5-Year-Old Philly Girl Who Was Kidnapped From School Found In Park Half-Dressed After Escaping Captors

January 15, 2013  |  

Late last night I was looking through Instagram and saw a few people, including actor Michael K. Williams and model BJ Williams, posting pictures of five-year-old Na’illa Robinson. The little girl with the precious smile was missing. Who knew that about two hours after checking out this missing girl’s story, that she would be found?

The young girl went missing from her West Philadelphia school not too long after her mother, Latifah Rashid, dropped her off. According to The Daily Mail, the young girl was abducted by a woman who was dressed in the same niqab garment that Robinson’s mother wears, which is a veil that covers the face and is worn by Muslim women. In a huge lapse in judgement, those working at Robinson’s school did not require the abductor to show ID, nor did they make her prove that she was a guardian to take the child out. She told those at the school that her name was “Tiffany” and was allowed to leave with Robinson.

Gone for about 20 hours, thankfully, this child was found in the wee hours of the morning, around 4:40 a.m., hiding under a jungle gym set.  A man who just happened to be walking in the neighborhood where the park was heard her screaming and found her as she ran out for help. According to Philly.com, officials say she told the man, “I ran away, I ran away from the people who took me.”‘

According to CBS News, Robinson was only wearing a T-shirt as she tried to brave the early morning cold (and damp ground left from rain the night before) to hide from her abductors. She was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be doing okay as police now search for the woman who took her, and anyone else involved.
Na’illa Robinson’s mother, Rashid, and her grandfather, Asim Abdul Rashid, appeared on a FOX affiliate news station in Philly, where they discussed the video that school cameras caught of “Tiffany” taking Robinson out, as well as their disappointment over the grave danger she was in because of careless mistakes by the school. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, Robinson’s grandfather was beyond disgusted. “We just had an incident when someone walked into a school and murdered children. So now, for them to allow someone to walk into a school and take a child out? It’s just ridiculous!”
It’s a blessing to hear that this child was found, and found so quickly, and by her own fast thinking. Too many of these type of stories finish with a sad ending, no ending at all, or fade into the background in national news. And at the same time, it’s a wake-up call story for our schools to do better. You can’t get lazy with people’s children, because if Robinson wouldn’t have been able to run away, who knows WHAT would have happened.

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  • stillJUICYbaby!

    thank you Jesus. schools need to be more accountable. two seconds to check i.d….three seconds to have mom reveal her face. (I am sure her god would understand).

    This could have been way tragic.

  • lexi

    Wow I am so glad she is safe. At my daughters school I have to show is and shes been going there for four years. This is why my daughter is in karate. Praying for the little girl.

  • hammer5

    wondering why the news videos would conceal the face of the abductor?!!

  • JaneJane

    So glad to hear she is found. The school was definitely to blame, but you would be surprised to see how many parents send questionable people to get their children. I have had parents put boyfriends (that have been with them for a couple of weeks or months) on the authorization form and leave off grandparents and other family members–emergency arises and boyfriend is gone, grandma can’t pick them up legally. As well as, people who get offended when asked to show ID–really dad (who we have never seen, ever) you want to pick up a child without proof of who you are (plus the child is not at school today-you are dad but didn’t know that). Give the schools good information on who can come pick your children up. Side Note: Make sure you answer our calls, we are not bill collectors; we are the people that have your children for 7 hours a day. Sorry just an issue of mine….

  • i pray she wasn’t abused or molested.

  • IllyPhilly

    This situation is very suspect from all angles, but it’s great that she made it back quick and safe.

  • Youngin

    Happy that the little girl is safe and its a shame how careless her elementary school was during this situation. These days, the fact that I go to a school where you have to pass through metal detectors seems like a good thing.

  • Dawson

    These are the people you want to have guns around your children?

  • Trisha_B

    I liked how fast this little girls picture got passed around instagram. Just think how many kids, especially black children that get no tv time, can be found through instagram? All the prayers that were sent out to that little girl worked!…the people at the front desk of the school should get slapped & fired. Why didnt they ask for id? Didnt they think it was odd for the “mother” to pick her daughter up for breakfast even tho she just dropped her off minutes before? Or question why she said her name was Tiffany when records show a different name? Smh. & I dont like how some media outlets are bringing up religion, saying if the mother didnt wear a burqa & veil then her daughter would have known it wasn’t her mother smh. I’m sure the little girl knew it wasn’t her mother by her voice, but probably recognize the voice as someone she knew & felt comfortable to leave w/ them. & how no eyebrows were raised when the little girl never returned back to school smh. If I was a parent at that school, I wouldn’t send my kid back.

  • Ms_Mara

    I’m glad she was found unharmed but this never should have happened to begin with. From the school releasing her into a stranger’s care to it taking the school basically ALL DAY to realize she hadn’t been brought back? Very reckless and irresponsible.

  • Sagittarius81

    Thank God she’s safe, if I was her mother I would not sent to that careless school again! At my daughter’s school, if someone other than the parent picks up the child, they have to show ID and call the parent for proof, but when I call them in advance that I can’t make it, I’m at work or I’m at the doctor and I have her stepfather or my brother (people who I trust since my mother died last month) pick her up.

  • GalaxyEmpress

    I’m glad the little girl was found alive but the details are truly horrifying. It’s stories like this that remind me of why I have decided not to have any children. There are too many damn demons on this Earth…. Bless this child.

  • Ebby

    Thank goodness and thank God she is safe. Shame on that school I hope they sue thier pants off for not following procedures. A drivers license, state ID and followed up with the students records in the file at the front desk. Verify all information and if the person did that she or he would know that women is fake. Call 911. SMH

  • Lateshia

    Wow, I’m glad the child was found and is ok. I’m 30 years old and I don’t have kids yet I have a 3 and 4 year old niece and nephew and I pray for them each day they go to day care center. Children aren’t always safe there. I do want kids and I pray that my kids are safe when they get ready to attend school I might have to do homeschooling.

  • kt

    Thank God she’s okay! I want to know what is the other side to this. For an abductor to seek out that child specifically, and dress as her mother does? I wonder if these people have been watching that family for some time now. So many questions! Breaks my heart that she had to endure this.

    Additionally, it makes me so glad that my mom and I had a password. If you couldn’t say “chocolate chip cookies and blueberry pancakes with an orange juice float!” when you came to pick me up, I wasn’t going home with you, period. Lmao, sounds silly but it worked, I even refused my grandpa once when he misspoke part of the phrase!

  • chanela

    YASSS honey! that’s how you do it! we need to teach our kids how to fight the REAL monsters that lurk amongst us everyday.teach them how to run,hide,and stay quiet like a ninja once they run away!so glad that she is safe and nothing happened to her : )

  • This is so good! I didn’t even hear about it until she was found wow…

  • thank goodness.

  • honest

    this is why God is going to create a new earth this one is full of sick ppl…im so happy this baby is safe…God is good…i pray justice is served very quickly and i hope those front desk ppl at that school lose their jobs ASAP!…

    • realadulttalk

      I live in Philly–that would mean every front desk worker at every school would be fired. This happens at least once a year here–always in the same manner.

      • FromUR2UB

        Maybe if they began holding people accountable for being careless with the children they’re responsible for, this might not happen as frequently as once a year. Whatever the school’s procedures are for allowing people to pick up children, it doesn’t sound like they were followed. I’d rather people lose their jobs than have someone lose their child.

      • IllyPhilly

        I agree, I also know from that area, the parents are constantly antagonizing with school officials.

    • realadulttalk

      I live in Philly–that would mean every front desk worker at every school would be fired. This happens at least once a year here–always in the same manner.

    • SMHgurl24

      Why create a new earth,why not fix the one were in? Glad shes ok

    • God has created heaven ,Earth and Hell. We are living in this world and depending on the life that we lead when we die. We all will stand at judgment and will be judge accordingly . If you want to live for the devil then you will be with him in death.

    • wordwhale

      So you’re saying God made a mistake when he made humans and this earth?

    • wordwhale

      So you’re saying God made a mistake when he made humans and this earth?

  • Reese

    Schools are so careless. I’d rather a school’s security to be extremely stringent instead of extremely lax. I just thank God this child was found safely and I hope that those involved will quickly be bought to justice.

  • NeaJ

    Thank God this story ended on a good note which is more than we can say for so many others. My question is: how does an elementary school allow someone who isn’t the parent to take a child? Had they called the parents to see if it was authorized we wouldn’t be discussing this. When I was in freakin high school they wouldn’t let my own brother sign me out of school until they spoke to my mom. I’m baffled but glad that this child is alive. She’s gonna need major counseling but that’s better than another parent burying their child