person he tried to ask out on a date was one of those “female friends.” She was smart enough to say no.

While some men keep female friends around as a low-key stash of options, there are many who have innocent bonds with them, and they often know these women way before you come around. Could you stand the extra females around?


A man with different religious beliefs

This is definitely more tame, but it’s also something that can create division in a relationship quickly. People base most of their moral fiber and everyday behavior around their religious beliefs, so when someone believes in something totally different, it can cause drama. It can be even more of a struggle if the person you’re interested in believes in no higher power at all. But with work and the right amount of respect, many people make these type of relationships work on a daily basis. But when it comes to you, could you be down with someone whose beliefs didn’t line up with yours?


A man with a cheating past

Just yesterday, singer LeAnn Rimes admitted that she often worried about her husband, Eddie Cibrian, possibly wanting to step out on her. Of course, the two cheated on the people they were married to in order to be together, so the stress of losing a man how you got him can wear a woman out. But if a man has a history of stepping out on his women, and all of a sudden claims he’s had an epiphany and wouldn’t cheat anymore, could you believe it? Some believe in the saying that “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” but many people make mistakes and want to do better…And then again, some guys can just be dogs.

A man who says he doesn’t want to marry

Whether it’s because they watched their mother and father’s relationship fall apart, have been married in the past and it didn’t work out, or just aren’t in to putting a ring on it, some men and women just aren’t into the concept of marriage. But who am I fooling? There’s a gang of both sexes still hoping to jump the broom with that special someone. So what happens when you’re at a stage where you want to eventually settle down, wed and start a family, and the man you’re interested in moving forward with doesn’t believe in marriage? When people tell you who they are and what they want straight up, it’s often best to listen to them and act accordingly, but some people believe they have the goods to change a man’s mind and make them reconsider (I wouldn’t recommend all that). Could you stick around and see what happens, or would you seek out the exit?

So out of all the options, what could you work with and what would you pass on?

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