Rih Rih Does 7 Complex Covers, Gets Asked Legit Question: If Your Love With Breezy Is “Nobody’s Business,” Why Flaunt It?

January 15, 2013  |  

While we were just fawning over one particular R&B diva last week for showing off what her mother gave her, you can now enjoy seven issues of Rihanna continuing to showcase what her own momma gave her, which has helped her stay on the cover of damn near every magazine and on top of the world. To honor her seven successful albums, including the last one, Unapologetic, which went number one, the singer graced seven covers of the same February/March issue dressed in the look she rocked for each release.

While the covers were a whole lot of fierce, the most interesting aspect of her work with Complex this time around, which included her taking Polaroid-like images of herself in risque poses, was the interview–or lack thereof. The cover story didn’t really paint the singer in the best of light, and there were very few straight quotes from her. Instead, the article discussed the behind-the-scenes chaos of her controversial “777” tour that allegedly held media folks trapped on a plane, dehydrated and without any new insight on her; why she’s more available to her “Navy” and down-to-earth than Bey and her stans; her love of taking near-“nekkid” pics, and the tumultuous relationship she’s had with Chris Brown. There was even an awkward exchange between the singer and the writer of the cover story, when she was asked why she keeps claiming the relationship between Chris Brown and herself is “nobody’s business,” but writes a song about it. It ends the article with an interesting amount of shade:

Before leaving the restaurant for the airport, Rihanna addresses one last question. It’s the biggest question surrounding the song: If her relationship with Brown is truly nobody’s business, then why make a record about it?

Her voice, usually warm and cut with chuckles, turns cold. “Pardon me?” she replies, her eyebrow slightly raised. Even after the question is repeated, she hesitates to answer. The hands that moved up and down throughout the conversation, suddenly fall flat. “It’s the truth. Remember?” she says, turning toward the other side of the table to gather her belongings. As she gets up to leave, she adds: “It’s a fun record that The-Dream wrote and we loved the lyrics. You’re still asking me questions about it so clearly you don’t know.”

Maybe she doesn’t know either.

Ouch. I think after posting pics of yourself and a man hugged up together, in bed, and flexing at the haters, it’s a question that begs an answer. But hey, she’s unapologetic right? So she doesn’t have to do anything but strike a mean pose and look fabulous for magazine spreads like this one. Check out the six other covers on the next page (the one up top pays homage to her debut album) and let us know which one is your favorite! Also, read the article in its entirety at Complex.com.

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  • Like she said: It is nobody’s business, but she knows ya’ll gone make ya’ll own anyways! LOVE Rih!!

  • Britt

    Let’s be honest here, people. Rihanna and Chris were obviously in a TWO-WAY fight with each other and Chris got the best of her. It’s well known in both of their circles that Rihanna use to hit Chris. The fact that people in Rihanna’s management see no problem with her doing songs with Chris speaks loud. They are all hiding something, and that something is that Rihanna hit him also. I don’t see why people still want Rihanna to act like a victim when she has repeatedly said that she isn’t one. What Chris did was wrong, but if that incident didn’t happen, would Rihanna would be this big star that she is now??? I think not. Just sayin, and I like Rih.

    • No excuse. Men get shade for hitting women because physically they are bigger and stronger. That would be like me beating the h*ll out of some man who was very ill or had a physical impairment. Its no competition when there is an inequality in strength and power. I have no doubt however, that they regularly hit each other. Unfortunately when you are armed with the ‘guns’ you are the one who is shamed for using excessive force.

      • Kenedy

        But if you know someone is stronger than you.. why provoke them? For example, if someone has a weapon, & I don’t, why would I start talking ish to them?? I don’t condone any kind of violence whether it be man on woman or woman on man

        • Provoke? Like I said before, if you have the guns you know you don’t need to beat them down (did you see her face?) in order to protect yourself. Furthermore if you’re Chris and you know she hits you and “provokes” you towards wanting to stomp her azz why keep putting yourself in a position to be “provoked”?

      • Sunny

        Rihanna is 5’9, so she’s hardly dainty.

        • So you’re theory is because she’s tall she can take a hit like a man? Expound on this because that makes no sense.

  • Sunny

    “…more down to earth than Bey and her stans…” I love how acting like you have no home training is synonymous with being down to earth.

  • realadulttalk

    What person wants to admit they got played? Better yet–set themselves up to be played???

  • NikkitaMichelle

    As beautiful as she is and as successful as she is she’s comes off real insecure. This man beat your behind in front of the world and you’re kicking it with him unapologetically and posting pictures of the two of you in compromising situations to throw shade at his ex girlfriend. I’m over it.

    • Britt

      The reason you think she’s insecure is because most likely, you’ve never hit your boyfriend. Rihanna did when she was with Chris. So she knows it wouldn’t be right for her to speak badly about him when they use to fight each other in their relationship.

      • Dee

        Then if she was a grown and responsible person (as she claims), she should be bold enough to say I hit him too. She was content on making money off the whole mess and hoping fans will eventually forgive him and forget it. I don’t care for either one of them.

        • Britt

          She should say that she hit Chris, but in society, men are supposed to take full responsibility in situations like this. When it first happened, Chris took the fall for everything and that’s why Rihanna never speaks badly about him and does music with him. She knows what their relationship was like and she shares some of the blame. To us, the outsiders, it looks weird, but both of them make money off the incident and have moved on. I think we all should too.

  • York

    I love RiRi but some of her moves scream birdhead. Trust and believe if she didn’t have money and fame, we would hear nothing but squawking. I hope she gets a clue, romantically.

  • She stupid, Chris stupid; their “love” is confusing in itself. Im really tired of seeing the both of them in the news when its not about music

  • Trisha_B

    Telling someone that if you post a pic of you & your boo, then its everybody business is just dumb. If i post a pic of me hugging my boyfriend, it does not mean my followers get to ask me questions about our sex life, why are we together, where our relationship going, etc. Thats no ones business, its just a picture. Either click the like button or ignore it. Dont some of your writers on this blog write about your relationships? So I guess we can ask personal questions about your man, kids, & family? No. A lot of artist sing songs about their relationship, but no one digs in to them as much as they do w/ Rihanna…she also said it was The Dream that wrote the song & it was Jay z that said it would be good to have Chris in it

  • Kellz

    Rihanna can do as she pleases but the point of not giving a F#*ck is also not to look foolish….which she def does. Its great she happy and all….even thats debatable….but dont get defensive when pple ask valid ?s about the crap you flaunt!

    • Britt

      You’re right. She looks foolish and defensive because she’s hiding something. And that something is that she hit Chris.

      • littleoleme

        Ha ha ha! Too funny

        • Britt

          Yeah, it’s too funny that society only chooses to see women as victims and not as abusers.

      • Kenedy

        I could honestly see her doing something like that…after all, she is a baaad girl

  • littleoleme

    Though the Chris and Rihanna saga can get on my nerves, she really owes us no explanation. She’s grown and can do as she pleases

  • Ms. Bee

    Someone said she has the body of a 13 year old boy. I laughed real hard.

    • IllyPhilly

      As you should have because it’s true.