Boop! Your Microphone Is Off: 15 Celebrities We Wish Would Shut Up Already

January 17, 2013  |  
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We all love celebrity gossip and drama. But sometimes, enough is enough. These celebrities have gotten on our last nerves with their nonsense. It’s past time that they get their microphone’s cut off to make room for some fresh celebrity faces.

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Tamar Braxton

Good Lord. I honestly don’t know how Vincent Herbert stands it. She drives her sisters crazy, she stays on Twitter with some mess and I know I’m not the only one who’d like to cut her microphone off. There wouldn’t still be a reason to watch The Braxtons without Tamar but I’m cool with that too.

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Katt Williams

Katt needs his microphone cut off for his own good. Fame isn’t for everyone and Suge says Katt’s antics were part of a mental breakdown which he’s clearly still going through. He just took an SUV from a dealership without paying it and the dealership is suing him. But yet and still he’s getting ready to do two shows at the Peabody Opera House. He better slow his roll before the wheels fall off.

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Spike Lee

Who died and made Spike the boss of the N-word? Every time Quentin Tarantino drops an N-bomb in a movie, Spike has a press conference. Is he trying to be the next Jesse Jackson? And what about all those N bombs Michael Rapaport used to drop in Spike’s flicks? Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

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Quentin Tarantino

I’m not even mad at Quentin Tarantino for dropping all those N-bombs into the Django script. That’s just what Quentin does and dude employs black actors and makes great movies which you can’t say about everybody.

I’m mad at him for going on BET and using a 70s soul brother accent during the whole interview. And for that he needs his microphone snatched.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was sort of cool. But then they gave her a job where she has to talk. And ever since then, she’s been in one crazy drama after another. Recently she went on the Ellen show to tell fans that she wasn’t really crazy, she was just sensitive:

“If you know someone maybe doesn’t like you. It’s kind of like, now you’re gonna like really go in and show hey, because it’s like a defense mechanism. You know what I mean? It’s really that. You’re feelings are hurt and you can’t believe it so you kind of just compensate with being crazy”

If she’s that sensitive, she should just stop talkin’ to folk altogether and stick to singing.

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Walter Jackson

At first, I was on the “bunk Kenya Moore” bandwagon. But now it’s Walter Jackson that’s looking like the publicity slore. Since the show he’s been hitting clubs like a teenager and talking to everyone who will listen about his old, dry Kenya business. And apparently he went on Twitter and begged Andy Cohen to let him on the show to dish more dirt on Kenya:

Hi @BravoAndy, I am willing to come on your show and prove that we hadn’t seen or talked to each other until the show started taping.

We’re over it, move on. Nobody likes a gossiping man.

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Kenya Moore

Matter fact, I’m not on Kenya’s team either. Walter Jackson may be messy, but she’s just a hot mess. After getting caught in a lie, you’d think she’d try to retain some of her dignity and sit down somewhere and shut up. But she’s still got the clown suit on. She released her drag anthem “I’m Fabulous” and now she says people mistake her for Beyonce everywhere she goes. If her microphone doesn’t get shut off soon her head is going to get too big to fit on camera.

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Kim Kardashian

Every time she opens her mouth, I feel embarrassed for her and Kanye. Recently she went on the TODAY show and acted all innocent and said she was in “no rush” to marry Kanye like she wasn’t still married to another dude and pregnant with the next dudes baby.

First she made the rounds around the entertainment industry and filmed most of it. Now she’s trying to play the holier than thou’ housewife. Ugh.  The hypocrisy is killing me.

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Kourtney Kardashian

Recently Kourtney and Kim made the Kardashian name look even worse by going on the Today show and saying that they both wanted Kourtney’s kids to feed on Kim’s breasts when her milk comes in.


When everyone acted shocked, Kourtney said “That’s what they did back in the day.” You mean back before they knew about bacteria and pathogens and contagious disease?

Lord, Lord. What do you think Kris Jenner was smoking when she was pregnant?

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At first, Rihanna’s Twitter shenanigans were cute. She was quick to cut a head with a good comeback and you could just not click on those nekkid pics. But now this on again off again Chris Brown mess and her shading the next chick getting played by the same dude is making me lose respect for RiRi. She should shut her Twitter account down before she loses team members.

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Tatyana Ali

Just for her own good. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post she sounded real crazy. Here’s a little sample of some of the things she said:

 “I cry three times a day as part of my workout routine. It really targets the core. Great way to reduce bloating.”

Her guiltiest pleasure?  One-night stands.

She also let the world know that she likes to do “Interpretive dance to Tori Amos”

If that’s her trying to be funny, she needs some lessons.

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Ann Coulter

I kind of thought that after the Bush era was over, Ann Coulter would hop on her broomstick and fly away. But that didn’t happen. And recently — on a show about white people shooting up schools — Ann Coulter got on Fox News and said “The reason the UK has no gun crime is because they have more white people.” How does someone that poorly informed get so much air time on the news?

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Megan Fox

There aren’t many lengthy Megan Fox interviews out there. One: because nobody really cares what she has to say. Two: she is all the way out of her mind. In a recent interview with Esquire, Megan Fox got on camera and said that she believes in Leprechauns, the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, the Bell Witch and the aliens who really started the ancient civilizations on earth. Umm…

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Michael Lohan

The only thing more shameful than Lindsay Lohan’s recent actions are those of her parents. Her daddy recently went on record saying that she was “getting paid to date rich men” and that they give her gifts and cash. When that story blew up he backpedaled and said:

“Sure, Lindsay and [other celebs] make personal appearances and get paid for it! Sure, she and they get paid to go to birthday parties and other occasions! But for sex? Are you kidding me? I would never say that because she would NEVER do that and it NEVER happened!”

Except he did say it. And now he knows he was dead wrong. If a chick has 99 problems, her father shouldn’t be one.

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Rick Ross

These days Rick is in the news for his PR beefs more often than for his records. Every time I look up, he’s getting death threats from Gangsta Disciples and can’t perform. When he does perform, he’s fighting back stage with Jeezy. He even has beef with fiddy. I think the hollywood gangsta should slow his roll before his mouth cash a check his big behind can’t cash.

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  • Christianne41

    Don’t understand your equating bacteria, pathogens, and contagious disease with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the only natural method for providing nourishment to babies and it is the most hygienic. There are health insurers who pay ‘wet nurses’ who provide breast milk for babies whose mothers cannot produce milk for them. In this modern age of breast enhancements and breast exposure, we have lost sight of the fact that breasts are integral to the female body so that females can provide nourishment for their newborn children. However pleasurable it may be, breasts were not created solely to provide sexual gratification for either gender. Please re-examine your thoughts about this very natural function although I must admit that the Kardashians couldn’t be more dysfunctional choices to offer comments on this topic.

  • browniebyte63

    why isn’t the game on this list

  • Sunny

    Re: Tamar Braxton: She’s the reason I stopped watching The Braxtons after the first episode of the second season. Cannot deal with her mouth and drag antics.

    Re: Kim Kardashian. Arguably one of the most annoying people on earth. I don’t pay that much attention to her, but I hear she’s claiming to have had fertility issues. I find this a slap in the face to couples who try for years to get pregnant without any luck. Just because she’s managed to mess around for 20 years without accidentally getting pregnant doesn’t mean she has fertility issues. I really think this baby is her way of trying to elicit sympathy from the public since her fake marriage ruined what little credibility she had in the first place.

    And I agree with Anthony. Tyrese could’ve definitely replaced Tatyana Ali on this list. I don’t know why he’s always popping off at the mouth. He only had one hit song that I can remember, so I don’t why he thinks he’s some prophet or something.

  • misty

    Kim n kourt sharing breastfeeding duties isnt a big deal theyre sisters ppl do it all the time including my mom and her sisters

  • Kitsy

    Disagree about Ann Coulter only because I think the crazier she gets, the less credibility Fox News, Conservative Republicans and the Tea Party has. Americans who once thought she and her ilk “made a lot of sense” will begin to think twice once they realize that her comments are off the wall and she is just bat-sh!t crazy.

  • Anthony

    Why isn’t Tyrese slow strained azz on this list?

    • agreed

      OMG!!!!!!! When I clicked on this article I said to myself, “I hope Tyrese a$$ on this list, but I doubt it.”

      I really don’t think people agree that Tyrese is as annoying as we do though.