Would You Rather See Us On Welfare? Shawty Lo Launches Petition To Save His Show

January 16, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Yesterday, we reported that after weeks of petitioning efforts and much deliberation, Oxygen decided to put an axe to Shawty Lo’s one-hour reality special entitled All My Babies’ Mamas. Many were overjoyed to hear this news, simply because the show was felt to be disgraceful to Black families. But Shawty Lo’s reps are saying don’t celebrate too quickly because this isn’t the last you’ll see of him or his babies’ mamas. Publicist Kali Bowyer told RumorFix that after receiving 123,000 emails from people wanting to save the show, they will be fighting against Oxygen’s decision to cancel the show by launching their own petition entitled Oxygen Network: Put Shawty Lo and Baby Mamas back on the air. As you’ve probably guessed, the petition is seeking to appeal to the public’s emotional side, and somewhat implies that by participating in the cancellation of this show, you are literally hindering this man’s ability to take care of his children. It also went on to question why petitioners against the show would “reject” a father who is there for his kids. They even pulled the race card. A portion of the petition reads:

“It’s a sad day in America, when people attempt to reject a father that steps up to the plate, a father who is actively supporting his children & their mothers , not just monetarily but emotionally as well.

Shawty Lo, is in fact a father figure that most young black men today coming from a similar past lifestyle and environment, should mimic in his parental role. With 11 children, which are all clothed, fed, housed and loved in everyway that a parent should love, protect and provide for their child. As well as being a supportive and active partner in the co-parenting of his children with their mothers.

A man is supposed to take care of his children, and the mother (s), weather it be singular or plural.

So here’s the question, would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children? Does it come down to the race card?

Other networks that currently showcase polygamy, promiscuity, and alcoholism, are on the air, with multiple mothers and magnitudes of children. So what’s the difference? Because Shawty Lo is black and a rapper? Yes, I said it he’s black, ( just in case you didn’t already know ).”

What do you make of Shawty Lo’s counter-petition?

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  • We can say if he coulda, woulda, shoulda all day long. The fact remains that the kids are here and they need to be taken care of. Not one job out there aside from entertainment or something illegal, will help this man take care of all those kids. Not one of our self righteous attitudes will help take care of them. If anyone is so easily influenced to go out and make babies with different men and women, they were already on that path in the first place. I just don’t understand all the hoopla, when you got reality shows out there that make us look even dumber than just a baby mama issue.

  • We can say if he coulda, woulda, shoulda all day long. The fact remains that the kids are here and they need to be taken care of. Not one job out there aside from entertainment or something illegal, will help this man take care of all those kids. Not one of our self righteous attitudes will help take care of them. If anyone is so easily influenced to go out and make babies with different men and women, they were already on that path in the first place. I just don’t understand all the hoopla, when you got reality shows out there that make us look even dumber than just a baby mama issue.

  • 16 & Pregnant, Jersey Shore, Sister Wives, Honey Boo Boo……. let Shawty Lo have his own slice of the crap-cake we call television! Personally, I’m not signing the petition as I do not care whether or not this show airs because I’m not planning on watching it. When I DO actually have time to watch TV, it’s usually something on Science Channel, NatGeo, Discovery, etc. Also, why is he going around knocking all these women up? It’s not about whether or not he can take care of them. (I said the same thing about the Duggars from 19 Kids and Counting.) There are 7 billion+ people on this planet, a booming population with vanishing resources, amongst a myriad of other issues. If he loves and wants children so badly, why not just have 1 or 2 of your own and then start adopting adopting after that??? You know… take care of some kids that are already born into this world. It’s an expensive process, and apparently he has the money. There are so many children who need good, loving, permanent homes and many more who will never get that in their life. I’m so glad Shawty Lo takes care of each one of his children financially, but I don’t see how a guy with such a “busy career” can give all these children the love and personal attention they deserve from their dad.

  • Cakester

    No, I don’t want to see his family on welfare, I don’t want to see his family at all. He acts as if welfare is the only option if they don’t get a show… how about, you had those 11 children so keep taking care of them like you’ve been doing and stop looking for some kind of recognition for doing so… nobody is buying tickets to this circus!!!

  • tish

    Let them make that money u don’t have to watch it turn the channel they make themselves look bad not me their acctions don’t have anything to do with all black people

  • I’d rather not see them at all!

  • i’m not sure exactly how you all are able to speak for all black women. I speak for me. I wont watch even if they did do the show. There’s already shows on air that make us look ratchet. oxygen needs to show more positive shows, does anyone know what the point of the Bad Girls club is? is this show supposed to help them change? all i see is these girls fighting, talking about each other, just being crazy, but i am not going to judge all people by whats on TV. i think he should go sit down somewhere and keep doing what he has to. i use the sense i have to make sure my children don’t do the things they see on TV. now it amazes me how people can judge all black women and men by the mistakes they make. that is not the normal thing.
    there are a lot of shows that show other races looking crazy, so until they stop putting garbage on tv, or until i am able to write and get decent shows on the air myself, wont watch anymore craziness.

  • TeamCropDusters

    He put himself in this situation. He should of thought of ALL ELEVEN of his children being on welfare before he had them.

    It is his fault, nobody else. Quit being a fake victim! What a POS!

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  • deschl

    I agree with shawty let that man feed his kids

  • 1babymama

    Shawty should be upset with the network not the public, “All my babies mamas” what mofo came up with that name and thought it would fly with the general public. Secondly why would you put out a preview, hell anyone with common sense would know you cant preview that kind of crap. If they wanted that show to launch they should have just launched it no previews let the show develop a fan base and let the ratings dictate if the show continues.

    But I’m glad they did preview it, we have enough crap TV

  • Amanda Travers

    Why is it ok to have a show about a man with 4 wives and 17 kids but not a show about this? Really if it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander. They’re both in bad taste but also just alike!

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  • topaz113

    the petition does have some points

  • B

    Um, WHY should I be YOUR meal ticket? Get a REAL job like most men who take care of their kids. If you have to depend on reality tv to bring in cash, then you are very irresponsible.

  • Sharon

    NO…I expect you and your babies mamma’s to get jobs and work like the rest of us to take care of our families. And it wouldn’t hurt to get a vasectomy so you can STOP producing kids you so obviously can’t afford especially since dimwitted women seem to be attracted to you like flies on poop.

  • Miyako

    In this case, the mother of his children and the children being on welfare would be his own fault and theirs (the mothers).

  • pfft

    He should have just called it sister wives the black edition. I mean maybe just maybe he could have gotten support coonsidering the only difference between him and that white dude on TLC ishe calls his baby mommas wives. Same ish different presentation.

  • DoinMe

    That petition is a joke! Would we rather them to be on welfare? No we rather for him to stop effin everything that moves and grow up. He is not a victim. He’s an embarrassment. Word is, he has another baby on the way by a different girl and its not his 19 year-old girlfriend.

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  • emme

    Is this dude STUPID?! That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard! Please have a whole ROOM FULL OF SEATS and wipe that dang Magic Marker off yo’ face! Your venue is not reality tv…it’s the Maury Povich show especially considering that you got kid number 12 on the way! Just plain stupid!

  • dee

    wait….hold up…I am confused, is he saying everyone should be proud and acknowledge that he takes care of his kids? I love to see thriving families however this just boils down to one thing a man who sleeps with a ton of women (unprotected) of which 10 got pregnant. It’s true that it’s your duty to take care of your kids but do I want to see a grown man showcase his utter lack of concern when it comes to safe sex, or a man’s obvious lack of commitment or respect to any one woman (of all these women how many did you marry) and honestly I don’t care to see a man showcase his poor decision making skills considering the possibility you have yet ANOTHER child on the way by yet ANOTHER woman who is similar in age to some of your kids? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I think you should thank the public at large for saving you from yourselves and I think you should find another avenue to get that career going.

  • NeaJ

    As the father of this tribe he needs to find another way to support them cause I can’t see anyone with good sense signing his petition. Perhaps he can sell some of his chains or maybe save money buy not buying anymore of the shoe polish he uses as a beard?!

  • Pinkyb69

    Stop the madness! Why on hell does he need a reality show to support his 11 children? Octomom nor any other person having large families without benefit of marriage needs to support their children without welfare or reality television. Responsible people have as many children as they can afford to feed. Clearly this man can’t afford 11 children and the women who allowed that fool to impregnate them need their heads examined and their tubes tied.

  • Vetra

    Black women can be so two face, many of you are allowing guys to have sex with you unprotected yet you are critical of these women and this man. How do I know you are doing this because we continue to see unwed black women having several children. So you are a baby mama just like these women. Start using condoms and birth control and let this man make money for his children. The way you protest is by not watching.

  • Mrrideaux

    The difference is that most young black men who have that many kids and mother of their children don’t have recording contracts. He can AFFORD to take care of them all. And what will happen if his record sales go down the toilet and his rap career ends…then what? Back to the hood they all go? The thing is, it’s not a good message to tell young black men that it is ok to knock up 11 women. Try being a husband and not a Baby Daddy. Don’t care if he’s supporting them or not. Why you can’t have 11 kids with one woman….bottom line, strap up dude.

  • Danielle

    No, I’d rather see you wear a condom, jackass…SMDH

  • JRoc85

    Maybe you should have thought about this Shawty Lo BEFORE YOU WENT OUT AND HAD 11 KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blkqueen39

    This is about a portrayal of a man not practicing safe sex, impregnating women and not marrying them. Sick of this portrayal I don’t care if he is a great dad as far as I’m concern that
    is the least he should be he should be ashamed having all these kids out of
    wedlock and with different baby mammas.

  • I did not sign the petition, because I think all the shows are ridiculous. Although, this show apparently -with it’s title- was taking it, “too far.”

    For his publicist pointing out his Blackness, yes we did notice, and that IS WHY his show is being pulled. Unlike other ethnicities, Black folk do not have the luxury of separating ourselves in everyday life from the images perpetuated in society.

    Personally, I do not subscribe to it, but there is stigma to being “Black in public.” Even though Shawty Lo sees himself as a man who takes care of his kids, the world is seeing him as a lazy irresponsible n***a for having that many kids with that many women in the first place. If he wants to fight it, more power to it, but for his publicist to think it is a “sad day” is ridiculous.

  • I agree the show should of aired. He is at least supporting his family and I want to know his secret and his charisma for these women to accept his offer. Do they work, live together as one big happy family in same residents, There are a lot questions I have and feel he should be allowed to air this program. Does anyone knows where the petition is? I want sign it..

  • me

    Um no welfare is not the only option sir… someone needs to tell Shawty Lo and his baby mamas to go get J-O-B-S like the rest of America and stop exploiting their kids and promoting this nonsense for 15 minutes of fame. While he’s at it he can purchase some condoms and stop having kids he can’t seem to afford, without the help of a tacky extraordinarily ratchet television show. This is sad…

  • Whats stopping them from getting a job. And what happened to all that D4L money??

  • Denna

    Its just crazy to watch someone with 11 kids and ten baby mama’s. Shits embarrasing

  • E in CT

    Is there a copy editor over at MN?

    “weather it be singular or plural.” Should be ‘whether’

    “With 11 children, which are all clothed, fed” Should be ‘who’ not ‘which’

    • bvictorian

      The grammatical errors in the quoted portion of this article are those of the person who created this petition not ours.

  • MsDivine1

    So we’re suppose to applaud him on taking care of the 11 kids he made hmself? a guy who has 11 kids but not married to none of them is a role model to black men??.. i actually read another story of a female who is currently knocked up by him so now 12 children are sharing the same father, ! Im glad that someonee has taken an stand and made a difference !

  • Cha Cha

    He needs to hit up Trojan Condoms and ask them to sponsor him… “This is what NOT wearing a Trojan will get you”… 11 kids, 10 women, welfare…. Put a Trojan on!

  • TiffyTiff

    No, I don’t want to see you on welfare because society pays for that too! What I would like to see is, each of your Baby’s Momma’s and YOU, rotate a working JOB schedule. You can all alternate and watch the kids. Do you know how much money 12 adults can generate? Also, you wouldn’t be putting out a negative image which affects the way society looks at black men because no one will see you, you will be too busy working and the less we see of your ghetto catastrophic ratchtastrophy, the better. Please exit this way Sir mmmbuh bye (in my flight attendant voice)

  • Pam

    They need to sit all the way down. I stop reading the petition when they put “weather” instead of “Whether.” Call me the grammar police if you want, but I can’t take this mess seriously nor should this travesty of a show be allowed to go on the air.

    • TiffyTiff

      OOOOOOOO, No they didn’t put “Weather” instead of “Whether”. I haven’t read the petition yet because my neck muscles are stiff and the advil hasn’t kicked in yet. I know I will be forced to SMH after reading it!

  • hollyw

    You know, Shawty Lo actually made some pretty intelligible points on behalf of his show. Three points:

    1. It’s a shame he couldn’t apply this seeming intelligence even once towards safe sex…
    2. If you were going to use the show as a primary way to provide for your famil(ies), then you’re doing it wrong. That’s backwards. And also, exploitation is never a good excuse for a paycheck. Providing father aside, pretty sure most folks’ concerns of your promiscuity and the exposure of your kids to this tomfoolery trump all.
    3. The race card can’t be played here. Most the petition-signers (just as the petitioner) are minority. Boo. and. bye.

  • KamJos

    If you need a television show to support all your kids then you shouldn’t be havin all them kids!! Wrap it up Shawty Lo!

    • WIldFlower

      ^^This Comment!! YEs!

      • Peace.Love&Lace


  • “Shawty Lo, is in fact a father figure that most young black men today coming from a similar past lifestyle and environment, should mimic in his parental role.”

    And here is where I DIED

    • SunshineBlossom

      And that’s exactly why Oxygen came under fire. It is supposed to be entertainment encouraging empowerment for women. Instead it shows: This is how we need to act, like bad girls and become someone’s baby mama instead of a wife and mother.

  • LJohnverrell

    TLC is laughing at Oxygen right now. TLC wouldn’t have hesitated to run Shawty’s show despite any amount of complaints. Honey Boo Boo is one of the most controversial shows running right now and people have complained to have it removed too because of its poor depiction of the South. Why shouldn’t Shawty have his show? Just because he doesn’t know how to use condoms and has a bunch a kids running around doesn’t mean every man does.

  • Latisha

    There are so many other less than great examples on reality tv. Why pick this show to boycott? If you don’t like it there are other channels you can watch.

    • there exists a responsibility not to glamorize this kind of behavior. it goes beyond just changing the channel. for many parts of the country (and even the world) TV is the only glimpse some ppl get of minorities. THIS is not the picture they should be getting, nor should we be reinforcing false stereotypes about black ppl. you can change the channel and ignore it if you want to. i don’t want this mess for my kids or anyone else’s to even stumble upon.

  • LeahLaNae

    maybe it would have played out different if he had a better name and not use baby mama’s

  • Senait Ashenafi

    If the show can be revamped to be positive, maybe they can still get a decent following and make some money. I dont’ want to see the kids hungry because their parents are stupid.

  • bluekissess

    Everything I wanted to say has already been said. No need for repeats.

  • ms lady

    Let the man make some money.. Of Honey Boo Boo and BGC can have shows why can’t he?? The children are here now and nothing can be done. Maybe he will stop a young lady or youny man from being as irresponsible as he was.

    • Thing with Honey Boo Boo is there are hundreds of other white shows that have positive white people doing positive stuff. Unfortunately, there are select few black shows and the overwhelming majority of which show black people: being loud, ghetto and brass, screwing indiscriminately, fighting selling drugs and going in and out of jail. tell me this isn’t true.

      • NO!

        And the Honey Boo Boo show has one mother and one father and they all live under the same roof! Shawnty is a dog and the worst stereotype ever.

    • Angela Lynn

      How is he going to stop them? He is not setting a example. Right now unfortunately you are going to have some young black men out there watching this and think it is okay to have sex and produces all these babies and try to get a reality television show. It is the way to make quick money and not pay child support. The mothers can make money out of the deal as well. Which is so stupid. It is a shame on how it is glorified that men and women lay down and produce babies as if it is nothing before even getting married. Shawty Lo should have protect himself. If he did not want any children, he should protect himself for go somewhere and sit down. The women should have one the same thing protect themselves or go sit down somewhere.

  • Senait Ashenafi

    I would never want to stop anyone’s money. But he wouldn’t even be in the position to have to do such a ratchet show if he had been more responsible for himself. When is the black man gonna wake up and realize that having one woman and fewer kids is better for him in this american society as a whole. Most will not have the means and the resources to support a large family. People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop making their lives more difficult than it has to be. All this chaos in detrimental.

  • I’m actually starting a petition to get this fool neutered. Who’s ready to sign?

  • kiki

    i read some really good points on this thread, however, they speak to what shawty lo SHOULD HAVE DONE, as in, not knock up a bunch of chicks. So I think a good solution would be if SL and his BM’s not make it a show about coonin but maybe try to show the negatives of his rampant, irresponsible d*ck slanging and real positive solutions on how they work together, how he’s an active father, and how difficult it can be when set urself up for this mess. I wouldnt be mad at a cautionary tale of screw up and redemption. and Trojan should be a MAJOR advertiser.

    • kiki

      my bad, it should read ” real, positive solutions” and did I mention that there should be condoms commercials at EVERY break?… yeah that. their ads need to be, trojan, UNCF (cuz a mind is a terrible thing to waste), and that one that says “its 10 pm do you know where your child is?” lol but seriously, tho

  • Ann

    It is amazing to me how people will do anything. Shawty Lo should take care of his children. He and his women had a ball producing them. But why do he want to get on reality television with all these women? This is usually the same excuse that people will use. Claiming it infringing on his rights to make a living, What about the producers and the people who works on the show? They won’t have a job, What about the cast on the show who has a right to make a living? There is nothing wrong with making a honest and legimate living. You don’t have to do it in a way that will be destructive, demonizing and destroying. Why do you want to expose your business on reality television? Shawty Lo, his spokesperson, Oxygen executives, and the people who support this foolishness, the show always starts out with one or two episode that they are acting normal, them later down the line the producers will say ” they will need to be more aggressive, just a little more aggressive” (i.e. cuss, fight and act a fool) to get the ratings up and we will give you more money. Sadly people are stupid enough to do it. The is exactly what their goal is. These television stations that produces these shows don’t even care it ruins families and breaks up marriages, demonized and stereotypes black women and mean, angry and can’t get along with each other. As long as they are making money off it they don’t even care and laughing at us the same time. As I said before, white women they can cuss, act a fool, and fight and they can get away with that. When the reality show foolishness comes to an end, what are you going to do then? These shows don’t last forever. I got, it some ignorant businesses will give these people endorsements, tv appearances, clothing lines, book deals. Which I will not be supporting any of them. Sadly people want to watch shows that negative, does nothing to educate them. I do understand you need some entertainment, but not to that extent of being destructive. I wish people would stop watching this foolishness. This is the one and only way to put a stop to it.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      Preach. These people are going to be exploited to the limit. But you don’t have many choices when you have created too many mouths to feed.

      • Ann

        He and those women should have used their upper head. Their brains. Shawty Lo knew what he was doing as well as these women. He needs to get himself fixed so he won’t continue this foolishness. The women are just as foolish as him.

  • AJ389

    Will somebody please tie up and gag this fool? Nobody is rejecting his stupid *ss from being a father and if he’s taking care of his children & their mothers, (good for him and them,bravo!!!) Contrary to what some would like to believe, there are a lot of fathers that take care of their children, so what is supposed to make him so special, that he has 11 by 10 diff mothers? Please, boy stop. And who said anything about welfare, he was the big dummy who said he had a mil before he was a rapper. Shawty, sit your *ss down now. Aint nobody with intelligence wanting to see this isht on tv!

  • bigdede

    If he already took care of his children like he states, then he doesn’t need the show. Unless he really doesnt take care of his kids and needs money since his career is in the gutter. 90% of people who do reality shows do them because they have no other way of making money.

  • trini-dee

    It’s “whether” not “weather”…..:/

  • LovelikeJesus

    So what if he has a lot of kids? People can have as many kids as they like if they are taken care of. Lets talk about the men and women out here who has 11 kids or more or just kids in general and NOT taking care of them.

    • Then he should sit his azz down somewhere and take care of them. We don’t need to SEE his dysfunctional azz on our TV screen.

    • KamJos

      Just throwing money at your children is not taking care of them. Is this how low our standards have gotten for fathers?

  • Shawty does not DESERVE a show just because he does what he is supposed to do. Taking care of your family is a part of life. It is a sad sad state when we have to give accolades to men for not being losers that destroy communities. Be the man that you should be in the first place. All men who have 11 children are not going to get a show, but they may think they deserve to make it big because of it. Plan and be responsible before you have so many children. The deserve it. What’s he going to do when the show runs its course and is cancelled? Quit being a father?

  • redpeneditor

    “A man is supposed to take care of his children, and the mother (s), ***whether** it be singular or plural.”
    Oh, and please capitalize Black.

    • Peace.Love&Lace

      it’s a quote

  • crazyco

    I’m on the fence with this. It’s not so much the negative portrayal of blacks that bother me, it’s the lack of positive representation of blacks. Still I watched the preview and it wasn’t what I thought. It’s wasn’t built around drama but how they try to come together and make it work. He takes care of his children they are all family and that’s all that matter. However you have to watch how you reward foul behavior. I can’t with him continuing to procreate. Now that’s where I draw the line. With that being said I hope he gets the green light for his show. STOP HATING and DO YOU !

  • @tlas

    He can still provide for all of his children without televising it. It’s not because he’s black that people don’t want to watch this, it’s the fact that the show seems to be glorifying the stereotype that the majority of black men sleep around and have dozens of children.

  • Step 1, Change the title of the show. That was the first thing that made me NOT want to watch it. Step 2, However he was keeping all of them clothed & housed, continue to do so. If you weren’t on welfare then, why would you be on it now? Step 3, Stop seeking praise for what you should be doing as a father anyway! Step 4, learn to use condoms or have a vasectomy. If you are so worried about financial hardship, STOP HAVING BABIES!

    • hollyw

      I agree, the name is what caught the media heat to begin with!

    • Cha Cha

      Yes, and Thank you…

    • KIR12

      The high illegitimacy rate in the black community is never going to end until black women get off this condoms only lie. 72% black illegitimacy and 50% abortion of all black pregnancies confirms it’s a lie. Yet you all expect teenagers and young adults to use a condom every time they have sex and then tell them female contraceptives are optional/not needed!!? Laughable, black women are telling young black girls to do something they weren’t able to do themselves! If you’re a healthy sexually active young woman and not using some type of female contraceptive it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of WHEN you become pregnant. Black women are still in the dark ages when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies.

      Yes, sexually active teenagers and young women should PLAN on the MAN using a condom every time but if you don’t want to get pregnant you better have a backup plan. You are responsible for your body life and future. You, and no one else! We know when trust is built and emotions and feelings are involved condoms are not used or not used as often. It’s just a fact of life. Condoms are good for short term hookups and prevention of STD’s. That’s it. Condoms EXCLUSIVELY has never worked as a longterm effective means of birth control for any race nor any country IN THE WORLD. Which is why every industrialized nation in the WORLD has embraced female contraceptives. Fact

      • Gabby

        Okay, I agree with you that women should have a back up plan, but it seems to me that you are putting all the blame on these women and none on this man that helped them create these babies. ALL parties are at fault because everyone decided that they didn’t want to be responsible when they had sex. And why are you speaking like you know what ALL black women do? I know you certainly wouldn’t want me speaking for ALL black men.

      • MzPW

        Surely this message is going out to the young brothas too, who are halfway responsible for creating these illegitimate children with these young ladies, correct? Because if there’s one thing that is true, it takes two to tango. I’ve never heard of or read about a woman getting pregnant completely independent of any male…

    • Ebby


  • JH

    Whatever Shawty Lo when I see you stop rocking “all gold everything” and your weekly bigen treatments I’ll be concerned about your kids on welfare.

  • Mrs_Music

    My mother managed to take care of my brother and I just fine without my father. She also didn’t need a reality show to support her. It was called hard work!

  • Mztisa

    Have a complete seat! I would much rather him get a vasectomy than watch his parade of ratchet baby mamas and kids! No gracias!

  • If he has so much talent, then why not find another way to take care of his children other than shamelessly insulting them by showing how immature he can be. You can shout it out until your blue in the face, but no responsible individual whats to see a man dividing himself between household to household. There is enough adultery, backsliding, and fornicating already in our communities. Now he wants the world to respect him becuase he couldnt keep his “johnson” tight or use a Jimmy Hat. COME ON SON!!!

  • Damn I wanted to see it……….. :-/

  • Kourtney

    Good for him. It is a one hour special.It is not going to be air every week like BBWLA or LLHH. People really need to get over themselves. If he wasn’t taking care of his kids, then some of yall would be in a riot over that. I would rather see this show then Evelyn acting a fool every week.

    • Papillon

      There was probably a series in the works but they wanted to see what kind of ratings the one hour special got. It’s the same way Little People, Big World and the Duggars started out: one-hour specials occasionally, but they became so popular they turned into a series.

  • He should have thought about how he was gonna provide for his children when he decided not to wear a condom for the 9th time.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      He should have thought about that after the first one. Some folks just have kids like they are some kind of accessory. Having children isn’t a game. Some of these men out here just need to grow up.

  • Stacy L

    I just cringed.. smdh if this fool is on tv w/ this dumb @$$ show I will throw my tv out my window.. he’s trying to take care of his kids huh?? GET A REAL JOB!!! b/c your rap “””career””” clearly isn’t cutting it

  • lalatarea


  • wakeup

    i find it funny how much people “care” about other peoples lives, All of these scripted reality shows are redundant but this is his real life that he lives everyday like it or not! he cant help it if people are so stupid that they would actually pay him to tell his truth :/ what he eat dont make you s***, so tell me why ya’ll so mad??? it works for him…

    • lalatarea

      Exactly, if you don’t wanna see it then don’t watch it, it really is that simple!

  • SMH

    This ignorant fool just does not get it does he? Rappers are the scum of the earth and the worst thing that ever happened to black people. How far things have fallen since The Cosby Show. There is nothing to celebrate about a man having numerous children with different children that is one of the major problems facing the black family today.

    • olivia


    • Gye Nyame

      Totally agree!!! I always say aside from slavery and the crack epidemic, rap/hip hop has been the worst thing to happen to the black community.

      • Papillon

        Add religion to that list and I will agree.

  • Zettai

    Would I rather see them on welfare?! NO, I’d rather see 10 women and one man be more responsible with their private parts! Maybe get all of them should GET REAL JOBS and TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS like you’re SUPPOSED TO? You reap what you sow!

  • Neu Jeru Jay

    Of course, I don’t want to see his family on welfare. However, if he taken the 30 seconds to put a rubber on prior to having sex with any and everything, then maybe, just maybe he wouldn’t have a litter of children. Also, if women would take some accountability, and stop grinding on random dudes without some sort of birth control, then I won’t have to see this mess not only on television and in real life too.

    • IllyPhilly

      I wanna know why welfare is the only option. These ladies don’t work? WTF? Just like Josie from Love and Hip-Hop and her only other option of the strip club. I’m mad that’s what he’s using as an excuse.

      • almondebrown

        Please say that!

      • chanela

        right! thank you. so many people are agreeing with him too. either the reality show or welfare? really? ugh! i can’t stand how people who make their own damn bed want to blame everybody else. octomom just got back on welfare. WHY?!?! that nutcase CHOSE to have 14 kids! now we all have to pay? seriously this is why they should figure out how to allow and disallow certain people from having kids.

        if his only options are welfare or this show and he just got ANOTHER heffa pregnant, why on earth is a vasectomy not a damn option? if you can’t take care of your child(ren) the snip it dammit! lol

        • IllyPhilly


        • jade nicole

          You are so right if it was that serious why did he get another woman pregnant. Also now these woman have to go to welfare to take care of these kids if the show doesn’t come on. Really they probably already on it and was hoping it would be a hit and collect a check.

    • KIR12

      Can someone tell me why this show is a problem when most black women promote, glorify or are silent on the baby mama epidemic in the black community? 72% illegitimacy and 60% of never married black baby mamas have multiple baby daddies. You all need more people.

      The problem is not Shawty and his baby mamas the problem is them showing the end result of what you all promote, glorify and remain silent as a normal black family.

      • kierah

        Ceasing media glorification of an epidemic that we are trying to change is a step in the right direction.
        I’m not silent on the topic within our community. I prefer to lead by example. So you can hold the “you all.” You may sit there and believe every statistic you want about our community. However, Black women do fall in love and get married and then have children EVERY DAY. We don’t need another program reinforcing a rapidly changing negative stereotype.

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          Changing? If anything I see and hear more and more black women saying everyday particularly on this site, you don’t need a ring and a marriage to have a baby. Wake up and realize, despite the fact that a good marriage and then babies is a whole lot better than the baby mama situation, unfortunately a lot of black women aren’t seeing it that way. We need to speak out more against unwed motherhood in the black community instead of saying lead by example because truth be told, there really aren’t whole lot of examples to lead by are there?

      • ll-b

        Black Feminism was never the issue. How dare you?! Black Matriacrhy is an anomaly that’s been the black communities saving grace. Under the black matriarch’s tutelage, black kids are being raised, educated and nurtured successfully-with or without a man present. The black feminist takes full control of her body and makes NO excuses for poor parenting. The black community needs more like her. I need you to put down Moynihan’s work and pick up Gender Talk by Beverly Guy Sheftall and Jonetta B. Coles before you make or write another statement about black feminism.

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          Really? The same black matriarch society where women say I can do bad all by myself after getting knocked up by a man who leaves them with a kid, or eventually comes to the I don’t need a man ideology? The same group who kills 50% of all conceived black children in America? The same one where some women use their children as pawns against their fathers out of bitterness? The same society that raises a good number of black men without fathers in homes that continue the cycle of hit it and quit or let’s play house but not marriage? This is the same society that has generational generation to generation of women led households with few active male participants? I’m sorry, but after the civil rights movement, the black “matriarch” movement you believe to exist is non existent. Granted not all black mothers are like this, but this is the current and running trend in a good portion of our community. . .

          • not all of us do that, you need to speak for who you know not everyone, thanks.

            • Ms_Sunshine9898

              Of course not, don’t you read?

        • KIR12

          Huh?! This is absolutely about black feminism and black matriarchy. Black feminism is not real feminism it’s quasi ghetto feminism. You want the reproductive rights that the white feminist won but refuse to accept the accountability and responsibility of those rights. So what were left with are black women who want to screw who they want, when they want running down to the abortion clinic to terminate the kids she doesn’t want and then blaming (shoulda wore ah condom) the black man for the OTHER kids she decides to keep! White feminist don’t respect nor look at black women (as a group) as a representation if them nor as their equals.

          If you repeat a lie enough, the ignorant and immature will start to believe it. Black matriarchy is a disaster. Black women, black kids and the black community are nothing more than human guinea pigs used to test liberals theories on marriage and the nuclear family. Before these liberal, feminist knowitalls came along black women had the highest marriage rate of any group of women including white women. Fact, go check marriage rates of black women all the way up to the 1960’s. lol & smh at the same time. In spite of abject poverty, racism, segregation, discrimination and Jim Crow laws the black community was productive, functional and extremly stable. Almost every black child had a BLACK FATHER in the home and the overwhelming majority of black women were married. Today 31 percent of African American women by their early forties have never married as compared to only 9 percent of White, 11 percent of Asian , and 12 percent of Latino women in the same age group. Black illegitimacy went from 24% to 72% (85%+ in the very worst ghettos), 50% abortions of all black pregnancies, overcrowding of abandoned/abused black kids in CPS, blacks kids have 50% H.S. dropout rates and 15 to 20% unemployment (46% for teens), only 7% of businesses are black, crime is out of control and black families are now 3rd and 4th generational welfare recipients with generation poverty. 70% of the men of all races in prison come from single parent homes……70%! In spite clear documented facts that women (of any race), AS A GROUP, can’t raise boys we’ve got dingbats like this woman saying black matriarchy has been a success.

          • guest

            forget he thumb downs, you’re speaking nothing but truth.

  • Chya

    Learn to wear a condom. You won’t have to pay for any baby mama. Idiot!

    • Kitsy

      Let’s start a “Teach Shawty Lo How To Use A Condom” petition. Better yet, let’s start a fund-raiser to pay for his vasectomy.

  • 1Val

    There are no words for this animal’s stupidity. Our black children should never be subjected to idiots like him on television.

    • GirlSixx

      Animal.. really??!!! that’s a strong word, *smh*

      • hiswomanandlovingit

        Not really. Only animals breed without thought of how to provide and take care of them.

      • Well animals DO fück whenever they’re in heat without taking precautions or show discernment as to who they mate with as long as they are the same dämn species…so lol

      • 1Val

        Yes, really!!! The black underclass speaks their own language, engages in antisocial behaviors and dares other to question their godawful existence. Shawty Lo and his ilk are animals who will sell drugs, breed like roaches, rob, rape and murder decent people to “support” themselves. They lack moral compasses, intellect and responsibility. We the public do not owe Shawty Lo anything including compassion, empathy, understanding or tolerance of his lifestyle. He and his children’s mothers poor life decisions is their burden to bear not taxpaying public footing the bill for their good times. So yes he is just a simple animal.

        • beauty

          By you saying those things you are an animal as well.If you were intelligent you would have came with a better response than that, instead you tried to throw your nose in the air, as though your better.

          • 1Val

            @ beauty you have spoken like the hoodrat you are! For only hoodrats understand and defend hoodrats lifestyle!

            • guest

              Agreed, beauty seems like a true dumba$$, who helps to advance irresponsible behavior by refusing to recognize the negativity of it. smh.

        • well tax payer, get ready to help foot the bill, because the petition has been approved and the show has been canceled. however you dislike his lifestyle, that’s still a human being that God created and not an animal.

  • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

    People are so ignorant its no wonder why as a whole we have never prospered. Ya’ll worried about him and his baby mamas when there is an article saying a black man is mor likely to get shoot in Philly and in war in the Midle East. Really? And the cancellation of his show is suppose to be a victory? You know why because black people truly are lazy. Its easier to sit at the computer or on the phone and sign a petition than to go out and be active in the community and actually try changing the dynamics which creates dysfunctional families such as Shawty Lo’s. It breaks my heart how lost we are as a people.

    • jane

      It breaks my heart to see how lost some of us are to not see the deeper negative implications of what this show does to our community. So Shawty Lo gets a show and enjoys great success. Raheem down the way wants to be just like Shawty Lo, only Raheem is broke and even more irresponsible. Raheem sleeps with many women contracting and spreading diseases as he goes, impregnating a bunch of girls he doesn’t really care about. Now society has to take care of all Raheem’s illegitimate kids, Raheem is on the run from child support for life, the mamas are angry for life. I would much rather that they publicize this real story than some type of brady bunch mess giving kids the idea that this lifestyle could work.

      • TeahMonae

        I get your point but I can’t wrap my head around people like “Raheem” who seriously want to be like these people on TV and in the music videos. I’m sure that there are folks who do, but it is so idiotic to me that it’s almost unbelieveable. Like really? I just can’t believe people can’t separate that from their real lives. It seems to me that if all it takes is to see Shawty Lo on a reality TV show to make “Raheem” do the same thing, “Raheem” didn’t plan on being sh i t to begin with. I mean when I was a teenager, Lil Kim was cocked and spread wide open on the cover of her album with her bikini drawers on but that didnt make me want to do it.

        • Yay!

          It’s called desensitization! I’s not that kids look at tv and immediately want to do what they see (most don’t anyway), but over the time of seeing certain negative images, we all naturally take less and less offense. For those without parenting, when those negative scenarios appear in their lives they won’t know or care to guard themselves.
          Lo and team are only proving to be koons many predicted they would be. Only a pure hot mess would try to put the welfare of his children on the public. I’ll tell him what, get a vasectomy on live tv for the first episode and I will stop signing petitions against his azz.

      • beauty

        What implication? FROM WHAT I seen there are a lot of black people like that, and some of them are good hearted people. They are who they are, just like so called bougie people. I’m a parent so I’m more focused on raising my kids to be well rounded, to me that’s the best the is when it comes to a persons character. Not trying to put them down because they have 10 kids by ten different women, instead trying to see a positive, like atleast he is in their life.

      • Nisa

        I’d bet money them fools have all kinds of diseases floating around them.

      • beauty

        It breaks my heart to see black women with straight hair on tv, who do you think started the trend of black women wearing perms and ridiculous weaves in Africa, Black American women. I would like to seeblack women with perms and straight weaves boycotted . I’m pretty sure 90% of women on here has a perm or a weave, what do you think that teaches black little girls, to say my hair is the worst out of every race. since w are talking about how we are perceived, why don’t you women on here reflect on that.

        • msgeegee

          you’re kidding right?

          • beautyw

            Are you kidding me? I often question the mentality of black women, especially when you ask me that question.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      Whether he has a show or not, none of the people in that situation will ever be winning, especially not the kids. Living in chaos doesn’t exactly breed happy well rounded children. These excessive “baby mama” situations are the main reason why black kids are so far behind and so screwed up right now. No one man can head all these households and give each kid the fatherly attention they need. Kids need more than money and material things. They need good role models and and guidance. And siblings who grow up with different mamas and daddies are always at odds and jealous of each other and may never have a real bond. Trust me, this type of family setup is not the business and these kids might have a hard road with relationships and everything down the road because of it.

      • beauty

        Really, its not the baby mama issues, its more so sociological issues, do to slavery and the separation of family. But unfortunately there aren’t enough intelligent people in America to realize that. I’m really starting to hate the comment section, because it makes it seem as if its a bunch ofu dummies who just so happen to be black

    • KamJos

      How do you know the people that signed the petition aren’t the same people that are active in the community? I’m so tired of hearing this excuse. We can multi-task people.

    • ieshapatterson

      It breaks my heart,when i hear idiots like you generalize all black people being stupid and lazy.YOU and the people you know,might behave in that matter,but trust and believe not all black people act like that.

      • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

        Comprehension has clearly not followed people in to 2013 so let me dumb it down for the simple mind. I never said black people were stupid nor did I condone his behavior but let’s be honest. Out of the people signed the petition what percentage are actually actively involved in reshaping their community. I don’t personally have kids but many of my friends do and are not married. Now it would be naive to say television or celebrities don’t have any influence on us but when you have psitive people in your life it remains as just entertainment not a way of life. I never signed the petition because him having a show doesn’t affect my way of life and I rather continue to create change by mentoring gangmembers so they will stop killing each over territory they don’t even own and having a father who was locked up half my life I show them what an absent father does to a child. Now tell me what you’ve done??

        • ieshapatterson

          When you state:black people truly are lazy,i take offense to that.since when did you know all blacks and what we do?? Please,you probably only help those kids,just to say that your better.

          • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

            Your offended by the truth? I see you never stated what you do for your community so Yes you go into the lazy category as well. As a whole black people are lazy. I mean the proof is lies within our community. They may be individuals that try to make a change but its very few. How is it that in my grandparents time they were able to accomplish so much with little rights and freedoms. Its because they didnt sit at a computer and petition Jim Crowe laws its because they actually went out in the community to affect change! Too many of us have a crabs in the barrel and Me complex thats why our comuunities are so ran down and in disarray. If black individuals went into the community in droves to tell our little girls not to emulate Evelyn when she throw bottles and sleep men on the first night, and tell that little boy just because he can dribble a ball doesn’t mean he’s going to be a millionaire like Kobe. Then these kids would take those ratchet shows for what they are, ENTERTAINMENT, and not a way of life. Since there aren’t many positive black roles models for these kids to turn to of course they will get their influences from the TV instead. And I don’t help my community to make myself feel better, I do it because I actually care. When I have children in the future I don’t want them to get shot over a pair of Jordans or because their rocking the wrong colors. Knowing the history of black people and knowing the greatness we come from, to look at where we are now. YES WE HAVE GOTTEN LAZY. So I hope I offended you so much that today you go down to your local center and be a positive role model.

            • ieshapatterson

              Lol i still see your avoiding my main comment.i never said what you said wasn’t true,i just said you don’t need to slap all blacks together and sag foul things about us all.some or most don’t speak for all.but if you want to justify your stupidity ,then go ahead.

              • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

                I will slap all blacks togethr because WE ARE ALL FAILING OUR COMMUNITIES when so many are crumbling. If we were all doing what we were suppose to people like Shawty Lo and his ababy mamas would be rare than a sad common occurance. If is being stupid is not expecting anything but greatness from the people that descend for Kings and Queens then I will proudly wear my Duntz hat. And You Have Yet To Tell Me how you’re not part of the lazy category. Since you don’t paticipate in your own community you really shouldn’t be talking.

                • ieshapatterson

                  Lol 2 when did i say i did nothing for the black community? Lol nowhere so you can’t open that trap you call your mouth,open and state such stupidity.but since you ask,i actually I’m part of a big brothers and big sister group for young black kids.

    • Gabby

      Why not do both? Do we have to have a one-track mind? Canceling a show like this is a victory, a small one, but a victory nonetheless. Many small victories equal bigger ones, we just have to keep chipping away at it. It’s not ignorant to want to stop an offensive tv show from airing. People didn’t discredit the importance of ending minstrel shows because people were still being lynched. They looked at it as progress, and moved on to bigger issues.

  • SheBe

    Is his beard a la Jermaine Jackson? Anyway, yes I do want to see him support his children: BY GETTING A DAMN JOB OR MAKING MORE MUSIC. While he is at it he can hit up Lorena Bobbit and show some responsibility. The realityTV route in this situation is the lazy way out. This is foolery at its finest. Are they not embarrassed?

    • kierah

      Exactly. I’d rather see Shawty put down the Sharpie and clutch some condoms like life preservers.

    • SheBe

      And “weather” not “whether”? Really?

  • Maurietta Amara

    His petition sounds stupid, especially when he tries to get the public to sympathize the fact that if he doesn’t have the show the babies moms will be forced to go on welfare.

    • No the stupid part is that a WOMAN, his publicist or whoever, is actually the one who wrote this! I know she gotta get paid but dämn

  • Reese

    I’d just rather not see him and his “family” dysfunction on TV. Reality TV show producers and reality TV show viewers need to draw the line somewhere. The Learning Channel really used to be informative but now their programming scrapes the bottom of the barrel case in point this show and Honey Boo Boo Chile.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      Word. I can’t stand that honey boo boo show. Those are the most disgusting folks i’ve ever seen in my life. Most of these reality shows are just garage.

    • SheBe

      As a southerner, Honey Boo Boo offends me.