‘I Know What You Been Doing’: Alleged Baby Mama Of LHH’s Rich Dollaz Threatens To Expose Him For His Criminal Dealings

January 14, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

It seems that “Love & Hip Hop” star Rich Dollaz has once again found himself in hot water. And this time it appears to be far more serious than simply not keeping it real with his current love interest Erica Mena.  According to The YBF, Richard has been involved in a very ugly paternity dispute for the last twelve years with model Chaundrea Nicole. The way that Chaundrea told the story almost one year ago, Rich has basically been skipping out on court dates and avoiding a paternity test in an effort to avoid taking responsibility for the child that he helped to create. He is even reported to have been arrested for failing to appear in court for a paternity test. Richard had since come forth to claim that all issues between he and Chaundrea have been settled, but she recently came out saying that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I just wanted to let you know once again that he has LIED! It’s not “straightened out” he should either have had to take the DNA test while in jail (which I don’t think he did) or they gave him a court date, either way I’m not going to play with him at this point about my daughter because this effects her,” she told The YBF.

She also threatened to expose Rich for his criminal dealings if he doesn’t quit lying and start doing right by his daughter.

“If you keep on, you’re going to be in more trouble than just taking a DNA and child support. I know what you been doing and how you actually came to Memphis illegally and I know what else you did so if you keep on defaming my character, not only will I will be hitting you for child support I will be suing you as well, not to mention the felonies that you have committed!”

Chaundrea didn’t spare Erica Mena in her tongue lashing either. She went on to say that she is determined to teach her daughter about women like Erica who deal with men that fail to handle their responsibilities.

“I don’t want her to think that it’s ok to be like people like Erica because it’s not ok to be whorish to come up and get attention (like she did when she posted that old pic like he is with her when his A$$ was here in a club). I know I will be judged all types of ways but at this point I don’t care, I know what I am doing and I know who I am.”

What is more horrifying than any of the above-mentioned details is the fact that the child involved in all of this is old enough to understand what’s going on. We have got to do better.

Check out an image of the actual court document on the next page. What do you make of this? Does Rich strike you as the type that would try to completely bail on raising his child?  

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  • Guest

    Is this really a surprise? As a woman…I don’t feel bad for most of women in this position b/c they are at least 50% to blame if not more for being in the position they are in. It’s no secret that their are plenty of deadbeat dads and guys who do not have high character and values running around. Yet many women still open their legs and take no procaustions from having kids the guy will not likely take care of.

    As women “we” pick the men we deal with so she picked the “genus” so now this is what she has to deal with. Is it fair…NO but when it comes to who the primary care giver is…many times it is going to be the mother. The child is going home with the mother not father…the mother is the one waking up in the A.M.; changing diapers; taking care of them when they are sick; sacrificing time, money and other things for the child. So as a woman…if you don’t think you can do that alone..even if you are currently in a good relationship..then you may want to either keep your legs closed…make him put a ring on it so he at least can’t run easily from his responsibilities…pop a pill or wear a condom..etc. The deadbeat dad arguement is getting old….pick wisely and expect to face the consequences of your actions.

    • Cyntem1972

      Let use a bit of common sense. Not all men when you first meet then
      say, “Hey, I am going to
      physically abuse you later.” , ” I think I am going to marry you and
      then sleep with your cousin.” or “Later on, I am going to skip out on my
      parental duties.” No women when you meet them say “Hey. When you cheat
      on me, later I am going to key your car.” No one reveals that part of
      themself. GET REAL. People put up good fronts when you
      first meet them. There are those times when you do see clues up front,
      but a majority don’t reveal their bad side immediately. Haven’t you
      ever met a man that seemed perfect and then later on down the line you
      found out otherwise? YES YOU HAVE. That goes for women too.

      • guest23

        That’s why you’re suppose to take TIME to get to know someone instead of jumping in bed with them and creating a child! Sure someone may fool you here and there but if a Man/Woman is actually paying attention instead learning their “freak” level 1st…maybe they will not get in these situations. Sounds like a bunch of excuses.

    • Hollander

      Genius, is how you spell the word homie.

  • Miyako

    HE needs to do better, not ‘we’.

  • Hollywood71

    He seems like a deadbeat to me, just the way he went at Somaya showed he is an A##!!!