This Is How We (Still) Do It: Songs That Will Never Get Old

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Never may be a strong word, but you can’t deny that the songs we’re about to list stay in heavy rotation like they just came out this morning. They might be a little old to you, and if a DJ catches you on a bad night, you may not want to hear them, but you know deep down inside these songs are still your jams and these cuts will never die as long as there’s an iTunes player and somebody has 99 cents within their grasp to download them.


You know how you know Summertime will never die? Because every time this season comes around, this song comes out the closet and people bump it like they never heard it before. Actually, it doesn’t have to even be Summertime for people to get excited about this track. Is it ’91 or 2013? We can’t tell.

Return of the Mac

The ad libs alone are the number 1 reason this song stays in heavy rotation. (Yes I did!) Truth be told, very few people actually know what Mark Morrison is saying in the versus of this song, but once you get to “Return of the Mack” — once again! — it’s on and poppin’

My Boo

You just starting singing “At night, I think of you…” didn’t you? There’s something about this song that every black girl from every corner of the earth loves, and they have loved since 1996 and they will continue to love until 2096. It’s a classic “I love my man” track and if you’ve ever washed a car in some jean cut offs and a tank in the middle of the summer, you probably love this video even more.

 Shorty Swing My Way

I know you just followed that verse of “My Boo” up with “Shorty Swing My Waaaaay…” How could you not? These songs are classic Black girl anthems and honestly they’ve got the same feel good summer love vibe. Winners from now until infinity.

Back That A** Up

Don’t try to get boughie real quick and act like you don’t start sticking out your booty as soon as the first violin chord breaks on this track, talkin’ bout, “yeah I am working with some a** yeah.” It doesn’t matter where you are when this beat drops, hands and knees are sure to follow and you will be backing that thang up like it’s ’99 and bling isn’t even in the dictionary yet.


OK so this may be the one exception to the list. This song is actually very old to most people and the general response when Next’s greatest hit comes on is a stank face, but for some reason by the time all is said in done the catchy beat is making it hard for you not to start grinding up on some brother trying to reenact the lyrics. That right there never gets old.


 We’re talking a 23-year-old classic right here that still makes people bust out all those printed button down shirt, baggy pants sweaty dance moves like they’re just hearing the song for the first time.

Freak Like Me

Am I the only one who had no business knowing all the words to this song when it came out in ’95? Am I the only one who still gets excited to hear this song when it comes on in the club now because I’m actually grown enough to know what Adina Howard is talking about? ‘Nuff said.

This is How We Do it

It doesn’t even have to be a Friday night to make you wanna dance to this. You probably roll your eyes a bit when this comes on but by the time you hit that chorus you’re like you know what, this is how we do it! And you’re probably telling your girl you love this song like it hasn’t been around for like 30 (musical years) now.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

B-I-G P-O-P-P-A Biggie’s verse is the total reason this song lives on and plays til the complete end, which is usually every time you go out. You gotta throw your roley in the sky and wave it side to side! You also have to prove you can rap and know every single word and were a true Biggie fan.

Just Got Paid

As long as there are Friday paydays, this song will forever have a place in every working person’s heart.

I Wanna Sex You Up

You may not know all the words but you definitely know the beat and will make sure to get that “oooooo ooooo oooo oooooh” out as soon as this track comes on like your admission to VIP depends on it. I Wanna Sex You Up is arguably one of the best songs of the ’90s and 2000s.


Whether you were crushing on somebody at 12, 22, or 32, you had to have turned on this song at least once during that butterfly in the stomach period. No song perfectly describes the emotions us ladies feel when we’re digging a new man like SWV’s 1993 ballad and that’s why it will never ever ever ever die.


Black, White, Purple, and Brown girls every where were trying to know how does it hang after hearing this Salt-N-Peppa track — and we still do 20 years later. Nothing like a sex empowerment anthem to span a couple of decades. Heeeeey yeah!

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