Boop! Your Microphone Is Off: 15 Celebrities We Wish Would Shut Up Already

January 17, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler
Katt Williams

Source: WENN

Katt Williams

Katt needs his microphone cut off for his own good. Fame isn’t for everyone and Suge says Katt’s antics were part of a mental breakdown which he’s clearly still going through. He just took an SUV from a dealership without paying it and the dealership is suing him. But yet and still he’s getting ready to do two shows at the Peabody Opera House. He better slow his roll before the wheels fall off.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Christianne41

    Don’t understand your equating bacteria, pathogens, and contagious disease with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the only natural method for providing nourishment to babies and it is the most hygienic. There are health insurers who pay ‘wet nurses’ who provide breast milk for babies whose mothers cannot produce milk for them. In this modern age of breast enhancements and breast exposure, we have lost sight of the fact that breasts are integral to the female body so that females can provide nourishment for their newborn children. However pleasurable it may be, breasts were not created solely to provide sexual gratification for either gender. Please re-examine your thoughts about this very natural function although I must admit that the Kardashians couldn’t be more dysfunctional choices to offer comments on this topic.

  • browniebyte63

    why isn’t the game on this list

  • Sunny

    Re: Tamar Braxton: She’s the reason I stopped watching The Braxtons after the first episode of the second season. Cannot deal with her mouth and drag antics.

    Re: Kim Kardashian. Arguably one of the most annoying people on earth. I don’t pay that much attention to her, but I hear she’s claiming to have had fertility issues. I find this a slap in the face to couples who try for years to get pregnant without any luck. Just because she’s managed to mess around for 20 years without accidentally getting pregnant doesn’t mean she has fertility issues. I really think this baby is her way of trying to elicit sympathy from the public since her fake marriage ruined what little credibility she had in the first place.

    And I agree with Anthony. Tyrese could’ve definitely replaced Tatyana Ali on this list. I don’t know why he’s always popping off at the mouth. He only had one hit song that I can remember, so I don’t why he thinks he’s some prophet or something.

  • misty

    Kim n kourt sharing breastfeeding duties isnt a big deal theyre sisters ppl do it all the time including my mom and her sisters

  • Kitsy

    Disagree about Ann Coulter only because I think the crazier she gets, the less credibility Fox News, Conservative Republicans and the Tea Party has. Americans who once thought she and her ilk “made a lot of sense” will begin to think twice once they realize that her comments are off the wall and she is just bat-sh!t crazy.

  • Anthony

    Why isn’t Tyrese slow strained azz on this list?

    • agreed

      OMG!!!!!!! When I clicked on this article I said to myself, “I hope Tyrese a$$ on this list, but I doubt it.”

      I really don’t think people agree that Tyrese is as annoying as we do though.