Superhead 2.0? Love & Hip Hop’s Winter Ramos Exposes Rapper Sexcapades In New Tell-All Book

January 14, 2013  |  


In case you were actually waiting around for Karrine Steffans to finish composing her super emotional and most likely über explicit memoir about her relationship with Lil Wayne, it looks like there will be another Hip Hop tell-all book hitting the streets soon to hold you over. At least until Karrine is done pouring out her soul on the pages of How To Make Love To A Martian. It seems that “Love and Hip Hop” star Winter Ramos, whom we will learn more about during tonight’s episode, is planning to release a tell-all book of her own entitled Game Over: My Love for Hip Hop. If you’re having a hard time recalling which one Winter is, she’s the one who made a couple of cameos last season as the assistant of rapper Fabolous.

The memoir is said to shed light on what it was like for her working in the music industry and of course, expose a few of her famous former lovers. The book’s description reads:

In Game Over, Winter puts all of her emotions on the page leaving no experience, emotional abuse, or former lover uncovered. From her days as assistant to rapper, Fabolous and friend to Jadakiss, to appearing on Love and Hip Hop and being Creative Costume Designer for Flavor unit Films, Winter delivers a tell-all book on her famous ex-lovers and experiences in the music industry. As the chick that was always in the mix and cool with everyone, Winter was privy to the cray beyond the videos, private flights, and limos that the cameras caught for us. Her reality and theirs was no game. Game Over is Winter’s cautionary tale for the next generation of young women who believe that the fabulous lives of celebrities unveiled in blogs and on reality television shows are all FIRE! Stay tuned, because this GAME is about to get real.

During tonight’s episode, she introduces herself in a rather questionable way that somewhat implies that she plans on spilling a lot of tea.

“I’m Winter Ramos. You guys may know me as Fab’s assistant, but I’ve been in the music industry for a really long time. I’ve worked with Puff Daddy, Biggie Smalls, Junior Mafia, DMX, Eve, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Irv Gotti… I’ve dated these guys, I’ve slept with them, I’ve worked for them. I know the girlfriend, I know the baby mother, I know the wife. I even know the side chick.”

She also revealed that her “friend” Jadakiss, who is also a rather large part of the book is actually the one who suggested that she pen the tell-all. The book’s release date is April 2nd.

Many feel that the whole concept of women coming out and exposing industry insiders is completely played. But I believe that for every tell-all, there’s a nosy person who will buy it.

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode on the next page to see Winter discuss her book. Are you at all interested in what she has to say in her book?

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  • Dee

    I just want to know where are the black women on this show? I can’t tell the difference between hardly any of them. Is it just me? Why does everyone look everything but black? IJO & IMO.

  • Me

    When she was talking to Emily and saying wait on him…I was thinking she had sex with him…I hope Em don’t talk to her anymore

  • and hold up….she talking about people who aint even that relevant any more……

  • snitches getting paid big bucks….you would think these men would keep their pants zipped up….

  • Ann

    No, I will not be reading it. These book publishers are really desperate for sales. It seems like it is to the point they are willing to give anybody a book deal whether it is a market for it or not.

  • IllyPhilly

    Face down a$$ up-damn, I just told y’all the whole story.

  • kickash

    I saw the the sneak peek with her introducing herself and that bs speech about i know the baby mama, i know the wife, i screwed everybody… whatever and the second i saw those badly done highlights i just wanted this frumpy chick to have several seats.

  • Meyaka

    I won’t be purchasing it.

  • Pivyque

    I wonder if she slept with Fab while being cool with Emily?…

  • Miyako

    Maler rappers have sex with multiple women and write songs about it that you all dance to in the club and your friend’s basement.

  • I knew something was grimey about this girl when she gave that trifling advice to Emily…”She’s just an up to no good type of chick” as Porsha would say…will I read it-maybe…lol

    • rzakia

      When I saw what she had to say to Emily who was supposed to be her friend I knew what time it was then. This chick is nothing but a bird without wings.

  • Wildflower

    We all know how the Hip Hop industry is already…why these cautionary tales? It’s not like we don’t know…anyway, I miss the good ole days when books had substance

  • TeahMonae

    Remember when being a h o e was a bad thing? Those were the good ole days. *Sigh*

    • realadulttalk

      Right? The world is crazy!

    • Ms. Kameria

      I guess hoes are not being paid enough anymore to keep their mouths closed, so they feel the need to write books to “tell all”…….

    • Ms_Mara

      Took the words right off my fingers! They used to play the background and at least PRETEND to be ashamed of themselves. Now they actually want people to know what and who they do. smh

  • KG

    I guess every common groupie in the hip hop industry need to start writing books. These women make me sick… What they didn’t have daddies. Superhead started a bad trend. SMH

  • realadulttalk

    Karrine’s first book was successful b/c it was different. How successful was her 2nd? And what about Carmen’s book–was it successful at all? I guess someone will be interested in another book about a woman who can’t keep either set of her lips closed–just not me.

    • Ms. Kameria

      Karrine’ s book was different, because it was written first (like that). So she opened the doors for other “tell alls” to be written. Abuse, drama, sex with rappers……same story, different narrator. Who really cares about who (Winter) she has “assisted”. It seems like the have all “assisted” the same people, what would make her story any different?

    • Carmen’s book was a NYBS due to tbe subjects that were going thru a high profile “beef.”

  • It’sMe

    Not to sound like I’m pro-Karrine, but the reason why Karrine’s book was so successful is because she was very attractive and she wasn’t well known to the outside public. Not saying that Winter isn’t attractive, but it probably isn’t enough for multitudes of people to buy the book. Also, to people outside of the industry, Karrine wasn’t well known. So, people were reading because of their curiosity of not only who she slept with, but who she was. Anyone who watches L&HH has known her and seen her, and if in her introduction she’s naming that she slept with these individuals, what’s the point of reading the book now? Finally: WE CAN’T GET RID OF SUPERHEAD IF PEOPLE KEEP ON DOING THESE TELL-ALL BOOKS!! SHE’S GOING TO FEEL THE NEED TO COMPETE AND WRITE MORE!!! TAKE A WRITING CLASS, JUMP OFFS, AND LEARN HOW TO WRITE QUALITY FICTION!!! D*MN!!!

    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO. Love it!