Kenya Is Thirsty In More Ways Than One: Phaedra Parks Addresses Workout DVD Drama

January 17, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Phaedra Parks seems to think that love, marriage and a baby carriage aren’t the only things that her co-star Kenya Moore is thirsting after these days. Apparently she’s thirsty for business deals as well. If you caught the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, you know exactly what she’s talking about. Don’t worry if you were unable to catch it, you can check out our recap of Sunday’s episode here.

In her most recent blog post on, Phaedra addressed the deterioration of her business relationship with Kenya and provided an explanation as to why Kenya went so hard over the workout DVD deal.

“Unfortunately, business deals often go sour. I have never been one to cry over spilled milk, because I usually have another gallon or two in the refrigerator to pour. However Kenya, who obviously does not have any current projects and/or business ventures, became obsessed with working on our project; taking every opportunity to whine about it with anyone who would listen. Her time would have been used more wisely if she would have just been forthcoming with us, or better yet, hired an attorney to negotiate the deal.”

She also expressed that she never asked Kenya to work for free:

“Kenya’s primary contention was we wanted her to work for free. Which is bologna! If payment of $100K is free, please let me use your magic calculator and meet your accountant.”

She closed out by saying that she and Apollo proceeded to release the DVD without Kenya’s help:

“Thankfully, we did not use her or her company and our Phine Body with Phaedra & Apollo Donkey Booty Volume I was successfully released on December 11 without a hitch or an emotional roller coaster attached to it! We do hope that Kenya will invest in a Business 101 class and we wish her all the best!”


Check out the promotional video for Phaedra and Apollo’s DVD on the next page.  Does this seem like a workout routine that you’d consider trying?

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  • adanie12

    Everybody is shady on this one LOL. No one is innocent. Phaedra and Kenya tried to scam the lightbulbs off of each other and of course we know the saying, “A player can’t play a player,” and “A hustler can’t hustle a hustler.” LMBO. They both need seats. Also I find it funny that Phaedra seems not to know that Buffy the Body has workout videos and her stomach has abs. Even though she’s toning her booty, I think she measured at only 10% body fat or less, so she is definately a credible workout instructor. Plus her workouts make you sweat and keeps your heart rate up to burn that mid-section fat. I will definately need Phaedra to have a seat with the workout stuff. Apollo should just join that other light-skinned dude who does the Insanity workout. LMBO

  • Shay

    Phaedra did state that friends some times work for free. However, I think Kenya could have counter offered and tried to work something out and preferably with a lawyer. I also think that Phaedra tried to get Cynthia to work for free also, because as a professional, you wouldn’t put out a Twitter message for casting and you haven’t even worked anything out with the person who’s doing the casting. As for the video, I would watch it just for Apollo. Phaedra is okay, but I think most people recognize Apollo and he would do fine alone.

  • Ms. Curious

    Ha ha, ya’ll all some haters. Funny.

    • Kelsey

      Please retire that word

      • Negress

        Please. Use detractor or something.

    • pretty1908

      Oh !

  • Brownehonei

    i will definetly purchase one, i think they are credible and from what i have seen, it’s looks as though results will follow

  • whynot

    I would NEVER buy a workout dvd from Phaedra, her body isn’t in shape. Ugh. Do they have certifications? SIT DOWN.

  • From what I remember the deal would have given Kenya NO WHERE NEAR 100 grand. I believe that was the budget for the entire project. So why would she pay Kenya as much as the production would cost. Phaedra even insinuated friends sometime work for free and give major discounts for networking purposes. Kenya has done production before and was proactive enough to find a production deal for the project. I love Phaedra but she isn’t the most honest business person. She got paid thousands in cash out of the trunk of a car! We all forgot that one.

  • Tootie512

    “Phine Body with Phaedra & Apollo Donkey Booty Volume I ” Is it me or does that title sound porn-ish? lol Hell the way they both were biting on that pickle a few seasons ago it wouldnt surprise me

  • realadulttalk

    Dear Phaedra: When your butt and your gut are the same size…it’s not called a donkey booty…it’s really just called fat. And that was before your current pregnancy.

    • niki

      ouch…!! hey if it makes her money why not ! lol

    • JaneDoe

      I thought to myself as I watched.. Now why would I buy a DVD from a woman who is not in top physical shape? Phaedra is fat.. She should have had Apollo do the video by himself

      • pretty1908

        RIGHT !

  • Meyaka

    I like phaedra’s defensive skills ,I can identify. The sun shines for everyone,so if Kenya wants to release a work out tape,she won’t be stopping phae’s hustle. Good luck to both .

  • Kitsy

    Phaedra has no credibility in my opinion. Ever since her first appearance on this show she has been lying – about her pregnancy (didn’t want to admit she got pregnant before she was married and somehow also while Apollo was in jail); about her relationship with other cast members (remember how Nene shut down her claims that they went to high school together and were old friends?); about her abilities as an attorney (Sheree’s child support hearing), about talking about other cast members (Cynthia got her on tape).

    Now, to be fair, you can definitely say the same thing about Kenya and I can’t disagree. But Phaedra is just really phony and shady to me. Her whole Black Southern Belle persona is fake. And I feel sorry for Apollo – he seems stifled with her.

    • I do think Phaedra can be a lil shady but in this instance I dont see why she still owed Kenya 10% on the back end on top of that also paying 100 grand, mind u this is a hour, 2 hour tops workout video, not a movie deal. 100 grand is astronomical amount to pay and then still give u 10% of what I make, all the while u havent even set up your OWN contract yet
      in the case of Cynthia I dont see why a “casting fee” had to be made, maybe a space fee for having to use her space for a few hours, but Cynthia doesnt have qualifications to cast people (being a model doesnt give u the skillset to spot models, even Tyra has a panel), so idk why her hand was out, they could hosted the same casting call in Phaedra’s backyard for free.99

  • pretty1908

    Phaedra, you and miss Kenya needs to have a seat. Apollo shouldve done this on his own with your funding. I won”t purchas any DVD from a woman who doesn’t want to sweat during her workouts. Wish you the best on your new bundle of joy.