Spike Lee Is A ‘Conniving And Scheming Uncle Tom’: Luke Campbell Reacts To ‘Django Unchained’ Comments

January 16, 2013  |  

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Feelings were mixed when Do The Right Thing director, Spike Lee spoke out against Quentin Tarantino’s latest blockbuster Django Unchained. No one was in complete shock that Lee openly admitted that he couldn’t get with the slavery revenge flick, as he is known for being quite outspoken and opinionated. But, his reasoning behind not supporting the film shocked many. Lee claimed that he refused to even see the Quentin Tarantino directed film because it would be “disrespectful” to his “ancestors” in an interview with Vibe. Most people simply wrote the comments off as Spike being Spike and some even publicly defended Tarantino against the Red Hook Summer director. The most interesting rebuttal came from Luther Campbell of the infamous 2 Live Crew. The Florida native went completely off on Spike, giving him a complete mouthful for his Django comments in an opinion piece for the Miami NewTimes and let’s just say he was not above name calling.

First, he implied that Spike’s sole reason for disliking the film was because he didn’t direct it and that  he is envious because Tarantino is a better director:

“Lee needs to get over himself. He’s upset because Tarantino makes better movies. The man who put Malcolm X on the big screen is Hollywood’s resident house negro; a bougie activist who wants to tell his fellow white auteurs how they can and can’t depict African Americans.”

“Lee could never pull off a movie like this. When he’s not being an A$$ from his court side seats during New York Knicks games, he’s making bull crap films that most African Americans cannot relate to.”

He then defended Tarantino’s heavy n-word usage in the film, stating that it was somewhat necessary to make the movie realistic:

“He complains that Tarantino uses “n*****” too much (100 times) in Django Unchained, but show me a white man in the 1800s who wasn’t dropping n-bombs left and right.”

And finally, he called Lee out as a “Uncle Tom” and compared him Sam Jackson’s character in Django Unchained:

“Spike is upset because Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie is just like him: a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom.”

If you’ve had the privilege of seeing the movie or even a preview of it, you know how much of an insult this is.

Do you agree with Luke? Is Spike Lee being a hater?

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