In Case You Missed It…Love & Hip-Hop NY Reckless Reality Wrap-Up: ‘If I Kick A N*gg* In The Neck It’s For A Reason’

January 15, 2013  |  

Well we bet you can tell how last night went from that headline alone. Erica Mena continued her pattern of being all the way turnt up all the time when it comes to her supposed boo Rich Dollas and someone almost got kicked in the neck like her baby daddy bish. WHOAA!

We also met some new characters like Consequence and his girlfriend Jen the Pen, who apparently is not about that non-baller life, and Lore’l — the “rapper,” not the cosmetics persons. We know what happens when too many people get up in too many other people’s business, but in case you missed all that went down last night, catch yourself up with our reckless reality wrap-up.

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  • baddvixentype

    am i the only one whos not seeing anything!? Where are the pages?? this happened yesterday too! smh!!

  • Shanice

    “He had the… the Jim Jones, rich dollars grown man cry” … Love It !!

  • clove8canela

    It’s makes me sad to say this, because I love me some ratchet reality tv, but I hate this season! There’s too many people in the cast, none of them interact with each other to tie the stories together, and I don’t really know who owed Consequence a favor, but I don’t know why they’re on the show. Aren’t they supposed to be in Chicago?

    It’s really a mess this season. 🙁

  • StephLuv

    I feel really bad for Olivia this season. Rich is bugging, the Joe Bidden story line is wack as hell and Consequence, are you really serious with this chick? Sad, I was really looking forward to what NY/NJ was gonna bring but having a hard time sitting threw the 1st two episodes. Not on my priority list for Monday nite viewing. Will be watching Black Inc. though.

  • Melissa

    Wow what money, and fame can buy. I’m not trying to give these woman any credit. But consequence and joe with his spayed on goatee are some ugly men who wouldn’t have those women if not for money. Joe isn’t that bad in the looks dept but consequence can’t even close his mouth.

    • GirlSixx

      “consequence can’t even close his mouth.”

      *Slaln!!!!!!!* bwhahaaaaaa

      He and Malaysia must’ve went to the same dentist for those veneeers.. and dragged Mandecesss along with them. lollll

    • JaneDoe

      lmao… Yes he looks like he can bite the medal of some rims. His teeth is something serious..

  • janice

    Liked the original cast way better.

  • Reese

    Cons’ girlfriend, wife, baby momma whatever she is, is so friggin’ annoying. I could barely make it through last night’s episode. That will probably be the last one that I watch. This season of LAHH is like two different series there are no common threads between the two groups of people that the show is focusing on. And it is so boring, period.

    • Yes Jen was very annoying she also needs to get a job and stop thinking a man should take care of her. She’s to worried about what her family thinks about her paying for things for her son’s party. I guess her thought she hit the jackpot when she got with Consequence. Plenty of women work and have small children I couldn’t wait till my maternity leave was up to get back to my job.

      • Reese

        EXACTLY!! I cannot stand women like that. It’s one thing if you and your man have an agreement that he’ll work and you’ll stay at home with the child(ren). But with her to sit there with her hand out was extra and for her to get mad when he didn’t just give, give, give was pitiful. She comes off as extremely whiney and bratty. And I’m not trying to shade Consequence or anything but the dude can’t be worth but so much.

        • JaneDoe

          No he isn’t worth that much.. Ghost writers unless you are The Dream or Neyo or a well known writer they don’t get paid that much and what they do get paid they have to turn around to use it and maintain there lifestyle. Which leaves them with little to nothing..

    • JaneDoe

      Yea she is and I was sitting there wondering what she failed to understand.. That man doesn’t have a problem looking out for here from what I see but he wants her to have her own ish going on and not be so dependent on him. Could never be me waiting around on a man for money.. No ma’am

      • Reese

        I’m the same way, I want a man who is able to take care of me but doesn’t have to. As my mom says nobody money spends like your own. Men find it so unattractive when a woman doesn’t have her own hustle or means of income.

  • realadulttalk

    They could really stop this show right now. Last nights ep was even more boring than the first one. And I noticed that Erica calmed right down when she saw that Lore’l was about to get really real with her. One more thing–Consequences teeth. I guess him and Mandentures are using the same people. WTF?!?!?

    • Tamz

      MANDENTURES tho? Lmao!!!!!! Last night’s episode was VERY boring. Erica knows who to get crunk with though. She didn’t step to Tahiry or Olivia with that nonsense. I like “Black Ink” though.

      • JaneDoe

        Ohhh girl Black Ink is a whole other story.. Its a good show but my goodness are they all on drugs?

        • rzakia

          Umm have you looked at their lips??? Lol. I mean the lips are a dead give away. But I like the show it’s good.

        • Melyssa

          *lmao* Nah, they all just in need of a GOOD DENTAL PLAN.. i swear, not one of them cast members got a decent set of teeth in their mouth

  • Consequence got some big a** teeth in his face

  • Erica is too much. Love and Hip Hop New York is not interesting coming off the heels of Atlanta. I might not be watching this anymore.