I Want It That Way! 10 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Man Without Being Called a B–ch!

January 19, 2013  |  


Let’s face it, when a woman stands up for herself and won’t take no shorts, she’s usually – and unfairly – labeled a bi–ch. While our male counterparts don’t get branded the same way, women have to learn to navigate the murky waters of having dignity without being too demanding, competent without being overly competitive and feminine without being too forceful. It’s a tightrope act that gets slippery, especially when trying to get what you deserve from men and your relationships. No man wants to be with a bi–h in the sense that it means being with a woman who is always up in his face popping off. But most real men respect a woman who knows her value and isn’t afraid to ask for what she deserves. So if you’re unsure how to demand what you want in your relationship without being considered a “b–ch,” explore the following guidelines that may help you get the respect you deserve and keep you from being a doormat.

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  • doowop

    Isn’t waiting for him to prove himself kind of like wasting your time ’cause some men will have you give them a year plus to prove themseoves – imagine who or what you could miss out on in that time??? And, if he fails to prove himself, you’re supposed to walk away just like that after investing yourself and your time???!! You will know within the first month if a man has what you need – within the first week even, it’s usually pretty obvious whether to stay or go, women will insist on falling for the wrong one and that’s when all the drama starts…

  • Jud Jud

    Amen Sista !!!

  • Stanley Dada

    “Not dependent on a (your) man emotionally” part in #8?
    Can someone go deeper in details on that one.

    • Just Peachy!

      I took it to mean that your emotionally secure within yourself so you give off the vibe that you can do without a man and will not stay with a man just for the sake of having one. Some people don’t like being alone or even the thought of it so they sometimes put up with a lot of bull and stay in relationships longer than needed just to be close with someone.

      When your emotionally secure and not needing the security blanket of someone else, you don’t worry about being single or having to find another relationship cause you value yourself too much to be with someone who you may not be right for you. Hope that helps.

  • SheBe

    I kind of liked this article. I’m spoiled as heck so the advice from the aspect of getting what I really was feeling. I did enjoy it from an aspect of being more appreciative and remembering to simply be thankful.