Pass Or Play? Dawn Richard Pays Homage To Danity Kane Past, Literally Fights For Future In New Video, “’86”

January 15, 2013  |  

Hmmm…my girl Dawn is probably going to have to explain this one because I’m not going to front–after watching this “short film” the first time, I was confused. Well, at least more than normal that is…

Nonetheless, Richard is able to make the track “’86” shine throughout this message-riddled video. In it, Richard traverses through the woods, viewing her old life through new eyes. In the beginning, four women who are supposed to represent her former Danity Kane members, dance and point her to other pivotal points in her life, including her childhood as a little girl shares a close moment with both parents. And while that’s all good and dandy, things get a tad bit confusing towards the middle, where Dawn starts dancing in the woods in a slinky fringe-loving outfit, and then has to get all Street Fighter against two individuals trying to hold her back, eventually whooping some a** and taking their armor to go forward. Honestly, that part of the video went on a bit too long. But aside from that, the song is what gets my attention the most, sounding like an ’80s Prince-inspired synth-heavy declaration of independence. And as usual, her vocals are great and the lyrics about change is deeper than most: “Say you can’t go back, the same way that you came…”

Check out the video for yourself and let us know if you’re feeling the visuals and the track on its own. Enjoy!

“Some things change babe, sometimes they stay the same.”


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  • I totally respect her and like the person below me I champion the underdogs… .the people we would throw away…. People want to call her music trying but at the end of day she remain resilient and her music distinctive. People like Solange ride off of the fame of their siblings. saying how amazing her work is…but let’s be honest Solange can’t sing. curse me out call me crazy but it is my opinion. She can write a song but she can’t bring it vocally….. i digress…… Dawn do your things…. you just may be the copernican revolution to this state of R&B.

  • clove8canela

    I think the song is ok but the video is awful. It’s just too much vision & the dramatic facial expressions and hand gestures are too much. I couldn’t even finish & just put myself out of my own misery.

  • Stop sleepin on Dawn

    Love it! However MN would have written 7 articles if solange had done this concept instead saying the video was over the top. LMAO. Because solange dancing in africa like she has seizures is much more clear to understand than this. LMAO… this girl would be bigger if sites would push her more. She is a beast and overly talented with no label do ing her thing. So her videos at times may be a little different than what you are used to seeing she is not backed by rich family or a rick boyfriend like cassie. Go Dawn.

    • shenai

      If you hate Solo cool but don’t start with your BS MM doesn’t have to please you at least not ALWAYS, this was a nice short and sweet review something that most people including YOURSELF would read because it goes straight to the point, its not 4 pages long. Nobody wants to read 4 pages especially not on some kid who is has not blown up YET. now plz woman (I assume), take what you’ve been given, be greatful and sit down.

      Nice Vid ms Dawn, wish you all the luck may you prosper more than SOLO #SideEye

      • Stop sleepin on Dawn

        I never said I did not like solo. Can you read?… I will never understand the
        stupidity of someone who gets mad over others opinion. I did not ask
        MN to write what I like just to give more sight on artist like Dawn,
        Janelle Monae…etc. They are mad talented and need the promotion. WTF
        are you talking about 4 pages? I said do more content with artist on the
        rise or independent instead of doing the same stories on the same ppl,
        can you read. You dont even make sense. MN has the right to express
        opinions granted but I notice when it comes to Solange… They will
        write as if she is Lauryn Hill Jr. they dont get “honest” or critique
        her work …also she is not a major artist either. If she were not related to B she would not be signed to Roc nation she would be in the same boat as Dawn. They are both talented one has more of an advantage is all.
        Either you work
        for MN not MM (you probably do cause you cannot spell) or you just need a
        life. Its called MY opinion. You people tickle me getting hot and
        worked up over someone’s opinion!!!!! Chill out you are not a MN
        promoter they get enough hits they dont need you. If you do work for
        them then go play a spelling game online.

        • shenai

          “However MN would have written 7 articles if solange had done this concept instead saying the video was over the top.” Thats where my 4 page long CLAIM came from, Ms, “this girl would be bigger if sites would push her more.” May i also tell you Madame Dawn stan that sites and i mean any site don’t have to promote nobody, Record labels have marketing depts for that, WHAT you on about MA?

          “I notice when it comes to Solange… They will
          write as if she is Lauryn Hill Jr. they dont get “honest” or critique
          her work …also she is not a major artist either”, Ms she is bigger than Dawn coz i been living abraod for years and i know about Solange but haven’t heard a thing about DAWN till this article. now Understand my stupidity as you call it i don’t hate on you nor you opinion i just hate on your damn lie and lack of honesty.

          • Leslie v

            Girl You need to stop She was being sarcastic cant your read. LMAO! She was just making a point … You are taking this serious its called the comments section where people hmmm I dont comments you broke down her comment called her a lie? Nonetheless I have to agree with “Stop Sleeping on Dawn. She has a point

            • Stop Sleeping On Dawn

              Thanks Leslie V. I dont understand how my sarcastic (good catch) Opinion is a lie. How is an opinion a lie how am I dishonest? an opinion is an opinion. If I said this is a fact then that would be different. No response necessary to Internet trolls, this is not going anywhere so I am done. I love a healthy argument but you cannot argue with a person who is just persistent in just arguing for the hell of it. 1st it was me hating Solo Now the problem you have with me is that I am not honest? LOL, girl have one _ its a seat. That is a fact.

              • Leslie v

                Yeah its no point with Trolls. I am sure she coming back with a Vengeance now… LOL

          • Leslie v

            Stop Sleeping on Dawn needs to be a lawyer cause she would def be good at it.. cause girl when I saw go play a spelling game. I laughed too hard. It was too perfect. I am going to use this…….have a _ LOL too funny … I needed a good laugh

            • chanel

              I know when I saw the seat … play a spelling game!! Dead

  • sabrina

    i dig this a lot. and she looks beautiful.

  • Na Na

    What I like about is her resilience. even though she has been under contract before and signed to Bad Boy now that that’s over she’s still not giving up! She’s producing her music independently and fighting to stay in the game.

    • Stop sleepin on Dawn

      I hope a label takes a chance with her. The girl is very talented and driven. She would blow up if a major label or someone like LA Reid just would invest in her. I wish Dawn well. I hope she keeps kicking. And I agree she is very resilient. It speaks volumes