We Won’t Tell Anyone: Things About The Single Life Every Woman Misses

January 18, 2013  |  
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Nobody doubts that you love your man. Nobody doubts that you appreciate having a partner-for-all-activities. And certainly nobody doubts you enjoy having a guaranteed ride to the airport. Even still, everybody misses these aspects of being single sometimes.


Sleeping alone

You’ve found ways around the blanket stealing, the snoring, the bed hogging and the contradicting schedules. But man do you miss those nights when every pillow on that bed could go anywhere you pleased and you could curl up in that blanket like a burrito or spread out all your limbs.



Being messy

You guess it’s for the best you live with a man—or at least have one over regularly—because it forces you to be clean like a “grown up.” But there was a time when you didn’t have to clean every single dish right after it was used, and you didn’t have to worry about someone reprimanding you for leaving your clean laundry unfolded and tossed on the couch for a week. That couch was yours and you could do what you wanted with it.


Coordinating schedules with…no one

It’s great to always have a plus one, but so was feeling like the world was your oyster, and you could say yes to any random adventure you were invited to, on the spot. You never had to give up any occasion, event or activity.


Letting the dog sleep in the bed

Sleeping alone was nice but coming in at close second was sleeping with your pooch! Most boyfriends don’t want a ball of fur between them and you, and now you have to watch those sad, droopy eyes retreat to the dog bed.


Being married to your friends

When you were single with your friends, there was this “we’re in it together” mentality. You probably had a surrogate boyfriend, via a close girlfriend—a friend you’d go to Target with on the weekends, a friend you’d take random road trips with, a friend you had crazy, silly nights with. It’s tough not being there for that friend anymore.


Being spontaneous with your friends

Now, you and your partner look at your week, figure out the nights you don’t have set plans, and plan to be together. So when your girlfriends call you on Thursday at 5 saying, “Come to happy hour!” it’s considered rude if you bail on your man at that point.



Needing to stay in shape

Your man will take you to bed with a few extra pounds on you. Maybe you keep up your jogs and try to eat healthy, but there isn’t quite the same inertia behind it. You used to jog with images in your head of strolling into a bar that night, with your nicely toned legs showing off in a short skirt, as some hottie at the bar checks you out. Now maybe your boyfriend will grab a calf while you’re watching TV and say, “Hm. Nice muscles.”


Being able to stay in shape!

It’s nearly impossible to stick to your regimented meals of oatmeal in the morning, a chicken salad at lunch and fish and veggies for dinner when you live with a man who wants to indulge in heavy meals, and wants to bond with you over them.



Leading men on

When you were single, you’d let plenty of men buy you drinks and fawn all over you when you had absolutely no intention of going home with them or giving them your number. Today, the end result is the same: you’re not going home with the guy but now you feel guilty accepting the compliments and drinks! In some way, you feel he is wasting his time just a little more because you’re taken.


Turning every lay into a story

When you were single, any time you slept with a guy it warranted a twenty-minute chat and giggle session with your BFF. And that was so fun. You’d giggle about the awkward moments, the weird things in his home, his funny colored chest hair. But you don’t call up your friends today to chat every time you sleep with your boyfriend. A) It would just be the same story every time and B) Nobody wants to hear that.


Being mysterious

You used to enjoy a few weeks or months of being mysterious to the various guys you had flings with. You never showed them your weak side, your insecurities—you were cool and confident. You had secrets. Now your partner has heard you fart and seen your granny panties.



Alone time

Sure, your partner says it’s fine if you take alone time. But you can’t actually, in good conscience, take as much alone time as you used to. Think about it: when you were single you probably got at least three nights a week alone. If you asked for that now, your partner would think there was something seriously wrong with the relationship.


Adjusting to someone else’s moods

When you were single and in a great mood, you took advantage of that! You went for a jog, went out for drinks, went shopping. You indulged in it. Now, even if you’re in a good mood, if your partner is down you’re insensitive if you don’t cool your engines, and stay home to comfort him. Sorry if you missed out on your own wave of energy.


Budgeting around another person

When you were single, your vacation days were yours to do what you wanted with. But now that you have a partner, maybe you can pull off using some of those vacation days for a girl’s weekend, but the majority need to be left for romantic getaways with your man. You can’t afford to go on the trips that both your friends and your partner want to go on.

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