Ratchet At A Price: What The Stars Of Love & Hip-Hop Bring Home For Their Shenanigans On TV

January 17, 2013  |  
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Everybody knows the real reason people join the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop” isn’t to launch whatever singing or rapping career they claim to have, they’re looking at dollar signs. The question is, just how much is clowning on TV and telling all your business to $3.5 million viewers every week worth? According to CelebrityNetworth.com, that answer is a pretty penny because some of these reality stars are cashing in big time from the show’s high viewership. Take a look at the estimates some of these stars reportedly earned in 2012.

Credit: Twitter

Joseline Hernandez


Credit: WENN

Lil’ Scrappy


Credit: VH1/ Twitter

Stevie J

$5 million

Credit: Instagram

K. Michelle

$500, 000

Credit: Twitter

Mimi Faust

$1.5 million

Credit: WENN

Karlie Redd


Credit: Instagram

Erica Dixon


Credit: WENN


$10 million

Credit: Instagram

Yandy Smith

$15 million

Credit: WENN

Olivia Longott

$2 million

Emily B. (left) Credit: WENN

Emily Bustamante

$1 million

Credit: Twitter

Rasheeda Buckner

$600, 000

Chrissy (right) Credit: WENN

Chrissy Lampkin


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  • bee

    Thats their net woth not the pay check

  • Honeybee12

    lol, this can not be accurate…yall need to take this article down! Best funny in the AM thus far!

  • Alisha Dixon

    You a lie!!! NO WAY these figures are right….WTF would pay Benzino $10 mil unless it was to buy a neck…MY PR Princess only getting $50,000???Please, without her I wouldn’t even watch. Stevie J only making $5 mil if he’s countin the same stack 50 times over…and Scrappy aint getting $5 mil…that’s more then Kanye got for playing a private concert for those oil princes…and that mthrfckr is KANYE WEST…Scrappy ain’t nothing without Scooby, get it right…how he making more than what Kanye and Bey get paid for private concerts? He ain’t…

    Where did yall get these numbers, cause if we’re talking ish…I’m worth about $200 trillion dollars. Report that!

  • Will

    I never knew white people paid so much for a fool to represent his color as the color of foolss.

  • Raven

    Yandy and Benzino’s ole no neck a*s are clearly winning.

    • chocolatesmile37

      lmmfao….yall crazy

  • Nic

    Who ever did this article needs to be slapped. This is not what they are paid. These are their net worth. There should be a law for this type of nonsense

  • STL

    They need to pay Joseline more money. She should get at least 1 mill. You wasting your money on Scrappy he is not worth $700,000. Joseline is the show her and Stevie J. She needs more money

  • TeamNotSexyGraySpandex

    Yandy, Benzino, and Stevie have real jobs outside of this foolery. Maybe the numbers might be a stretch but considering they don’t ONLY make their money from LHH, I believe it. Joseline wasn’t meant to be on the show; that’s not what they shopped around. It was Mimi & Stevie. Obviously, her pay has probably increased by now but yeah. The others are just … meh.

  • EnuffSaid

    The #’s AREN’T off but like most of you said it is before TAXES and all Else…… but think about it Benz O, Stevie J and Yandy are mangers, songwriters, producers ext ….so a % of what their clients make also goes to them and in the music business being a mangers, songwriter, producer ext….. is where the REAL $$$$ is.

  • bethany

    can i get a job at madamenoire? lol i really good at making up nonsense so i would fit in perfectly lmao this article is full of lies

  • All the ppl that were acting extra, and doing the most got the least money …Ms. Hernandez, and karlie red…LOL

  • Meyaka

    Lmao and lay there bored as hell,making bored sound? Yes a lil lmao.

  • Diamondz

    If that’s how they’re actually paying these people that’s horrible. They should be paying more to the people that we actually tune in to watch. They’re paying them based on their “status” in the industry. Joseline gets $50,000 and Benzino gets $10 million??? No one watches the show for Benzino! So, if this is true VH1 can save themselves a lot of cash and kick Benzino off the show. Cause no one watches for him!!

  • Please!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t NOBODY give Scrappy Dabby Doo’s a$$ no damn $700,000!!!! STOP IT!!!

    & explain how Karlie’s fake story line behind got $200,000 over Joseline’s $50,000, when Joseline was the star of the whole damn season!!!

  • lalaj

    hahahaha this has to be a false report no way i believe that they make these figures, really bossip? -_-

  • Ross Elle


  • Mel

    No a lot of you are misunderstanding. This is their TOTAL net worth.

    • hollyw

      No, MN is misLEADING lol…

  • Yeah Right

    Fantasy Island, right because I know ya’ll don’t think we believe that Yandy earned $15 million behind her appearance on Love & Hip Hop. Who submitted these salaries Dr. Suess?

  • Virgin Island LADY

    Tek it easy on deh make up no mehn, geez um bree. Anyways, I have no clue why these classless people make all of this money. While I’m here going onto a Masters program and only grossing 65k-ish a year. Life. -_-

  • 4ThWardGA

    Jose getting cheated she must be in the milli range she brings in the viewers Benzino deserves a jumbo buck lottery ticket homeboy is wack bruh

  • ThisChick

    So this is where our money is going while we in a recession, I still don;t understand why people who literally do nothing but stay in mess, sing, act whateva get paid this much. CRAZINESS!

  • Ms_Mara


  • ashbubala

    These are numbers people just threw together, none of this makes sense. Why would Benzino make $10 million, for what?? he’s not really the star of this show! Yet Jose Hernandez get’s $50,000? This is really dumb, and people are fools if they believe these numbers.

  • a

    These numbers have to be off! on LHHNY Yandy is shown in a barely furnished apt, whereare these millions? Also no one is checking for Benzino like that to pay him that much.

    • kenya

      Benzino was one of the founders of hip-hop magazine “The Source”. He probably gets alot of money from that

  • Starbright

    These are their net worths, not their take home pay from the show. The title is misleading. Stevie J was worth $20 million at one point, but lost most of it.

  • CutieReppinNY

    I know damn well they didn’t pay ole rat face 5 million….stop it!

  • tintin

    ok ms noire this needs to be corrected. this is their net worth not what they were paid to do love and hip hop. Got me a confused for a sec.

  • Me

    This looks like their supposedly net worths and not salaries

  • Ann

    I find that quite hard to believe these people are getting paid that kind of money for cussing, fighting and acting a fool.

  • lala

    these are Net worths’, not what they mak

  • Damn!…I might need to put my coonery on blast.

  • Meyaka

    Coonery pays this much? I wish I knew how to fight and had a baby daddy ,slept with everyone who wanted it or something,I got educated for nothing……

    • TbeeZ

      NO it doesn’t!! This is a false report! Lies

    • too funny

  • Ms. Kameria

    If they made all this money, then there shouldn’ t be an issues of unpaid child support, lack of education funds for their children…etc….

  • IllyPhilly

    Is this before taxes or in food stamps?

    • Tamara


    • Cheryl Girl 88

      lmaoooo you know you all kindssss of wrong for that

  • thegoodluckpig

    there is seriously no way in h.e.l.l. Yandy brings in 15 million. Celebritynetworth is a horrible site to use if you’re attempting to estimate someones income. They’re estimates are based on “salaries, real estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties and endorsements. The estimated net worths come from a formula that takes out taxes, manager’s fees, agents’ fees, and lifestyle.”

    • dddooonnnttt

      Yandy, Benzino, and Stevie J have real jobs though, so I believe that. And no it isn’t what is in their bank accounts as fluid money, but assets.

  • misterymo

    50,000 for hose-line wow

  • sabrina

    These have got to be fake…Stevie got $5 million while Joseline only got $50,000? Benzino got $10 million???? Yandy made $12 million??

    There’s no way. You need more people.

    • TbeeZ

      That’s what I said!! This ish is full lies!!! Str8 fraud

    • ieshapatterson

      Who knew acting like a fool on tv would pay so much!!

      • It doesn’t really, they’re lying! lol

        • ieshapatterson

          Probably,but their still receiving some type of paycheck.

    • Angela Ingram

      Oh I knew if was fake from the beginning. Some people are terrible at making something fake look real or natural and they are a great example of it.

    • realadulttalk

      Yeah–this is their net worth.