“My Kids…They Disappointed Right Now”: Shawty Lo Says People Should Have Given His Show A Chance; Rush Limbaugh Agrees…

January 17, 2013  |  

He’s still at it.

After news broke at the beginning of the week that Oxygen Media had fully bent under massive media criticism and a successful petition and would cancel All My Babies’ Mamas, many people were full of jubilation. And that might be an understatement. Others were confused as to why people wouldn’t just ignore the show if they didn’t want to see it instead of complaining about it, and some other folks did the Kanye shrug and proceeded to indulge in other hood fabulous reality TV. But it’s finally time to hear Shawty Lo’s opinion on his show getting axed before it ever got started. A petition came out yesterday where he expressed his thoughts and even asked if his show was being halted because he was black, but he also visited Hot 107.9 in Atlanta to speak on his disappointment, as well as his childrens’ disappointment, over the fact that he wouldn’t get to extend his 15 minutes of fame as far as he had hoped.

When asked about his thoughts on the cancellation, the rapper said that people jumped the gun based on the trailer. “To my fans I appreciate that they want to see the show. I feel like they didn’t give the show a chance to air to see what was really going on, and she [petition creator, Sabrina Lamb] made her assumptions off of the trailer.”

And when it came time to explain how he found himself with 11 children, he went all the way back, talking about his shaky upbringing and how he wound up on the streets selling drugs, making money, and attracting many women:

“My life story, it wasn’t peaches and cream. Coming up was so, so hard for me. My momma was on drugs and my daddy was elsewhere. My grandmother raised me, and she died from cancer when I was 17, so I was out there in the streets. I don’t like to brag about my life story, but I came to be one of the largest drug dealers in the Bankhead area. And with the money came women, and came children. But you know as time went on, I woke up.”

But despite what people might think, Shawty Lo says that he’s a hands-on father to all his children:

“I ain’t had no child in 11 years. And basically what I’m doing is telling my story and showing how Shawty Lo turned a negative into a positive. The show wasn’t about no, ‘we gon’ be fighting’ and this going on. And a lot of fathers don’t even take care of one child, don’t even be there with one child. But me, I be there with my children. I’m hands on. My kids love their father. If you go look on my Instagram…you’ll see before a show even thought about, I be on Instagram with my kids every weekend or when I could be with them period.”

But host Emperor Searcy (yes, that’s his name) asked him what many people had been thinking when he inquired why anyone would think it’s a good idea to name a show something as tacky as All My Babies’ Mamas…?

“I really understand that, they have the right to think that. But at least give the show a chance. I’m working hard for the show to air because people do want to see it. And my kids, they want to see it, they disappointed right now. They were excited. But you know, my show is not about no negative. It’s a positive. But if they want to see the show, sign the petition. I’m hands on…In the beginning, in the first couple a years, I’m not gon’ lie I wasn’t there with my kids like that. I thought this getting money thing…it was what it was. But as I got older and get a little more wiser, I realized it was more to that. I was a dad at first, but I became a father…I paved a way for them to not walk the same path I walked in.”

Well all right. And if you needed further assurance that cancelling this show was a good idea, Rush Limbaugh of all people spoke out about the show and thought it should continue. But then again, we know why he would root for such shenanigans…

“The morality police, the old fuddy-duddies got in gear…The show was simply gonna’ show what it is in terms of this lifestyle and just gonna’ tell everybody what it is. Is it any wonder that the star of a show that happens to be Black and has the show pulled out from under him? Well I know none of these kids are more important than the president’s kids, but they’re important to Shawty.”

Riiiiiiight. Thanks for that nonsensical gibberish, sir.

But anyway, let’s be real Shawty Lo. Life will go on even if you’re not given the opportunity to showcase your humongous family and the many baby mothers that come with it. Before reality TV, people worked, and after it, they will have to go back to seeking out REAL work, so get to rapping and continue to take care of your children and be the good father you say you are. However, we the people, don’t need to see you in action.

Check out video from his interview on the next page…

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  • Meyaka

    You hit it RIGHT on the nail.

  • adanie12

    I went to grad school so I could read about stuff like this? This kind of stuff makes me mad. I am the only black girl in my graduate program and I’ve had teachers boot me off of their class register, I’ve had the receptionist in our clinic not speak to me the whole year I was there, I’ve been accused of copying off of a white girl who copied ME and I’ve tutored white students where the teacher ASSUMED they were tutoring ME! Oh, and yes I live in Texas so that may say a lot. My point is, I don’t want to see this ignorant bullcrap on television. Yes, I understand, “just don’t watch it,” but it’s shows like this that create situations I’ve just talked about. By the way, they DON’T treat the girls from Africa, (ie. Nigerian, Ugandian, South African, etc.), the same way…HmMmM. Wonder WHY! And Rush LimBurger can have a seat somewhere, old racist, squinty eyed bastard. He probably has a black girlfriend somewhere too. Some of the most racist known white men had black girlfriends. Look THAT up on Google.

  • realadulttalk

    As Victoria said–when Rush hopped on–that was really the day it had to be cancelled. Come on son!!! What positive thing has Rush ever supported for minorities???

  • armure

    I think the main problem w this show is the title, which automatically gives a negative perception of what the show may or may not have been. Although I dont condone the “babymamma/babydaddy” lifestyle, if this show was going to help put food in these children’s mouths, I say let them do the show. At least the mothers wouldn’t have to seek welfare to sustain their households n there woukd b 11 less children out here that the govt is funding.
    The people who r complaining about this show needs to turn off their zombietubes n go get a life…smmfh!!

  • mbutterflii

    Everyone’s reality is not going to be the same I personally don’t know anyone in a situation like this but it would have been interesting to see how they all make this work…..from thee looks of it he has older kids that have graduated from high school so something is right somewhere. As far as it settting black people back I dont think a “reality” show has the power to do that …its not like we will sit in the back of the bus or have to call white ppl “masta” if this show would have aired .

  • Rush Limbaugh is just mad that he didn’t get a chance to talk ish about the show. Rush have a seat or a heart attack whatever, just make sure you fall back!

    (OK OK maybe like a mild heart attack nothing too serious lol)

  • KH

    So…the only disappointment that his kids have is the fact that the show got yanked? Their priorities are off.

  • Ms_Mara

    “Rush Limbaugh agrees”. That quote is all I need to see to know pulling the plug was the right decision.

  • Papillon

    Instagram on the weekends? That’s where his bar is set for being a “hands-on” father? Sad.

  • Cakester

    “I want to watch a show about a rapper, his 11 kids, and all his baby mamas” said nobody ever! So what if his kids are disappointed… that’s life…they’ll get over it! They need to learn that this kind of fame is not good.

  • Meyaka

    The show may be cancelled but the reality still exist. Oh I forgot as long as white people don’t see it,it’s cool. Gtfoh what else is going to be done against the growing numbers of babies being born to absentee fathers and numerous siblings by other women? I can’t…




  • Miyako

    Yea, they are disappointed that they won’t get the reality TV fame they thought they were going to have.

  • The fact that Rush Limbaugh is endorsing this show should settle anyone’s opinions. It gives credence to his twisted view of Black people.

  • Trisha_B

    From the name to the trailer, it was a big no. If the trailer took a different approach it would have been a different story. If he would have took an approach like, lets say t.I show (rapper showing how he raises his kids, leaving the baby mamas out of it) then maybe it wouldnt of been that big of a fuss. But the trailer was just ghetto, w/ the title, the baby mama nick names, the new gf, it was a hot mess. Dont need that on tv

  • lol ikr with all those double negatives!

  • Sorry but once Rush Limbaugh supports you, I can no longer hear you…I can’t sympathize with a grown man who has all these kids by all these women and currently has a girlfriend who is YOUNGER than two of his kids-sorry try Comedy Central!

  • Solo40

    Shawty again, please stop seeking praise for doing what a father is SUPPOSED to do. I agree that while your efforts should not go unnoticed, at the same time, you can’t get on tv and expect special accolades just because you take care of your children and their mothers. You can’t get praise for that. Granted, there are some real deadbeats out there, but flip the coin an there’s also good upstanding & respectable fathers out there as well. You are not special. Rush Limbaugh’s racist pill poppin *ss IS NOT on your side. The only reason he’s encouraging this is so he can make you look like an idiot and then talk isht about you just to kick up some mess. He shouldn’t even be taken seriously, ever! Ppl like Rush and Bill O’riley will never care about you. They are incapable isht starters on a mission to make a clown of anyone that takes the bait. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT. Even though your children are disappointed, they are children which means can’t yet see the overall picture. The media will mercilessly tear your whole situation to shreads and them being children, they need to be protected from that. Be a father and protect them.

  • JessieMae

    Tell me where to sign up to get a reality show since they passing them out like flyers

    • realadulttalk

      Right? Obviously we’re not sleeping with the right people. Lol

      • Ms. Kameria

        Or getting drunk in the street and fighting the right people.

        • realadulttalk


  • KG

    Of course Rush limbarf would agree with shawty lo ’cause this is another way to embarrass the black community. Shawty lo keep yo ish to Urself… U already got yo own audience!!

  • As if ANYONE in the black community should give 2 sh*ts about what Rush has to say.

    • ieshapatterson

      Besides,if this show airs then rush will be able to use this in his next campaign to degrade and hate on blacks.why do people think he’s rooting for this?? It’s because he has a side agenda.

  • Tiya

    Shawty Lo please move on, there are a million other ways for you to make money. If you’re so concerned about showing people your “lifestyle” post some YouTube videos and call it a day, they will even pay you.

  • IllyPhilly

    If this show does see the light of a TV screen, I wanna know how do you talk yourself, as a woman, into becoming baby mama# 3, 4,…Hell how would you be Shawty Lo’s baby mama one?

    • Ms. Kameria

      Because he had (still might have) money back in the day, and when they find out he’ s getting more money or about to be on tv they sign up and hop on. Literally and figuratively.

  • Ms. Kameria

    Like I said before….NOBODY want to see this. Please keep your baggage to yourself. Just because everybody has a story to tell does not mean everybody wants to hear it. Thank you Shawty Lo.

    • KIR12

      Why exactly are you all mad? This is an accurate portrayal of todays GHETTO black family life. The same way Good Times was an accurate portrayal of 70′s black ghetto family life. We can’t have it both ways black folks. You can’t glorify or remain silent on black baby mamas, their kids, homes with no black men and the effects this dysfunction has on the black community. Then turn around and get mad when it’s shown to those outside of the community and the world. Now, you all want to hide the end result as if it doesn’t exist? This is not a minority. This is now the majority in Black Ghettos! 60% of never married black baby mamas have multiple baby daddie

      We reap what we sow. I’m sorry to say this but we (the black community) deserve to have the current state of ther BLACK FAMILY mocked and laughed at

      • they been laughing at us for decades! our community has been shot dead for decades! give him his 15 min. of fame. if ur kids learn from tv thats ur fault!

      • Ms. Kameria

        Good Times was not a good example. James and Florida were married, not a baby mama and baby daddy. They only had 3 kids all living under the same roof. James’ name was not on a list in somebody’ s court for (back) child support payments. The only time he left was when he died. That was a portrait of the ghetto, but everyone in that household had the same last name, they loved together, struggled together, and lived together. If anything it was positive (or tried to be) for the most part, and I’ ll watch it now any day before I watch somebody talk about their 11 baby mamas or however many he has.

        • Dawnn

          That is exactly correct. I don’t know how KIR12 get that thought comparing James Evans to Shawty Lo. I agree that he has to make a living. Not by reality television. Why does he wants to his business out there? To me, the only thing he is doing that other black men and boys seem to think it is normal to produce all these children get a so call rap career, then a reality television show. What kind of example he is setting for these young black men? It is great that he is taking care and spending time with all his children so he says. He need to set an example to his male children and female children not make the same mistakes in producing a bunch of children like he has.

        • realadulttalk

          That’s not what she said. She said the show was an accurate depiction of a black family living in the ghetto in the 70’s…which it was…it was just a bad analogy for the topic at hand. I can’t ride out with her last sentence at all.

      • scandalous7

        you have a point about it not being a minority. There is a big percentage of “mistakes” being born in the black community. every time I turn around, somebody I know is accidently pregnant, not married, not with the baby daddy no more. Everytime I turn around. Its like on a monthly basis I hear “oh you know so and so is pregnant”, and these girls are no more than 20 years old …sad.

        • Ms. Kameria

          And the sad thing about it is most of the girls know what they are doing by not have protected sex and getting pregnant. What I’ve come to realize is people are going to be dumb and continue to do dumb s**t (like get pregnant, or continuing to get pregnant) even after someone has already told them, then they want to have something given to them (baby shower, accolades…whatever) then once they realize how hard raising a child really is they want to warn someone else about what not to do (how not to get pregnant). Since it’s happening all around me, I just sit back and watch people destroy their lives in that way. No advice is given from me.

          • scandalous7


    • Maurietta Amara

      LOL!!!! THATS RIGHT!!!